Trade Show Nutrition 101 by tradeshowsamurai


									Trade Show Nutrition 101
I hate them, yet I’m irresistibly drawn to them: I did a little
research. They are Spanish and they are called Churros
because they look like a sheep’s horn. I guess Churro is
Spanish for a sheep’s horn. Yum!
Unfortunately, when it comes to trade show fare, a Churro is
among the pinnacle of excellence. I think there is a law that
says in order for a food to be allowed on a trade show floor it
must have at least two or more of the following criteria:
1. Fried
2. Cold
3. Soggy
4. Coated in sugar
If you are the type of hopeful who thinks “I’ll just get a salad at the show,” think again. Given the
two-criteria rule above your salad will probably be cold, which is good, but it will also be soggy,
which is bad. Using the above criteria Pizza (a popular choice) will also be cold and soggy as will
hamburgers. French fries will be fried, but also soggy. Chicken will also be fried, but it will also be
cold. Not the good kind of cold fried chicken, the bad kind.
This is why you see so many tasty things that are fried and coated with sugar. Hence, Churros.
The Trade Show Samurai packs a lunch.


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