A Nice Trade Show Dojo by tradeshowsamurai


									A Nice Trade Show Dojo
When the booth staffers look like a team, they act like a
team. However, there is often great resistance to booth
uniforms, especially between genders, generations and
management levels. Women don’t want to wear what
men wear and senior managers don’t want to wear
what their lowly subordinates wear. Likewise, “old-dog”
salesmen don’t want to wear what the young whipper-
snapper marketing dude is wearing. This conflict is
either resolved by compromise or it’s not resolved at all.
However, looking like a team doesn’t mean you all have
to wear a logo-polo shirt and khaki pants.
The key to looking like a team is to coordinate colors
and styles and, if possible, embellish a little with branded elements. If your corporate color is
red, for instance, men can wear red ties and women can wear red scarves. The wayward Gen Xer
can wear a red polo shirt or whatever. The point is everyone coordinates and looks like they are
part of the program.
Here is an excellent example that I came across at the Exhibitor Expo in Las Vegas. The company,
Tridente, is a trade show exhibit company in Spain. Notice that while they aren’t wearing the
same uniform, they both coordinate and look like a team. Many of the exhibitors at the expo had
their act together which is the least I would expect from an event that was made up of people
who specialized in trade shows. There were a few instances where the pitch was weak, but for
the most part it was quite well done.
Tridente did a couple of other things well too. They were passing branded poker-chip key chains
making your tchotchkes a souvenir of the trip rather than strictly a business promotion is a nice
touch. This isn’t to say they couldn’t benefit from a little Trade Show Samurai training, but it was
nice to see a company with such a thoughtful approach.


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