Why did a murder lead to war in 1914 by pptfiles


									                                     Why did a murder lead to war in 1914?

     Your answer to this question should:
         Show your understanding of events leading up to the war.
         Explain a number of reasons why World War One began.
         Focus on long-term, short-term and trigger causes
         Consider how there were causes linked to alliances, rivalries and empire (etc)
         Consider how different countries were to blame
         Show how some reasons are linked together.
         Include an explanation of which reason was the most important in causing the war
         Be written in full sentences and well-structured paragraphs.
         Have a conclusion in which you summarise your own answer to the question.

                     COMMUNICATION                                        Guidance:
                     AND STRUCTURE           CAUSATION
SUCCESS                                                                   1. Use the bullet points above
CRITERIA             Outstanding            Outstanding                      as a checklist to see if you
                     As level 7, with a     As level 7. You have             have done everything.
           LEVEL 8

                     sustained, clear and   also compared the
                     well-structured        reasons for World War         2. PLAN your answer by
                     argument.              One with reasons for             making short notes about
                                            other wars or conflicts.         what you will include in
                     Excellent              Full and thorough                each paragraph.
                     Your essay is          explanation
                     independently and      As level 6. All reasons       3. Use the writing frame on
                                                                             the reverse of the sheet and
           LEVEL 7

                     relevant to the        for the war are
                                                                             the suggestions on
                     question.              explained and you                signpost sentences.
                                            provide detailed and
                                            precise evidence.             4. Include specific historical
                     Very good              Full explanation                 detail to back up your
                     Your essay is          Many reasons for the             answer.
                     independently          war are explained.
                     structured             Order of importance is        5. Use your preparation and
                                                                             research to help you
           LEVEL 6

                     (introduction, middles sensible and well
                     sections, conclusion)  explained. Links
                     and mainly relevant to between reasons are           6. Refer to specific people
                                                                             and events when providing
                     the question.          well explained.
                                                                             evidence for your reasons.
                     Good                   Sound explanation
                     Your essay is          Many reasons for the          7. Look back at previous
                     structured in          war are explained.               essays you have written
           LEVEL 5

                     sentences and clear    Some links are                   about causes or ‘why’, and
                     paragraphs, but may    explained. Order of              look at the structure and
                     not have a conclusion. importance is sensible           phrases you used.
                                            and partly explained.
Suggested writing frame:

Introduction: mention what World War One was and who was involved. Outline your
main reasons.

Paragraph one: Start by looking at the murder/assassination, explaining how this led to
the war. Argue who/what you think was most to blame at this point.

Paragraph two: Now look at one of the other, bigger long-term reasons that link to the
murder, and explain how this led to the war. Argue who/what you think was most to
blame at this point

Paragraph three: Now look at another, bigger long-term reason that linked to the murder,
and explain how this led to the war. Argue who/what you think was most to blame at this

Paragraph four: Here explain any short term causes that led to the war/assassination.
Argue who/what you think was most to blame at this point

Conclusion: Now answer the question. Overall, looking at both the long and short term
causes of the war explain how a murder led to war. Also explain what you think was the
most important reason, and who/what you think was most to blame. How you want to
answer is up to you but remember to explain your answer fully.

Other phrases you could use:

Signpost sentences
     A key point backing this viewpoint is…
     After considering the different factors I think…
     It could be argued that…
     Another factor to bear in mind is…
When comparing                                     When connecting/linking
   in contrast                                       therefore
   on the other hand                                 as a result
   however                                           owing to
   in comparison with

When adding to a point                             When signalling emphasis
   furthermore                                       moreover
   in addition                                       most of all
   nevertheless                                      most importantly

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