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									   What you need to know: Fireworks and the Law
The City of Manassas Park Fire Marshal’s Office vows to make the City a “Fireworks
safe Community” through increased enforcement of the City’s Fire Prevention Code.

Any firework, which emits a flame, sparks or explodes or moves under its own power to
distances greater than twelve (12) feet or performs as a projectile are prohibited by the
City of Manassas Parks’ Fire Prevention Code.

Only approved legal fireworks may be discharged in the City of Manassas Park. Before
you purchase fireworks, make sure you purchase them at permitted stands through out the
Northern Virginia area. We have a permitted fireworks vendor located in the Manassas
Park shopping center every year. Purchasing fireworks from vendors without permits
places you at risk of buying unapproved and illegal fireworks.

Possession of unapproved fireworks is prohibited in the City. Unapproved fireworks may
be confiscated and the person possessing them can be charged with a Class 1
misdemeanor. Penalties include fines up to $ 2,500 and or one-year in jail.

The City will be providing a Public Firework display at Signal Hill Park on July 4th.
Please come and enjoy this wonderful community gathering sponsored by our Parks and
Recreation Department.

                           Fireworks Safety Tips
Even legal fireworks can be dangerous. Take special precaution to celebrate safely on the
Fourth of July. Here are some helpful tips.

      Always have a responsible adult present. Only adults should ignite fireworks.
      Place them on a flat surface, clear of any combustible material and clear of all
      Never throw fireworks
      Never ignite fireworks while holding them.
      Never try to relight fireworks that have not functioned properly.
      Keep a bucket of water near by in case of a malfunction.

   Misuse of fireworks causing death, injury or property loss shall incur civil or
   criminal liability.

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