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                                      ALBURY MANSIONS

A factor is a professional Property Manager, who works for you and the other owners in the
development. They organise tradesmen for common repairs and maintenance including cleaning,
gardening and grass cutting for the common property areas.

These are parts of your property, particularly if you live in a flat, which do not belong to you
exclusively. For example this may be the roof, outside walls, entrance hall or a shared amenity
area. The ownership of these parts may be shared between you and a few neighbours or between
you and lots of neighbours. Each owner has a legal responsibility for the repairs, maintenance and
upkeep of these areas and has to pay his/her share and cannot opt out! The Land Certificate
which should have been issued for your property describes the common areas in detail.

It is important to keep the whole development in good order. A scruffy development will
discourage purchasers and will be unpleasant for residents. A run down property becomes much
more expensive to repair. A little care on an ongoing basis will keep it looking good and will
preserve the amenity of your property

The Factor is appointed by the Developer or your Residents Association. You can inform him of
work which you consider needs to be done. The Factor can make decisions on your behalf and
organise work for you. He has a good knowledge of reliable contractors. He also has contacts in
other fields such as buying, selling and leasing property. If some owners do not pay their share of
the factoring account, the factor will pursue them for money.

Yes, of course you can, but you will have lots of snags as people have found out in the past.
Certainly not all owners will be as interested in the property as you are. When problems arise they
can be a real headache if a structured maintenance programme and payment schedule is not in

The owners have to agree among themselves what repairs are necessary and what tradesmen to
use. Getting agreement from sometimes over fifty different households is by no means easy.
Sometimes owners cannot agree on what repairs are necessary and indeed some may want more
improvement work than others. Some owners may not care about the state of the property at all
and would be quite happy to let it deteriorate rather than spend any of their own money. Owners
like that can hold up essential repairs for extended periods of time and infuriate the others who
want to get the work done as soon as possible. Even when agreement has been reached it can be
difficult getting money from some owners. You may end up having to take your neighbour to court
and in the meantime you may have to pay the tradesman's bills yourself or you too could be faced
with legal action for the tradesman's accounts which will no doubt end up on your doorstep. All this
can cause bad feeling and tradesmen sometimes refuse to take on work from groups of
neighbours because of these difficulties.

Sometimes Title Deeds insist upon a Factor being appointed, particularly if the property has just
been built. The developer will tell you if one is to be appointed. Otherwise, you and your
neighbours can agree to appoint a Factor. In any event there should be a contract covering the
factors duties and the terms of their appointment. You should take time to read this contract.

A statement/invoice for your share of any common repairs, maintenance and management fees will
be issued on a regular basis (normally six monthly). At the time of the Factors appointment you
will be requested to contribute to a float to cover extraordinary maintenance costs and to a sinking
fund to cover larger works which occur less frequently, if this fund has been set up for your
particular development..

The Factor will generally collect a deposit from you to enable them to pay tradesmen. This
enables the Factor to pay for work when it is required. The float allows them to do this without
carrying a heavy burden of expense and it allows for tradesmen to be paid promptly thus the best
tradesmen are keen to do work for your development.

Yes, certainly. When you decide to sell your property you should contact the Factor immediately
and they will arrange for the return of your contribution, subject to your having settled all factoring
accounts up to the date of your leaving and the new purchaser having paid their float..

No. The Factor will have the authority to carry out repairs and maintenance to the common parts,
including cleaning, gardening and grass cutting, provided that the anticipated cost of any one item
at the time when it is instructed does not exceed an agreed limit. In an emergency this limit can be
exceeded. Otherwise estimates will be obtained then distributed and instructions will be taken
from you and your neighbours or the Residents Association representing you before any
extraordinary works are carried out. Payments may be required in advance.

Yes. The Factor will save you money, as he acts for lots of people and they can obtain special
prices as a result of bulk buying from tradesmen. These discounts can mean a considerable
saving to the rates an individual may be charged. Also you are not troubled with the administration
of maintaining the building and the common areas.
                       CLEANING SCHEDULE FOR ALBURY MANSIONS 2007 – 2008


Vacuum/Sweep all floor areas, including under doormats

Dust down/ polish all banisters including railings

Dust down/polish all window ledges

Spray all corridors with air sanitiser


Wash down front communal doors

Wall down all communal windows
                     GARDENING SCHEDULE FOR ALBURY MANSIONS 2007 – 2008

April – October – twice monthly visits

All grassed areas to be cut every 14 days and mowings uplifted

Hoeing and tilling of shrub beds and planted areas

Removal of all litter, debris and all weeds from shrub beds, planted areas and along building perimeter and
paved areas

Application of fertilizer to trees and shrubs – as required

Application of weed killer to paths, concrete paving, gravel areas, the yard and building perimeter – as

Removal of wind blown debris and litter from the whole site every 14 days

Sweep communal yard/car parking area edges to include bin stores (where accessible)

November – March – monthly visits

Pruning of all trees and bushes – as required

Removal of all litter and wind blown debris fro landscaped areas and the site as a whole including bin stores
(where accessible)

Re-staking and re-tying of trees and large shrubs – as required
                                          INFORMATION SHEET

Bikes/Prams in the Communal Area
We would point out that the Deed of Conditions prohibit the storing of any personal items in the communal
areas including prams and bicycles. Items left in the common areas hinder the cleaners from vacuuming the
communal carpets properly and restrict access. Should these items restrict the access of the emergency
services, the owner would be held responsible and could be prosecuted. Also bikes being chained to the
common staircases chip the paint off the railings and mark the walls which make the common areas look

The gardeners will attend at the development twice per month from April – October and once per month
November – March. All as per the Gardening Schedule. We put the gardening contract out to tender
annually, if required.

The cleaners will attend the development twice per month. They are responsible for cleaning the areas of
the common hallway, mainly vacuuming the floor, washing the communal door and dusting the window
ledges and railings. If there are marks on the communal walls they will endeavour to remove them, but this
is not always possible. The communal windows will be cleaned once per month. All as per the Cleaning
Schedule. We put the cleaning contract out to tender annually, if required.

Billing Dates: 30 April and 31 October
The Factoring accounts will be sent out on the above dates. These are billed to you six months in arrears
and are due for payment within 21 days.

Factor: Bruce & Partners
Should you have any queries regarding the factoring of your development please do not hesitate to contact
our office on 01224 650600. Likewise if there is a matter you would like to report for repair, i.e. communal
lights out, communal door repairs etc, contact our office and we will arrange for the repair to be reported to
one of our sub contractors. We are open 7 days per week.

We are Bruce & Partners 23/25 Chapel Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1SQ. Telephone: 01224 650600.

Bruce & Partners also sell and lease homes. Should you be interested in any of these services please do not
hesitate to contact us. Discounts will be available to all factoring clients.

Currently we have 3 offices throughout Scotland as noted below

ABERDEEN                        PERTH                            ELLON

23/25 Chapel Street             Whitefriars Crescent             23 Bridge Street
Aberdeen                        Perth                            Ellon
AB10 1SQ                        PH2 0PA                          AB41 9AA

Tel: 01224 650600               Tel: 01738 448560                Tel: 01358 724405

We have a reliable network of recognised sub-contractors. They are keen to provide us with their best
service and we will seek this at their best price. As we issue invoices 6 months in arrears, it is in our best
interests to keep the costs low.

The cleaners and gardeners we appoint will generally have worked with us for a number of years.
Sub-contractor invoices are generally submitted to our Aberdeen office within 14 days of the works being
carried out. Payment will be effected on the last day of each month. Any unsatisfactory work should be
reported to us immediately and certainly before the month end.

We will arrange building insurance for the apartment blocks and public liability insurance for the common

Our management fee is detailed in the quotation. And is payable bi-annually and is index linked.

At the date of our Appointment or from the date you purchase your property all property owners will require
to furnish us with a Factors Float, as per your Deed of Conditions. This will be used for payment of sub-
contractors up to the point of billing. When the property is sold, the float will be refunded to the owner, less
any monies outstanding to the Factor.

All factoring developments have a dedicated bank account. All monies relating to the development will be
deposited in this account and will be held independent of Bruce & Partners main account.

The Factor is responsible for the communal areas of the development only. These include:

   The cleaning of the communal staircase (as specified in the cleaning schedule)
   Replacement of communal Light Bulbs
   Repairs to Door Entry System
   Repairs to Communal Roof Area
   Maintenance of Communal Car Park Area

Should there be blown bulbs in the communal area, we should be obliged by your letting us know.

The following list comprises items that are not communal and would not fall under the remit of the Factor:

 Internal Window Cleaning
 Overflow pipes
 Television Licence
 Contents Insurance
As you are aware we do have an extensive list of sub-contractors and should you be looking for guidance in
obtaining a contractor we would be happy to help.


We will be responsible for the maintenance of the development, we will make monthly inspections to the
development, but do rely on residents to inform us of repairs that are required.

To report an urgent repair please call 01224 650600 and ask for Kevin Webster, if Kevin is not available,
please ask for Alan Thomson.

Offfice hours are 9.00am – 5.30pm Monday – Friday; 9.00am – 5.00pm on Saturday and 1 pm – 5 pm
Sunday (Ellon Office) and we are open until 8.00pm every Thursday.

Should the repair not be classed as urgent we request that you advise us in writing.

REPAIRS (factoring maintenance)
Residents will be consulted before any major repairs are carried out. Major repairs are classed as items
costing over £250.00.
MAJOR MAINTENANCE FUND (major maintenance projects)
If applicable, a charge of 10% (on cost of works, before VAT) will be levied for all major maintenance items
project managed by Bruce & Partners.

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