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                                          The Word of God1
                                          (Translated by I.A.)

        … Israel, My people, God is waiting for you but you do not believe and not love My waiting
and do not believe what God prepared for you. Israel, son, come to eat at My table. (See selection
topic: „Romania – The New Jerusalem – The New Canaan2”, red. note3.) I am waiting for you.
Look in the Holy Scriptures for you will find where it is written that «I am going to my Father
and prepare room for you». Come! I have been waiting for you with the gates open since I raised
you but no one has come. The day of ascension has come but no one came. You do not see what
is coming behind. A great brook of blood is coming, but only if you are with Me will you escape.
(The Christians’ oppression under the communist dictatorship, r.n.)

          My people your weapon is My cross. My people your glory is the faith in My work.

       … You little shepherds, pray as the prophet Zachariah prayed so that God may bring some-
one from heaven with a greater power to wake the people up from disbelief. That was how he
prayed to Me when he saw that the people did not listen to him anymore. This way you should
pray too.

          … Oh, My beloved, let you be like a clean wax candle from My beehive.

        My little children do not scatter what I have been giving you for twenty-five years, for the
day and hour is coming and, as I showed Myself to Cleopas and Lucas, the same way I will show
Myself to you and no one of you will be deprived of seeing this body that was crucified. (See the
selection topic “The coming in a visible way”, r.n.)

       Oh, sons, what a great day was yesterday! Oh, My loved people, for which I was well
pleased to make Myself known! I have taught whole peoples and here is what I took: four spikes
and a crown of thorns and I also took a spear into My rib. Blessed is he who drinks of this spring.
(Of word, r.n.).

        Oh, My people, God wants that hatred, enmity, jealousy, pride, stubbornness, covetousness
may disappear from among you, as persons will come from east and west and want to stay close
to My work. Who shall make them a house, as they have no land to build on; Gog took it all. (The
communist dictatorship which “nationalized” everything, r.n.). Give them from what is under your
roof and you will have a hundredfold more and you will no longer lament that you have no room
in your house. What use is it to Me that I brought children into this place and there is enmity among
you? My little children, if you were with Me, you would open the door for the first time and said:

         God’s Word in Romania
         You can also see on: http://en.calameo.com/books/00107546871bb255a5bf3
         Redactor (editor) note


“Come in brother as you do not come to me but to the Lord.” And give glory to God that Christians
have come beside you! But how many of you have a house; I have not heard any one of you saying:
“I want, Lord, to receive your servant under my roof too.” No, Christians, you look for a rich
wealth. If you gave money, so would I. If you give as a gift, you will receive as a gift.

        Have one another as brothers and angels; not like the rebellious angels. Children, stand
aside from the world. Sons, set apart from the world in everything. Do not be like the world. Do
not take after the world in anything, for who is like the world will not be known by the Father.

        … What is more useful to you? To go with the Lord in heaven or to stay down where the
beasts eat your little labor and the rust your silver? Many have come in heaven and have nothing
to pay the customs (air customs - Aerial Toll-Houses, r.n.) with for they left their treasure to
S.L.B.H. (The Savings and Loan Bank House, the bank of dictatorship, r.n.)

        … The church is neither a dining room, nor a restaurant and I have already said that in the
holy church it is served nothing but only the Holy Communion and holy bread. What is eaten more
than this is a curse.

         Oh, sons, we are going through a great slaughter, (See the murders from the communist
dictatorship prisons, r.n.), and if you are with the Lord that slaughter will not touch you and this
is for the one who banished God from his heart, for that one who is fighting against Me.

       … What damaged you to hit her? (Virginia, the Lord’s trumpet – the sixth one, r.n.). What
did she do to you to make her angry? Oh, sons, only then when you put her in the grave you will
see in what state she left you. And you will cry: “My mummy, forgive me!” But is an angel who
stands by the head and feet; one is on the left and one is on the right and he will persecute and
separate you and then you will see that you were evil and unfaithful. (See selection topic: „The
apocalyptic trumpets4”, r.n.)

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