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Building a career in sports journalism requires highly specialized knowledge and skills. A postgraduate sports journalism program prepares individuals for diverse careers in this field. Upon graduation, they may work as sports writers, editors, reporters, TV hosts, producers or directors.

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									               Prerequisites of Building a Career in Sports Journalism

Like all other professions, sports journalism also requires specialized knowledge, an in-depth
understanding of the sports world and expertise in using the latest communication technologies. While
being passionate about sports is valuable, the qualification and practical hands-on experience are
considered equally important, in order to break into this field.

So, does this mean that a sports journalism program is your ticket to a rewarding career? Well, it can
provide you with the knowledge and skills required to get into the world of work. It can also help you
deal with the biggest challenges that a wannabe sports journalist faces. These include:

      Developing an ability to tell stories in a dynamic manner
      Developing a portfolio of published sports stories, videos, photos, blogs, columns, podcasts or
      Developing specialized talent in sports writing for multiple media platforms and broadcasting
      Getting hands-on experience with an industry field placement in a sports media organization in
       Canada or around the world
      Gaining technical expertise required to produce sports shows for TV and radio

As mentioned earlier, sports journalism is a highly specialized field and requires specific knowledge and
skills. This is why it is recommended to enroll in a program that sets you on the right career path.

Centennial College’s postgraduate certification in sports journalism may help you learn the best
practices for journalism in a diverse and gender inclusive environment. You develop career skills in:

                  Sports Writing: Understanding what modern readers expect from a sports writer
             is important. This gives you an idea on how to present your sports stories in a manner
             attractive to your audiences. During this course, you will learn to write stories in an
             exciting and dynamic manner.

                  Sports Editing: Sports editing means preparing the material for publication. It
             also involves making changes or altering the content provided by the writers, in order to
             ensure that it’s error-free and meets publisher’s guidelines. This is an important facet of a
             successful sports journalism career. All general and specialized journalism programs
             include this subject in the curriculum.

                 Sports Reporting: Sports reporting is also one of the most important aspects of
             sports journalism. It includes covering the live events for television channels, radio
             channels, online sites or print media. The journalism program at Centennial College gives
             you ample opportunities to cover tournaments and sports events.

In addition to this, you also develop skills in new-age journalism. With the advent of internet and
computer technologies, publishing for print media is not sufficient. You must develop skills to publish
for online platforms, such as blogs and social media channels. A majority of readers resort to social
media for their daily quota of sports news. The program curriculum includes all facets of sports
journalism and prepares you for the changing world of work.

Admission Prerequisites

Individuals interested in building a career in this field can send their applications to the college along
with the required supporting. The college accepts applicants with a college diploma or university
degree in any discipline. Candidates with partial post-secondary education and relevant experience can
also apply for this program.
However, all applicants are required to submit their up-dated resume, and a portfolio of writing
(including three pieces of published or unpublished work). They also need to complete a writing test
given by the college.

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