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									Things You Need to Know before Buying an External Battery Charger

External battery chargers also known as external batteries or power banks
are rechargeable batteries that you can travel with and use to recharge all
your electronic devices whilst you are on the move. It gives your electronic
device, be it your iPad, iPhone or smart phone an extended battery life
wherever you travel too regardless of how remote the area is.

However, due to the development of technology, many people have various
devices that require recharging while on the move and as a result many
companies manufacturing the external batteries have come up. It is therefore
not easy to pick out the best external battery for yourself. There are many
factors that you ought to consider other than the physical appearance of the

The following are the things you should consider and that will help you to get
the best cell phone power bank in the market that meets your needs.

Consider the capacity

A power banks capacity is measured in mAH (milliampere hours). For a
modern cell phone power bank the capacity ranges between 2,00mAh and
20,000mAh. With this in mind, you should get a power bank that has the
highest capacity that is within your spending budget. You would rather have a
power bank that still has extra charge after you get from your long trip than
one that will run out while still on the trip.

To get one with a capacity that will serve you best, you can do an estimation
by adding up all the battery capacity of the phone and any other electronic
device that you may have. After, you should get one with a capacity that is
double or even triple if possible.

Output ports and Ampere output
Many power banks only have a single output charging port, which allows you
to only charge a single device at a time. However, there are other 5000mAH
battery packs that have two output ports which allow you to charge more
than one device at a go. Many USB ports are usually rated 1A. Using such a
rating, you will not be able to charge an iPad. However, a power bank with
two outputs will have one port rated highly to enable you to recharge your

Brand name

Due to the increase of counterfeit batteries in the market, it is recommended
that you only purchase an external battery pack from a company that is
verified as a seller. There are some sellers that rate the capacity of power
banks to be high only to realize that you cannot even charge a single device
fully. You would therefore be better off paying higher for a high quality battery

Additional features

There are some portable power banks that come inclusive with all types of
cables, saving you the hassle of carrying yours around.

Having said all that the following are the key features that you should be on
the lookout for.

        Capacity
        Efficiency
        Quality
        Output
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