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Leveraging social media intelligence for conducting
customized geo targeting campaign and improved
customer engagement

                                 Business Challenge
Client: Leading software,
services and solutions company   One of the large technology companies wanted to better target profitable segments
                                 for acquisition and enhance engagement with their profitable customers to drive
                                 digital utilization. With this they also wanted to propagate engagement to drive
Industry: Technology             customer brand advocacy.

Business Impact:                 The company asked Blueocean Market Intelligence to create a more personalized
• Market segmentation            engagement initiatives based on digital profiles. They specifically wanted to avoid
                                 one-size-fits-all approach in the marketing campaigns and consider customer
• Enhanced customer              preference in defining engagement models.
• Effective campaign strategy    Solution
                                 Initial build
                                     • Blueocean Market Intelligence conducted detail and in-depth social
                                          intelligence process to build initial understanding of depth and breadth of
                                          digital behaviors and attitudes

   •   They also identified the primary behaviors and
       attitudes of customers and prospects

Integration and refining

   •   Blueocean Market Intelligence team enhanced the
       existing customer segmentation by segmenting
       the customer base by overlaying with existing new
       norms segmentation
   •   They developed model and attribute segments on
       top of the client database

Blueocean Market Intelligence’s unique approach provided
its client with a well-rounded understanding of how their
customers use social media for work and leisure; and how
susceptible they are to engaging with the client through this

As a result, client determined that they can encourage
concept buy-in by kicking off its social media communication
efforts first with the larger of the small and medium
businesses that have a higher likelihood of accepting new
ideas to manage their energy. With a targeted strategy,
a phased roll-out to the group that showed more social
media usage, more concept buy-in and more likelihood of
engagement would prove to be an effective communication
approach for the client. The research led to a strategy that
embraced dynamic changes in the way their customers
already communicate without disrupting their business.

                                                                       About Blueocean Market Intelligence
                                                                       Blueocean Market Intelligence is a global analytics
                                                                       and insights provider that helps corporations realize
                                                                       a 360-degree view of their customers through data
                                                                       integration and a multi-disciplinary approach that
                                                                       enables sound, data-driven business decisions.

                                                                       Since we live in a highly dynamic and multi-
                                                                       dimensional world, we believe the most effective
                                                                       business decisions come from a synthesis of data
                                                                       streams and not from one-dimensional sources.

                                                                       Using our 360 Discovery approach, we ensure the
                                                                       comprehensive use of all available structured and
                                                                       unstructured data sources, enabling us to bring
                                                                       the best to bear against each engagement. Strong
                                                                       decision support is enabled through a combination
                                                                       of analytics, domain expertise, engineering and
                                                                       visualization skills brought together in harmony.

                                                                       Leading companies have benefited from our
                                                                       partnership with financial growth, 360 views of their
                                                                       markets and competition, and improved customer
                                                                       acquisition, satisfaction and retention.

                                                                       For more information or to request a consultation,
                                                                       please email info@blueoceanmi.com or visit us
                                                                       online at www.blueoceanmi.com.

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