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									        4 factors practiced by professional job placement agencies
Accent staffing warren pa is one of the reputed job agencies which works on the belief that people
contribute in making or breaking of the company process. Staffing solutions are often confused only
with recruitment process but what is really important is the pre-screening and post maintenance of the
candidate employed in the process.

With growing business sectors and industries, the need for specialized and skilled manpower has grown
rapidly. It may be difficult for companies and business houses to recruit people with one dedicated
placement cell, but coordinating with hiring agencies always results in fast filling of the vacancy. Now
staffing solutions offered can be of temporary, permanent, career, direct hire and more.

Such professional job placement agencies are often hired by companies so that they do not focus on
employment and related issues rather generate prospective business opportunities. Accent is reliable
agency because they provide commercial and private employment services. A reliable system is in place
to hire manpower solutions. Here is an overview which will help you understand the process of staffing

Understand EMPLOYER

They pay for the staffing solutions so definitely deserve a word for their requirements. Some can be
optimistic while others may be specific in terms of manpower they recruit. Since, people forms an
indomitable backbone for any company, so employers specifies the basic criteria for the candidate from
where they can mold the human resource into the process.

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                                               A Reputed
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Hunt for suitable candidate

When job agencies are looking for probable candidates as per employer requirements, an adequate pre-
s ree i g of the perso ’s details, e perie e he k, a kgrou d erifi atio , do u e ts erifi atio are
usually undertaken by a staffing agency. This process is time consuming which requires association with
similar job placement agencies, pools which may not be maintained directly by companies.
Transparent placement

An advantage of hiring accent staffing is that no favor or partial approach is practiced in regards to any
candidate. The terms and conditions must be clearly spelled out to the candidate before asking to sign
the official documents. Details about the employer must be laid for the candidate who will help in
nearing the person towards satisfying and sustainable employment.

Employer feedback & Follow up

Now this is most important step which is often missed by staffing agencies. Once the candidate is placed
  ith a e plo er, the jo does ’t e ds rather egi s fro there. Perfor a e a d tea parti ipation
are factors on which agencies can seek feedback. It helps them have authentic reviews so that same
candidate can be repositioned with another employer if temporary employment tenure with one comes
to an end.

Accent Staffing is Ohio based staffing solution provider which provides temporary, permanent, direct
placement, temp-to-hire employment opportunities, career and others. The employment prospects are
provided in government and commercial sector, thus offering many job options for skilled, semi-skilled,
e perie ed a d fresher’s.

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