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New Jersey DUI Attorney


New Jersey DUI Attorney Matthew Reisig explains why someone would want to hire Reisig & Associates to represent them for DWI.

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									Why Must A Person Charged With DWI Hire Reisig &
Associates To Stand for Them?

The number of road incidents caused by human negligence are rising even while this content is being created. Throughout the
world, these figures are a reason for stress. Road space is actually being sought by far more number of autos than before.
People are jostling for area at all times, whether they are driving a smaller automobile, an SUV, a motorbike or even a cycle. In
metropolitan areas where there is no dedicated bus or cycling corridor, the problems are enormous. Include non compliance to
simple traffic regulations by drivers as well as people and you have an ideal setting for these incidents to happen.

Having said this, it is even an equal issue that there are much more people now also being charged with DUI or DWI violations.
Driving Under Influence of alcohol or Driving While Intoxicated offences are on the rise even in cities where the rules are quite
tough on offenders. There are a lot of us who hit the road consuming one drink to several. We feel we can drive properly and
usually overestimate our capability to carry that drink. Only a few of us realize it till it is far too late either for us or for a person
whom we accidentally wounded or induce injuries.

New Jersey DUI Attorney agencies along with others for instance the Reisig & Associates LLC are occupied addressing several
such customers who are arrested for DUI or DWI. In the United States, these accusations are smacked on motorists who are
found to have above the allowed concentration of liquor in their blood while in the crime. It is 0.01% or more. The blood
alcohol content or just BAC is the parameter used by law enforcement authorities to determine DUI or DWI charges. They think
that motorists with a BAC of 0.10% or even more are 10 times more prone to end up in some fatal auto accident as compared
to people driving without alcohol.

Once charged, the investigating proceeds along the lines of finding out the effect of liquor on the ability of the motorist. If there
have been no severe casualties during an offense of DUI in New Jersey, the situation is regarded as a traffic violation.
The price of the DUI for the criminal involves the DUI ticket charge, legal fees, attorney expenses and maintenance expenses for
fitting the Ignition Interlock Device to the vehicle. The individual charged with DUI or DWI might also have to pay higher
insurance prices.

Why Would An Individual Hire Reisig & Associates To Represent Them For A DWI?

The honest answer is. Given their expertise in managing these cases and good name for having “no conviction” for about 1000
of their customers, it's a good idea to contact them. Their trial experience and skill to dispute successfully for the client by
defending them in the Municipal Court offers them that edge over others. They are there to support clients in all of the twenty
one counties in New Jersey and you may rest assured regarding their expertise.

Matthew W Reisig Law Office

1 Broad Street

Freehold, NJ 07728

(732) 625-9660

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