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					       End The Evil! End The Federal Reserve!
by Bob Allen
August 9, 2014

Why must we end the Fed? Mark Horne nails the
evil Federal Reserve System with this conclusion:
When preparing for the future becomes too difficult
to accomplish, people tend to push it out of their
minds. They are not failing to save for the future
because they don’t think about it. They are failing to
think about the future because their government has
made it to difficult to save for the future.
The elite have enriched themselves through immoral
economic policies, and force anyone trying to save
for the future to jump into the shark-infested pool
called Wall Street, where the same entities that feast
on “free money” from the Fed, take healthy bites out
of our hard-earned savings.
So, you either get essentially no return on your bank
savings (with the added risk that the idiots running
the place will drive it into the ground, and a “bail-in”
will seize much of your cash—see Cyprus), or you
invest on Wall Street and get savaged in the games
the big banks and investment houses play to manipulate markets with taxpayer money.
It’s a true, “damned if you do, and damned if you don’t” conundrum. And don’t miss this
monumentally important point:
…inflation is constantly robbing the saved dollars of their values. There was a time (the late eighteen-
hundreds) when even saving at no interest still had value because the buying power of the saved money
kept rising.
                                                                          Did you know there was a
                                                                          time when your savings
                                                                          actually grew in purchasing
                                                                          power, even without earning
                                                                          interest? Yes, a dollar saved
                                                                          today was worth more
                                                                          tomorrow—meaning if you
                                                                          put money away for
                                                                          retirement, it would buy a lot
                                                                          more in the future than it did
                                                                          when it was saved.
                                                                          Can you even imagine such
                                                                          an economic system?
THAT is a moral system, and it is what made America the wonder of the world, without needing a war
to destroy the competition, and profit from rebuilding.
The reason the elite have done these things is simply the principle of self-interest. It is beneficial to
them, so they do it. The People have allowed it, through their own desire for being able to ignore
“politics” and to pursue other interests–their own concepts of what is important to them.
Unfortunately, in a sin-plagued world, you cannot take your eye off of those in power–you must “bind
them down with the chains of the Constitution” (Thomas Jefferson) and then make sure they remain in
If you do not, and/or you allow them to buy off your participation with trinkets purchased with other
people’s money, you will soon find yourself with less freedom, less money, and less happiness.
In other words, pretty much where we are today.
When you hear cronies at the Fed talk about an “inflation target” they mean the rate at which they are
planning to steal your savings for the benefit of gambling bankers and their political patrons.
End the evil. End the Fed.

No Fear Of God Among Bankers And Politicians
by Bob Allen
August 9, 2014

When the fear of God departs,
you’d better be ready for the
Western elites from Washington,
DC, to New York, to London
and Brussels have made sport of
lawlessness in recent years, and
because general and economic
education has been so dumbed
down, most citizens have no clue
how much those in power have
robbed us in the guise of
“rescuing” us.
As Jeremy Warner writes for the
Like common brigands, central
banks have been acting outside
the law… by driving up the
value of financial assets and
real estate, QE further skews the distribution of wealth towards those with already large holdings of it.
It robs from the poor and gives to the rich.
description, “Reverse
Robin Hood” is a
They robbed from
average people to
give to the elite–total
opposite of the man
from Sherwood
Forest who robbed
from corrupt
government to give
back to the people
who had been
plundered. We could
use a modern Robin,
for sure.
Why work hard to
make an honest
living, and help your
neighbor and
community, when
you can become a
Central Banker and
plunder obscene
wealth for you and
your criminal
comrades from
taxpayers? Then, you
have all the more
money to buy politicians who will baptize your law-breaking, and ensure that the cycle continues.
 What very definitely did occur is that small cash savers got squeezed and debtors got bailed out. The
biggest of these debtors were governments, particularly the British, US and Japanese governments. All
of them were able to borrow more cheaply than otherwise and, with the central bank mopping up
supply, were able to raise a great deal more money. Central banks became enablers of continued deficit
“Became”? This is the key purpose of Central Banks, from the government side of the heist. The
bankers get rich, the politicians get borrowed cash in order to purchase power.
The next time you hear someone spouting blarney about how Hank Paulson, Tim Geithner, and Ben
Bernanke saved the world during the financial crisis of 2008-09 remember this article. It wasn’t saving
the world; it was by far the largest white collar crime in history.
The Federal Reserve needs to die, and useful idiots like my own U.S. Senator, “Bailout Bob” Corker,
must be tossed out of office, if not put behind bars. The bankers couldn’t have pulled it off without
accomplices like Corker clearing the roads, and driving the getaway car.
Dollar Slips After Geopolitical Tensions Spur

The U.S. dollar hit a one-week low against a basket of major currencies on Friday after escalating
geopolitical tensions led traders to take profits on the greenback after its recent strength.
The United States launched its first air strike against Iraq since American troops withdrew from the
country in 2011. Fighting has also resumed in Gaza between Palestinian militants and Israel, while the
conflict between Russia and Ukraine remained on investors' radar.
The concerns drove traders to book profits on bullish positions in the dollar, while the euro gained after
traders took profits on short bets against the shared currency, analysts said.
The profit-taking came after the U.S. dollar index, which measures the greenback against a basket of
six major currencies, notched its biggest monthly gain in nearly 1-1/2 years in July.
"Geopolitical issues in different parts of the world are going much further than anyone expected," said
Steven Englander, global head of G10 foreign exchange strategy at CitiFX in New York.
The dollar index was still on track to notch its fourth straight weekly gain, however, in the wake of
some stronger-than-expected U.S. economic data this week.
President Obama authorized air strikes on Iraq after tens of thousands of Christians fled Islamic State
fighters who have crucified and beheaded captives.
The dollar held losses despite a report that Russia's defense ministry said Friday it had finished military
exercises it was conducting near the border with Ukraine.
The U.S. dollar index .DXY was last down 0.16 percent at 81.395, up modestly from a one-week low
of 81.261 touched earlier in the session. The euro EUR= was last up 0.36 percent against the dollar at
The dollar was last down just 0.03 percent against the yen JPY= at 102.06 yen after hitting a more than
two-week low of 101.49 yen. The dollar was last down 0.4 percent against the Swiss franc CHF= at
0.9053 franc.
The benchmark 10-year U.S. Treasury note US10YT=RR was last up 1/32 in price to yield 2.42 percent
after hitting 2.35 percent, its lowest in 14 months.
Analysts said the dollar's losses would likely prove brief.
"These events cause risk aversion initially, but within a day or so, the market has moved on," said
Richard Franulovich, senior currency strategist at Westpac Banking Corp. in New York, in reference to
the events fuelling the day's geopolitical worries.
He said next Wednesday's U.S. retail sales data for July would be closely watched given the importance
of consumer spending on gross domestic product growth. Economists polled by Reuters expect a 0.3
percent gain, up from a 0.2 percent rise in June.
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Description: Why must we end the Fed? Mark Horne nails the evil Federal Reserve System with this conclusion: When preparing for the future becomes too difficult to accomplish, people tend to push it out of their minds. They are not failing to save for the future because they don’t think about it. They are failing to think about the future because their government has made it to difficult to save for the future.