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Prevention of Domestic Violence Act - eConsortium


									Prevention of Domestic Violence
        (PDVA) No 34 of 2005
The PDV Act was drafted in consultation with
  women’s groups and gender advocates. It
  provides a procedure for obtaining a protection
  order in response to domestic violence, which
  has been defined so as to include sexual violence
  including marital rape, even though marital rape
  is not in general a criminal offence in the Penal
  Code of Sri Lanka.
The Prevention of Domestic Violence Act, 2005
 provides for protection orders to be urgently
 obtained to safeguard women and children
 suffering and at risk of domestic violence, and
 responses have been introduced that look into
 basic needs such as housing and safety, and
 the economic needs of victims
If the Protection Order is not adhered the
  respondent can be imprisoned for contempt of
  court. The Respondent can be charged under
  section 315, 316, 317 of the Penal Code for
  grievous hurt and similar offences. There are
  provisions for the victim to obtain safe
  accommodation for the victim and her children.
 Cases Reported on Domestic Violence, Sexual
      Harassment and Rape (2006-2011)
Offence    2006 2007 2008 2009   2010 2011

Domestic   53   69   103   78    38    55

Sexual     18   06   08    04    01    08

Rape       01   13   15    24    09    03
There are sufficient laws to curb abuse of girls and women. The problem lies
    with the enforcement of laws. Is there proper investigation of cases?

•   Is there sufficient hearing to the victim?

•   Is there proper counseling or other kinds of treatment for victims of abuse?

•   Are the law enforcement officers discharging their duties for the best

    interest of the society?

•   Have the law enforcement officers taken family disputes seriously?

•   Is there speedy hearing of cases? Is the time taken to hear a case in the

    present context acceptable and appropriate to serve justice?

•   Should there be more state counsel to conduct cases speedily?

•   Are the culprits serving full sentence?

•   Is the pardoning of prisoners for good behavior acceptable?
Land Development
III schedule of the
Concluding observations of the Committee on

Discriminatory laws- preference is given to male
  heirs over female heirs on ownership of crown
  lands in the Land Development Ordinance
     Amendments are made to the
To remove the discriminatory wordings and to
   include gender neutral wordings to the
   relevant section
It is intended to promote gender equality in
   selecting the heirs

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