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									Power Writing
Rotation 15
CRAFT Project (Part 2)
 Your final written work will be a 3 paragraph essay. The powergraph format
  will be: 1-2-3-3-2-3-3-2-3-3-1. Individually work on your powergraph outline
  using your research worksheets. After completing the powergraph outline, you
  will be assigned a partner. You will go through each other’s powergraph
  outline together. You must make one positive comment and one constructive
  suggestion to your partner’s powergraph. Write these comments on the
  bottom of their powergraph outline. Sign the bottom of your partner’s outline
  when you are finished.
 When your powergraph plan is complete, you may type your powergraph into a
  3 powergraph essay. Be sure to proofread your essay before printing. Once
  you finish, find the same assigned partner and ask them to proofread your
  paper. Your partner must write at least one positive comment and one
  constructive comment on the bottom of your paper. When your partner finishes,
  they should sign the bottom of your paper. Make the necessary changes to
  your paper and turn in your rough draft AND final draft by the assigned due
  date to your World Languages teacher.

Read directs on page 15
 Create a powergraph outline, rough draft
  essay, and final essay by due date
 Have a partner proofread your
  powergraph outline and rough draft essay
 Make corrections to the rough draft essay
 Follow the given criteria for power writing
  found in the rubric

Individual Expectations
 Write a positive and constructive
  comment on the bottom of the power
  graph outline
 Sign your name to the powergraph outline
 Proof read your partner’s rough draft
 Sign the back of the rough draft essay

Partner Expectations
1 topic and role
     2 fact
               3 supporting   detail
               3 supporting   detail
     2 fact
               3 supporting   detail
               3 supporting   detail
     2 fact
               3 supporting   detail
               3 supporting   detail
1 final comment

Let’s look at an example
 In our need for quality products at reasonable prices, do Americans
 consider where our food comes from? Though we may think of
 Cameroon as a small, distant country on the west coast of Africa,
 agriculture in this country is important to both Cameroonians and
 Americans. Seventy-five percent of the work force in Cameroon is
 dedicated agriculture and the production of exports. The main crops
 and resources that Americans import from Cameroon include oil,
 coffee, and cocoa. Because we depend on these products, we
 should care about the problems that farmers face. For example, the
 Cameroonian government sets low prices for the good produced by
 farmers, which leads to a limited income and poor living conditions.
 Furthermore, workers face dangerous conditions in the oil rigs. As
 consumers of their products, there are two important ways that
 Americans should help support Cameroonian farmers. First, our
 governments should work together to create better programs and
 reasonable prices that are fair to both Cameroonians and Americans.
 Second, Americans could help create safer working conditions,
 especially around oil drilling sites. With fair government regulations
 and safe working conditions, Americans and Cameroonians can
 continue to thrive off a safe agriculture industry.

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