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									Request for Quotation
Use this form to request a quotation on freight costs for shipping a large order of Galileoscopes (minimum quantity: 100 kits) to any street address in the world.
Enter the requested information in the gray boxes, save the file to your computer’s hard drive (Mac users: please save it in Word for Windows format), then send it as an e-mail attachment to We’ll reply with a freight quote.

Organization name (if applicable): Name of contact person: E-mail address: Daytime telephone number (include country code): Shipping address: State/Province: City/Town: Zip/Postal Code: Country:

Expected method of payment (check one): Credit card (MasterCard/VISA/Discover) PayPal Purchase order

Credit-card and PayPal orders must be prepaid in full. We prefer purchase orders to be prepaid in full too, but if your institution’s purchasing policy won’t permit that, we’ll accept a deposit of 50% when you place your order and the balance of 50% when your order is ready for delivery.

Billing address: State/Province:

City/Town: Zip/Postal Code: Country:

Number of Galileoscopes you expect to order (minimum: 100):

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