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Description of Travel Award:
This travel opportunity is to a U.S. State Department-approved foreign country of your choice, outside the continent of North America. It will be awarded to a graduate from Trout Lake, Glenwood, or Columbia High School. The applicant must be between the ages of 18 and 25 years old, and have a high school GPA of not less than 2.8 on a 4.0 scale.

                 Round-trip economy class air ticket to a gateway city in the country of choice (with travel insurance) $1,000 US on prepaid credit cards $100 US passport application fee paid, if needed Up to $150 foreign country visa cost paid to one country, if needed Letter of Introduction from the White Salmon Lions Club

Applicant must answer all questions in the application. Applicant must have or be able to qualify for a US passport. Finalists may be asked to provide high school and any applicable college transcripts. Award recipient will provide proof of health insurance coverage while overseas, and provide a liability waiver agreement to White Salmon Lions and Lions International, as Lions Club assumes no responsibility for the recipient while abroad. Award recipient should develop a list of Lions Club contacts in the country to be visited, for contact in case of an emergency. Award recipient will research Lions Club contacts in country of travel to consider service opportunities during travel. Upon return from travel, award recipient will make an oral presentation, including photos, to the White Salmon Lions Club in a public forum. Applicant may be asked to participate in a personal interview. The Overseas Experience is a one-time award per recipient. Application deadline is September 10, with award to be announced in October. Travel must commence within 9 months from date of award. Award travel may not be combined with any other purpose (mission, business, etc.).


Name _________________________________________Age______________ Permanent Address __________________________________Telephone___________ __________________________________ Mailing Address ______________________________________________________ Date of Birth Graduation Date ____________________Place of Birth _____________________ ____________________High School_______________________

School/s Attended Since High School
Name of School_________________________Dates Attended ___________________ Name of School ________________________ Dates Attended ___________________ College Graduation Date ________________ Degree/s or other certification _____________________________________________

Legal Information
Have you been convicted of a felony or released from prison within the last seven years?  Yes  No

Employment History
Employer __________________________Address_____________________________ Position Held______________________ From (Mo/Yr)_______To (Mo/Yr)________ Duties and Responsibilities ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Employer __________________________Address_____________________________ Position Held______________________ From (Mo/Yr)_______To (Mo/Yr)________ Duties and Responsibilities ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 2

Answer all the questions below. They must be typed and attached to this sheet. No answer may exceed 150 words. The applicant can also present information in the form of a typed essay.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Tell us about yourself and why this travel experience would be good for you. To what overseas country would you like to travel, and why? Will you try to visit any other countries while on this trip? Do you have relatives or other contacts in your chosen country? When would you like to travel? Does your chosen country require you to have a visa? List any scholarships and awards, with dollar values, you have received. Have you previously traveled internationally? If yes, where, when, and for how long? How do you intend to travel in your chosen country, and what type of lodging will you use? How do your parents/guardians feel about you applying for this experience? How will you contact people back home while you are away? When, and for how long, would you expect to be traveling? How will you maximize or stretch your $1,000 cash award? Will the country you have chosen allow you to supplement your travel with local work? How would you initiate contact and interact with local citizens? with foreign youth? What do you expect to learn during this travel experience? How do you feel this travel experience will help you later in life? What will you be doing, and where will you be, five years from now?


10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

15. 16. 17. 18.


PART III — Essay- Please write an essay not to exceed 5 pages (double spaced, size 12).
In the essay, please consider the following points:
        

Tell us about yourself and your hopes and dreams Why are you interested in “The Overseas Experience?” What would be the first thing you will do when you arrive in the country of your choice? What is one thing you feel you must do to make the trip a success? What do you expect to learn from the local people you encounter on this trip? How do you think the “Overseas Experience” will help you later in life? What are your career plans? How will the Overseas Experience help you with those plans? What else would you like the selection committee to know about you?

I have read and hereby accept the criteria and regulations outlined in this application. I also certify that this application is completed to the best of my knowledge and, if selected as the award recipient, I will abide by the conditions outlined.

Signature of Applicant_____________________________________Date___________________

Please send completed applications to:
White Salmon Lions Club PO Box 1999 White Salmon, WA 98672

Website application & on line donations:
Klickitat County Young Leaders Association Jake Anderson founder


The first Overseas Experience award has been personally funded by a contribution to the White Salmon Lions Club from Cam & Barbara Thomas of Underwood, WA. Additional donations will be used for a second travel award.
To make a tax deductible donation to a second Overseas Experience award, send a check made payable to:

―White Salmon Lions Club – OE‖
You may mail your check to: White Salmon Lions Club PO Box 1999 White Salmon, WA 98672 Or drop it off at: The Enterprise 220 E Jewett Blvd. White Salmon

You may also donate online at:

Travel arrangements for the ―Overseas Experience‖ are being made thru:
Hazel Phillips Travel Service 402 Washington St. The Dalles, OR 97058 541-296-6105 Delores Habberstad, owner Delores suggests the traveler might benefit from one or more of the following: International student ID card International student transportation card International youth hostel card


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