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To All Persons Showing Interest in the Career Switcher Program: Candidate Requirements: (1) Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university (Southern Assoc of Colleges and Universities, Middle States Assoc of C & U, New England Assoc of C & U, North Central Assoc of C & U, or Northwest Assoc of C & U) (2) Application on file (3) Resume (4) VCLA test results* *As of January 1, 2006, VDOE replaced Praxis I test with the VCLA (Assessment test) for all teachers. Effective January 1, 2006, the assessments [Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA)]; and Praxis II will be required for all individuals seeking initial licensure in Virginia. VCLA test site: (5) Praxis II score for endorsement area recognized by the Virginia Department of Education (See a copy of the application at – click on Career Switcher for a list of Specialty Area Tests recognized for the Career Switcher Program.) (Praxis II exams are usually offered five – six times per year – requires 30 days advanced registration – and scores are not returned for approximately 4-5 weeks). Check for Praxis information and testing dates. (6) Official Transcripts from a Regionally Accredited University. - Official Transcripts are needed. A Transcript Analysis can be performed to determine what courses (according to Virginia Department of Education Licensure policy) you have on your transcript versus what you need for endorsement if not taking a Praxis II for another area as an added endorsement. (7) Three Letters of Reference (8) Work Experience Verification of at least five years work experience. Part-time work can be considered on an equivalent basis. (9) Plan for securing any needed coursework for an endorsement area if not taking a Praxis II to verify content knowledge, or additional required coursework (coursework to be taken prior to Level I training.) (10) 20 hours of classroom observation (can be secured after beginning program when you have two or three instructional meetings - but before completion of Level I). This is usually scheduled between February and early May. (11) Participate in a screening interview for Career Switcher candidacy. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are currently teaching in a school division with a one-time issued Provisional License, you must be in your first year of license issue to be able to apply to the Career Switcher Program. The reason is to make sure to allow you at least two years (two years left on your license) to successfully complete Level II requirements and teaching year before the expiration of your Provisional License. A spring cohort is planned each year according to demand. If you are seriously considering becoming an applicant to meet the requirements for the next available cohort, you will need to begin now preparing the following components in the order they are listed. Application deadline is set for December 1 for spring cohort. (Note: We have to have some cut-off date for application to begin planning for the next cohort. If you have missed the deadline for application*, but before the cohort begins, give us a call to see what the possibilities are for candidacy.) Please keep in mind that both VCLA and Praxis II must have been passed prior to entering the cohort. *NOTE: If the November Praxis II is taken – it is usually around the middle of the month and scores come back about four weeks later which is past the application deadline date. If this applies to your

situation, call us to notify us that your score will be received in December after the application deadline. Other paperwork requirements need to be on file by the deadline date. The application process for being considered for a Career Switcher Cohort is outlined on the WVPEC website This site provides the application form and links to the Virginia Department of Education, the Praxis Testing Center (ETS), and CLEP information (if needed). The application process outlines the step-by-step process for applying for the program as outlined in numbered items 1-11 above. You will find the application form and Work Experience Verification Form on our website. We can start working with you right away for the next cohort to ensure that there is time to meet all requirements. We know you will have questions from time-to-time. Deadline for submitting the application is December 1 for the spring cohort.

- The cohort meeting dates will be set in advance to provide a schedule for a spring cohort. The classes (first 80 hours) will be scheduled for mostly Saturday's from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm at a location central to all applicants (30 minute lunch break). There may be an occasion that a Friday night class would be scheduled. The rest of the 80 hours (two week intensive session – summer institute) will be tentatively scheduled for the last two weeks of June each year, possibly at Radford University. Please be mindful of the fact that this is an intensive program and your attendance is mandatory at the scheduled sessions for completion of the hours required in this program to ensure licensure. - The cost for the Career Switcher Program is $3,950. (This fee is due at the time of acceptance into the program, less $100 application fee when application is received.) If you wish to pay by Visa or Master Card, the entire fee must be paid on the first night of class along with a $100 bank credit card processing fee. 1. The first item to consider is registering for and passing VCLA and Praxis II for your endorsement area (outlined below in #2) or to have your college transcript analyzed if you want to know how your college training fits with the endorsement you are seeking. This can be arranged through contacting WVPEC. It is encouraged that you send, along with your transcript, your resume to us and any training backup materials that would be helpful in determining if your life experiences can be equated to any required college course for your endorsement area. Please make your $40 check or money order payable to Western Virginia Public Education Foundation, 6226 University Park Drive, Suite 2200, Radford, VA 24142. Send, or have sent your official transcript(s) along with your resume and check to the above address. Ask to have your transcript analyzed for areas you are interested in pursuing. **(This procedure is done only if you are looking to receive licensure for an endorsement area for which you do not pass a Praxis II and must have all the coursework). The analysis can also be used as a tool to determine which Praxis II(s) you will register to take for your endorsement unless you already know. The Praxis II exam you take should be in your endorsement area—keeping in mind that middle school endorsement is available for any one of four areas –Math, English, Social Studies, and Science. Prior to September 21, 2007, you needed to have two areas of concentration for Middle School and you may want to have two in order to market yourself for a middle school position. If you are lacking course work for an endorsement area and can pass the Praxis II for that content area, your coursework, or lack thereof, is not an issue for this program. If you feel deficient in your content area and do not have sufficient training or life experience to compensate, take the courses needed to enhance your knowledge base. Knowledge is power and the more you know the better prepared you are for the classroom. Once you determine from **Transcript Analysis which endorsement area(s) you will pursue, a Plan of Action should be furnished to outline how you will acquire needed

credits for deficient course work or pass the Praxis II for that endorsement. (See #3 below) You can also take a look at course requirements listed for the endorsement area on the Website at the Virginia Department of Education under Licensure Regulations for School Personnel (effective September 21, 2007). (This link for information is on our website at ) 2. Passing scores for VCLA and Praxis II are required for entering the program and for applying for your eligibility license at the end of the program. Check the VCLA website at ( to register and the ETS website ( to determine Praxis II testing dates – approximately six (6) testing dates per year for Praxis II which requires thirty (30) day advance registration. The Praxis II exam is only given about every 60 days. Depending on the date the test is given (results take about 4 weeks) will be a determining factor whether you are a candidate for the next available cohort. In order to take the exam you will need to register at least 30 days in advance. Check this immediately and register right away for the next available date for which you are prepared. ( Study for your Praxis II by using online sample tests from the Praxis Center website, ( ordering a study guide for the area of endorsement(s), and using any other resources available such as CLEP study guides, Miller’s Analogy, Peterson’s SAT II guide, VDOE SOL test available on VDOE’s website, high school and college textbooks and other sources that we can refer you to. VCLA can be scheduled through . The ETS Praxis Center number is (1-609-771-7395). Keep in mind that scores take approximately 4-5 weeks to be returned to you. WVPEC has a reporting number for Praxis for the agency receiving scores. That number is 5915. (If you need to talk about pointers for taking this exam-give us a call.) We do not yet have a reporting number for the VCLA results. We have been advised that a good place to find an up-to-date study guide for Praxis II is listed herein:
1. Preparation for the Praxis Series: PRAXIS II Exam 2006, 18th edition, 18th Edition

Thomson ARCO PB 2005 ISBN/ISSN 0-7689-1838-3 List Price---: $16.99

This information was found at It was accessed through a site 3. You can satisfy the requirement for endorsement by passing the appropriate Praxis II Content exam. (If you have question about the number of the exam, let me know.) Satisfy the 20 hours of classroom observation between February and May. (Classroom Observation Reporting Form is located on our website.) Arrange with a school division to acquire these hours and have appropriate documented signatures. You will need at least two to three career switcher class meetings attended in order to have the information needed to know what you are observing from the teacher. There are several areas you will need to address when doing an observation and this information can be secured from the director or assistant prior to scheduling your observations. Be aware that different school divisions require different avenues for setting up observations. First, check with the school division central office to determine how to proceed once you are attending the program. You may be required to go through a background check and other medical testing before being allowed to enter schools. Prepare accordingly. Obtain three (3) letters of reference (at least two professional references).




Turn in application, a non-refundable $100 registration fee, and other supporting documents by deadline date. Attach or have sent to WVPEC an original college transcript for each college or university attended. Documentation transcripts for any other courses, CLEP or online course can be furnished as completed. Attach an original of your VCLA and Praxis II scores. Your original score sheet needs to be sent as soon as you receive it. Please remember to register for WVPEC to receive a copy of your Praxis II score(s) at the time you take the exam (#5915). We do not yet have a VCLA reporting number for WVPEC. Attach your resume listing all jobs, volunteering, or any other activities you are involved in where you have worked with children. (Supply any certificates that can support training, etc.) Attach documentation verifying at least five (5) years of full time work experience or equivalent using the appropriate form located on our website. Please use one form for each job. Regardless of the importance of any job, it may have relevance. (form available on the website). Work experience does not have to be in education. Part-time work is considered on an equivalent basis. Arrange for the $3850, to be paid at the time you enter the program. You may use a Visa or MasterCard credit card to pay the tuition on the first night of class only, plus a $100 bank processing fee. Call Deena Stowers for other help information on funds to investigate. (540)831-6399 Once you complete Level I (180 hours), obtain the one-year provisional license to teach and secure your first year contract, you then enter into Level II activities which require you to record weekly reflections that are reported to a WVPEC assigned mentor, assigned Instructional Manager, the Executive Director and the Executive Assistant who maintains records, attend five scheduled Saturday Seminar Sessions during Level II, and complete a portfolio assignment covering your first year of teaching. You are assigned a mentor for your first year of teaching. Note: If you do not receive a contract to teach at the completion of Level I at the end of June for the fall of the same year, you must have a contract by the next fall in order to remain in the program. If your job is secured the second fall, the hiring school division has to request an extension to your provisional license to cover your first year of teaching.








Near the end of your first year of teaching, an evaluation form is sent to your WVPEC assigned mentor and to your principal. If successful completion of the WVPEC items listed in No. 12 and successful performance evaluations are received from your mentor and your principal, we then request your division superintendent to apply to the Virginia Department of Education for your five-year renewable teaching license. Hours of attendance in the program must be kept to ensure that you have met the requirements. Please do not ask for any exemption for any reason if you are accepted. If you presently have a job that will not allow you to attend either Friday night or Saturday classes, it will be your responsibility to arrange another schedule to participate. You would be better served to not participate if there will be a problem because we cannot apply for your license if you have not completed the requirements, hours of attendance being one of them.


Please NOTE: WVPEC is no longer approved to offer Elementary Education as an endorsement area. State requirements for licensure in elementary are more stringent than our program can provide in the time we have for Level I training. *************************************** Special Note: Applications for the Career Switcher Program will be accepted all through the year until a designated deadline date. Program positions will be filled as qualified candidates are identified and payment is received. While all applications are welcomed, candidates seeking licensure that addresses critical shortages and wishing to locate in the WVPEC service area are especially encouraged to apply. Note: research has shown that teacher shortages tend to be specific to geographic area and subject area. A need has been identified for minority teachers of both genders, and males of all ethnicities and for Math and Science subject areas, regardless of gender, are experiencing shortages. WVPEC will not discriminate against any individual for any reason, but reserves the right to first allocate positions to fill critical shortage areas in WVPEC school divisions. Remaining program positions will be allocated based on candidate's qualifications, the date the application is received and receipt of payment. Please be cognizant of the fact that to be employed by a school system as a teacher, you must be able to meet a school system’s requirements for employment to include passing a criminal background check. WVPEC will not be responsible for any damages incurred if participants apply for the Career Switcher program, are accepted, and licensed knowing they will not be able to pass a background check for employment. *************************************** Please mail your application, transcripts, and other documents for the program to: Western Virginia Public Education Consortium 6226 University Park Drive, Suite 2200 Radford, VA 24141 *************************************** Based on the alternate methodology used in Virginia to determine critical shortage teaching areas, the 2007-2008 top 10 critical shortage areas are: These are not in priority order and may not be considered critical in a particular region. 1. Special Education (speech and language disorders; learning disabilities; emotional disturbance; severe disabilities; early childhood special education; hearing impairment; mental retardation; visual impairment) Not available through the Career Switcher Program. 2. Mathematics, 6-12 and Algebra I add-on endorsement 3. Career and Technical Education (business and information technology; family and consumer sciences; trade and industrial education; technology education) 4. Elementary Education, preK-6 (Not available through the Career Switcher Program) 5. Foreign Language (Spanish, preK-12; French, preK-12) 6. Middle School, 6-8 7. Reading Specialist (Graduate level) (Not offered through the Career Switcher Program)

8. Earth Science 9. History and Social Science, 6-12 10. English

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