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									Strategic Ventures USA, Inc. Position Description Position Title: Executive Consultant November 23, 2009 Status: Exempt ___X____ Non-Exempt _______ _________________________________________________________________________________


POSITION DESCRIPTION: Executive Consultant The Executive Consultant (hereinafter sometimes referred to as the Consultant) at Strategic Ventures USA, Inc. Inc. (hereinafter sometimes referred to as SVI) is an independent and qualified person with experience in management and the ability to provide a wider expertise than is available within the client organization. The consultant will give professional advice and service in initiating and implementing definable and measurable organizational, behavioral, financial control systems, leadership and technological improvement. This includes providing objective appraisals, identifying the broader perspective and determining the short and long-term requirements of an organization that will result in material improvements to reductions in cost or enhancements to sales revenue consistent with sound management techniques.


POSITION QUALIFICATIONS: The Consultant must have the resolve to maintain goals, objectives and underlying professional and ethical principles in spite of personality conflicts or individual personal concerns of client employees through common sense and appropriate compassion. The Consultant should have significant experience with the principles and methodologies of “best business practices” management. This position requires a self-starting, motivated person who possesses strong interpersonal skills; and who is able to motivate, train and mentor the client staff by establishing and maintaining guidelines for standards of performance. S/he should be able to delegate responsibilities; able to objectively evaluate the performance of others; and be able to hold others accountable in a constructive manner.


REQUIREMENTS: To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to complete all the areas outlined for this position in a satisfactory manner. Listed below are the knowledge, skills and/or abilities necessary to meet the minimum job requirements. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. 3.1 Education: A Bachelors degree in Economics, Business Management, or equivalent. Masters in Business Administration or equivalent preferred. Experience: A minimum of eight to ten years senior management experience, involving supervision of staff, responsibility for budgeting, sales, or operations and project completion in a small to medium sized company or a division of a large corporation. Licenses/Certification: None



3.4 Skills/Knowledge: 3.4.1 Must be able to perceive the needs of other businesses through conversational Page 1

Strategic Ventures USA, Inc. Position Description Position Title: Executive Consultant November 23, 2009 Status: Exempt ___X____ Non-Exempt _______ _________________________________________________________________________________

interaction and assist with translating those needs into reality, make most people feel comfortable with his presence, and be very people oriented. Must have the competence to plan and execute major marketing and financial control systems efforts to gain new business and an overall grasp on the future potential for the designated company’s markets and run the business “by the numbers.”. Must have a knowledge and understanding of company policies and procedures, marketing techniques and trends, pricing and quoting the customer’s potential business. 3.4.2 Must be prudent, ethical, and credible and use good judgment. Must be goaloriented, committed to the Company and its products and services, and have the ability to meet any type of person(s) with confidence. Must be a team player with integrity and concerns for the quality of products, timeliness of services and sensitivity to staff members. 3.4.3 Must have a proven track record of accomplishment as a senior executive or consultant in financial control systems, operations and sales. 3.4.4 Must have “command presence” in all setting demonstrating professionalism, quality and integrity. 3.4.5 Must be able to adapt to a changing environment and be able to communicate with all levels of the client company, particularly senior management in sales, operations and finance. 3.4.6 Must be prudent, ethical, and credible and use good judgment. Must be goaloriented, and committed both to SVI and the client company, its executive management and subordinate staff. 3.4.7 The Consultant should have good public speaking and communication skills, being able to easily and effectively communicate (orally and in writing) to diverse audiences/constituencies and groups up to several hundred people. S/he must be comfortable and familiar with the methods of teaching and mentoring being able to provide one-on-one coaching as well as group training exercises. 3.4.8 The Consultant position requires experience and abilities in project management, setting and meeting aggressive goals for client system improvement. 3.4.9 At a minimum, the Consultant must be conversant as a user and teacher in Microsoft Office software, including: Word, Excel, Access and Power Point. In addition, s/he must be able to readily present software based organization charts, funds flow diagrams and other visually engaging graphics using Smart draw or other graphics, or project management type software. S/he must also be conversant with Internet ISP protocols and web-based research. Knowledge and use of a PDA is a definite plus. 3.4.10 The Consultant’s minimum field tools include: Laptop computer (with a minimum of 512 megabytes of RAM, 60 Gigabytes of memory, 56K modem, wireless/TCP communication capability, back-up memory of at least 1 gigabyte (“flash memory”) on hand at all times) Portable color printer – preferably an HP 450 or Cannon I-80 Cellular telephone with hands free capability. It is recommended that Page 2

Strategic Ventures USA, Inc. Position Description Position Title: Executive Consultant November 23, 2009 Status: Exempt ___X____ Non-Exempt _______ _________________________________________________________________________________

the Consultant budget at least 1,000 minutes of talk time per month. Service fees attendant to cellular use will be paid by SVI, subject to the review and approval of SVI’s VP of Finance. Fixed base fax machine and telephone number Automobile in good working condition and appearance Credit card(s) with a total line of available credit if at least $7,500.00. Mobile GPS system strongly recommended but not required For travel in New England, an E-Z Pass or at least $10.00 in change in the automobile at all times A telephone credit card or prepaid telephone card with at least 600 minutes


Working Conditions: 3.5.1 Physical. The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by the employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Body Positions. The position requires sitting up to two-thirds of the time that includes sitting while driving an automobile on company business. Standing and walking less than one-third of the time is required. Body movements of turning the head and torso, bending, reaching and flexing the arms are required under one-third of the time, but bending the wrists and use of the hands to finger, grasp, handle or feel objects, computer equipment and peripherals are required over twothirds of the time. Body senses. Must have command of all five senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Must have clear color and vision sufficient to readily identify customer details of the products and services required. Vision must also be sufficient to shift in focus from computer screens to close forms and back as necessary. Must hear and speak well enough to conduct business over the telephone for moderate periods of time. Mental. Must be able to read, analyze, and interpret common scientific and technical journals, financial reports and legal documents. Have the ability to respond to common inquiries or complaints from customers, regulatory agencies, or members of the business community. Have the ability to write speeches and prepare presentations that conform to prescribed style and format. Reasoning ability. Must be able to able to work with mathematical concepts such as probability and statistical inference. Have the ability to apply concepts such as fractions, percentages, ratios, and proportions to practical situations. Be able to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions. Have the ability to interpret and deal with several abstract and concrete variables. Must have reasoning ability (logic) to understand pricing and competitive challenges. Must maintain focus and exercise controls that will result in objectives being timely and adequately met, both by him and his subordinates. Page 3





Strategic Ventures USA, Inc. Position Description Position Title: Executive Consultant November 23, 2009 Status: Exempt ___X____ Non-Exempt _______ _________________________________________________________________________________

3.5.6 3.5.7 3.5.8

This position requires a significant amount of travel -- up to 100% of the time, frequently by automobile. The consultant must be willing to work in varied environments, including those without a standard or traditional office setting. Working hours will be varied and the Consultant can be expected to work long hours, including off-sight. A minimum of 50 client chargeable hours per week is the standard, exclusive of “field craft” administrative requirements of SVI for quality control.

4.0 4.1 4.2

ESSENTIAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: Provide prospective, understanding and training in the skills and requirements of business management and effective management consulting. Assist business managers/owners and senior executives with the development and implementation of business metric tools including budgets, operations, control processes, business software implementation and sales reports and forecasts. Assist client management in the skills and output of the planning process including comprehensive business plans AND their execution/implementation. Serve as a material and substantive “change agent” to the client, providing demonstrable, credible and measurable results. Each SVI assignment should yield a 3:1 return on the SVI consulting fees. In addition, this objective result may be achieved in a subjective manner, with the client definitely “feeling” that best business practices and extraordinary results can be attributed to the Consultant’s presence at the client’s company. Provide “shirt sleeve” counsel and advice to the client and have the tools readily available to address cash flow, operations reporting and intervention requirements, as well as strategic advice on reducing costs and building revenue techniques, in ways that add value to the company and its executive management team/owner(s). Review the operating policies, methods and systems of the client company. Modify as necessary to improve control over the key operating components. Review existing capabilities, document deficiencies when found and implement (in the field) strategies and methods for improvement. Develop an integrated management system that measures critical business aspects including sales, gross profit, inventory and labor against goals and best practices. Perform GAP analysis procedures to determine deficiencies within the client company. Develop and implement a functional organization to produce efficiencies, improve employee productivity and maximize profitability by building a coordinated team with a clear understanding of job functions and control programs. Interview managers and employees of the client company to define their current understanding of job functions, accountability, evaluation criteria and performance Page 4

4.3 4.4


4.6 4.7 4.8 4.9


Strategic Ventures USA, Inc. Position Description Position Title: Executive Consultant November 23, 2009 Status: Exempt ___X____ Non-Exempt _______ _________________________________________________________________________________

objectives and evaluate this information in light of corporate goals while defining the appropriate organization structure to support these goals. Provide organizational charts to reflect optimal functional and personnel structures. Establish detailed job descriptions along with pertinent evaluation methodology. Make recommendations to client management on personnel issues. Assist in recruiting, interviewing, training or reassignment, if needed, to implement the agreed upon organizational structure 4.11 4.12 Develop and implement Personnel Policies & Procedure Manuals for the client. Serve as an ambassador for SVI, reflecting its professionalism, quality and integrity. As such, s/he will write and provide reports in a timely and accurate manner, support the company and other consultants to clients and others in the business arena. S/he will portray an image of leadership, vision and depth with compassion and humbleness. Mentor and teacher to clients, consultants and staff members of SVI. Provide, loyalty, support and assistance to his/her SVI Project Manager Teamwork: dependable, responsible, take initiative, communicate well, cooperate, resolve conflicts Develop referrals Develop refinements Obtain letters of recommendations whether solicited or unsolicited.

4.13 4.14 4.15 4.16 4.17 4.18 5.0 5.1

Authority and accountability Authority. The Consultant is granted the authority necessary to conduct business in a way that allows the Consultant to achieve the sales goals and operating objectives of the Company. Accountability. The Consultant is accountable to the Project Manager for the performance of his/her consulting duties and field craft. S/he is hired by the Managing Director of SVI and ultimately responsible to that position.


PERFORMANCE EVALUATION 6.0 Responsibilities and duties
Performance Rating (1-5, w/5 being highest)

The responsibilities and duties of the Consultant consist of, but are not limited to the following: 6.1 Plan, develop, coordinate, and control all consulting responsibilities to produce the targeted sales and profit goals of SVI within the guidelines of company policies and the intent of the company mission ________ Page 5

Strategic Ventures USA, Inc. Position Description Position Title: Executive Consultant November 23, 2009 Status: Exempt ___X____ Non-Exempt _______ _________________________________________________________________________________


Responsible for all long term sales/marketing tactical strategic planning; from conceptualization through successful implementation of established goals and objectives achieving actions and activities ________ Responsible for implementing SVI prescribed financial control systems, including 8week cash flow, “flash reports,” and operating and capital budget(s) with variance metrics. ________ When there are problems concerning customer complaints, collections, scheduling and the like, and they cannot be resolved by the Consultant, The Project Director or other SVI senior executive will step in to address and resolve the issue(s), as required. _______ Maintain the tools of the trade and conduct the “field craft” of consulting in a high quality, professional manner ________ Keeps informed on competitors’ selling policies, tactics, services and price offered ________ Directs regular client meetings with key executive management of the client, utilizing an agenda ________ Monitors each project in terms of the SVI signed Scope of Work to insure that the work is completed on time and within budget ________ Portrays a positive, professional appearance and serve as a role model for all SVI personnel through the enthusiastic performance of all duties and doing whatever it takes to get the job done ________ Maintain all MIS functions, including software/hardware purchasing, training and database management tools, as required ________ Maintain existing accounts and aggressively seek new products and services and develop them into viable packages that serve the needs of the market place. ________ Cooperate with other key personnel in conducting business in an effective and efficient manner ________ Promote a positive company image by exercising sound and ethical business practices as related to SVI, its customers and the general public. This includes ensuring that service and quality is of the highest possible level appropriate to the situation ________












Page 6

Strategic Ventures USA, Inc. Position Description Position Title: Executive Consultant November 23, 2009 Status: Exempt ___X____ Non-Exempt _______ _________________________________________________________________________________


Take any reasonable action necessary to carry out the responsibilities of the consulting role, so long as such action does not deviate from established company policies and is consistent with sound business judgment and practices ________ The Consultant may perform other duties as indicated, as necessary, to ensure that the profit goals of SVI are met ________


7.0 7.1

OTHER JOB CRITERIA Planning and time utilities 7.1.1 7.1.2 7.1.3 Makes best use of work time to complete projects and assignments on schedule ________ Consistently demonstrates ability to establish and manage priorities ________ Manages of financial aspects of client engagements in a sustained, superior manner to the benefit of SVI ________


Initiative 7.2.1 7.2.2 7.2.3 Is a self-starter and manifests a proactive approach to all aspects of his/her responsibilities ________ Recognizes and performs tasks that need to be completed, although not directly assigned – assists others as needed ________ Is active as a teacher, mentor and coach to all client personnel and SVI staff under his/her accountabilities ________


Judgment and decision-making 7.3.1 7.3.2 Demonstrates sound, fiscally prudent judgment when making business decisions ________ Is adept at investigating problems, avoids jumping to conclusions when he doesn’t have all the facts, identifies the underlying causes and formulates appropriate solutions ________ Respects the confidentiality of customer and company information, including company personnel matters ________



Relationships with others 7.4.1 7.4.2 Maintains cooperative and cordial working relationship with all company employees ________ Demonstrates ability to tactfully handle difficult situations ________ Page 7

Strategic Ventures USA, Inc. Position Description Position Title: Executive Consultant November 23, 2009 Status: Exempt ___X____ Non-Exempt _______ _________________________________________________________________________________


Is forceful with others maintaining established standards of performance and insists on compliance ________

EVALUATION REPORT Greatest consideration in establishing an evaluation has been developed by evaluating task performance on a line item basis (as provided above). This is where performance highlights or concerns can best be located and addressed and where future performance can be benchmarked and tracked against prior performance. The appropriate evaluation is not complete, however, until the areas of improvement have been identified and the methodology for achieving the desired improvements has been agreed upon. Comments below are documentation of that agreement. Total Score: ________ Points received Total Possible Score: = ________ Average Performance Rating = _______________ COMMENTS AREAS OF ACHIEVEMENT ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ AREAS FOR GROWTH & RECOMMENDED PLAN OF ACTION ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ EXECUTIVE CONSULTANT’S COMMENTS Page 8

Strategic Ventures USA, Inc. Position Description Position Title: Executive Consultant November 23, 2009 Status: Exempt ___X____ Non-Exempt _______ _________________________________________________________________________________

____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ PROJECT MANAGER’S COMMENTS ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ FOR STRATEGIC VENTURES USA, INC.

______________________________/________________________________ Executive Consultant Date ACCEPTANCE AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I have read (or had read to me), reviewed and understand that the above position description and believe it to be accurate and complete. I also agree management retains the right to change this position description at any time and will provide me with written revisions and addendum prior to the installation of the new policies or requirements. I will also be provided a copy of a Corporate Policy Manual, detailing other requirements and responsibilities, in addition to those stated in this document. I also understand that although there are areas, which can be delegated to other members, I am fully accountable for assuring that these areas are carried out on a daily or weekly basis, as required. I acknowledge that I will be evaluated on a semi-annual basis with respect to any overall performance. I also acknowledge the following criteria for evaluation: 92%-100% 82%-91% 67%-81% 55%-66% Below 54% Superior Very Good Satisfactory Sub-Standard Unacceptable Page 9

Strategic Ventures USA, Inc. Position Description Position Title: Executive Consultant November 23, 2009 Status: Exempt ___X____ Non-Exempt _______ _________________________________________________________________________________

Therefore, the undersigned are in common agreement on the functional role of the Executive Consultant and the requirements and authorities assessed therein; compensation has been fully disclosed; and there exists no other agreements attached to the acceptance of this agreement. I have received and reviewed this position description, completed the evaluation form, and discussed the SVI comments with my Project Director _______________________________________ Executive Consultant Date: ___________________________ I have received and reviewed this position description, and completed the performance evaluation “scoring” system, and discussed them with the Executive Consultant _______________________________________ Project Director Date: ___________________________

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