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									                                BEAR NECESSITIES
                                 Senior Newsletter
                                  August 29, 2012

WELCOME to your SENIOR year! This is the first of many newsletters that you will
receive this year. Each newsletter will contain invaluable information. Please read
them and share them with your parents. If you have any questions, please make
sure you see me. I look forward to continue working with you as you prepare for
life after high school. Get ready and hold on…the time flies by very quickly!

Schedule Changes
Schedule changes may be requested Wednesday, August 29 through Friday, August
31. Schedule change forms may be picked up at the office window before or after
school or during lunch. They must be turned in by the end of the day Friday.
Remember that schedule changes are for academic reasons only.

Dual Credit
We will re-enroll you in your second semester dual credit courses toward the end of
October. Meanwhile, remember that attendance is required by Kilgore College. In
addition, make sure to take notes and study. Although you are the one in charge of
your college classes, I am a liaison between you and Kilgore College. Please see me if
you have any questions or concerns about your college classes.

If you have not already done so, you need to register for, and take, the SAT or ACT as
soon as possible. It is not necessary to take both tests. Texas colleges will accept
either test. However, most students usually take one of the tests more than once so
that they can try to improve their score. Make sure you check with the
college/university of your choice to see if the writing test is required. Most do
require it. Free sample tests are available online. Remember that these test scores
are needed for your college applications and for scholarship applications. Make
sure that you test early enough so that you will have your scores back in time!
Test dates and test deadlines are listed on the testing websites: SAT: ACT: Our school code is 442830. Fee waivers
are available in the counseling office.

Students who plan to attend a state supported college/university in the state of
TEXAS must take the THEA unless they are exempt due to their TAKS, ACT or SAT
scores. Exemptions are as follows: TAKS: 2200 or better on English and math with
a 3 or better on the essay; ACT: 23 composite with at least a 19 on the English and
math; SAT: 1070 with a minimum score on the critical reading and math. The
website is:

Meningitis Vaccine
                                 BEAR NECESSITIES
                                  Senior Newsletter
                                   August 29, 2012
You must have a Meningitis Vaccine before you attend a college class at a college or
university. It is recommended that you do not wait until the summer to take care of
this. You may see Mrs. Jones in the nurse’s office for your shot record.

YOUR Future
What are your plans after high school? Are you planning to further your education?
Join the military? Enter the workforce. Do you have other plans after high school? I
can and want to help you as you plan your future!

If you are interested in joining the military after high school, please let me know.
You will need to take the ASVAB if you have not already done so. You will need to
talk to the recruiters to see which branch of the military is right for you! I can help
you with this.

If you are interested in joining the workforce, whether full or part time, please make
sure that you let me know. The school often receives requests for job applicants.
The more aware your teachers and I are of your future plans the better job we can
do of making sure that you are taking advantage of the course offerings and
certifications available for you. Furthermore, while you may not be taking a
traditional two or four year college route, some training may be needed for your job.

College/University/Trade & Technical School
If you are interested in attending a college, university or trade or technical school
there is much to get done. Please do not let a lack of money or fear be what steps in
your way of reaching your dreams. Anyone with desire and dedication can continue
their education. First you must decide that you want to continue your education.
Next, decide where you want to go. Go to that school’s website and find out the
application deadline and what type of application they use. If it is a Texas school, do
they use Apply Texas? Do they have Early Decision? If so, apply early. Are you
going to live on campus? Find out what to do about a dorm and a meal plan. Make
sure you meet the deadlines for these as well. Do you have any special talents?
(choir, band, theater, yearbook, cheer, dance, sports, leadership, grades, etc). There
are often many scholarships available. Search the website to see if you qualify for
any scholarships. This free money will help you pay for your education.

Financial Aid/FAFSA
You will complete the FAFSA in January. You will need to do this online. In
December I will remind you and your parents to get your PIN number so that you
will be ready to complete your FAFSA. In order for your parents to complete the
FAFSA they will have to have their income tax complete. The FAFSA not only lets
you and your parents know of grants (money that does not have to paid back) that
you may qualify for, but it also informs you of loans for which you are eligible. Most
                                BEAR NECESSITIES
                                 Senior Newsletter
                                  August 29, 2012
colleges will require you to complete the FAFSA before they offer you a specific
scholarship amount. Everyone should complete the FAFSA.

Scholarship information will be placed in each newsletter. Most scholarship
information begins arriving in the spring. It is recommended that each student
begin by completing a Generic Scholarship Application in the fall. The Generic
Scholarship Application is used by many local clubs and organizations who do not
have a scholarship application of their own. This form will be available in the
counseling office next week.

You will need a resume for your scholarship applications. It is recommended that
you use your time now to begin working on your resume. Save it and add extra
information as needed. Most computers even have a resume wizard to assist you.

Letters of Recommendation
You will need a letter of recommendation for scholarships, college applications, job
applications, etc., throughout the year. Please make sure that you allow sufficient
time for people to write a good letter for you. Allowing twenty-four hours is not
sufficient time for most people. The more time your give them, the better your
recommendation is likely to be. Also, make sure to provide them with a copy of your
resume. Although the person may know you, they may not remember everything
about you! Finally, make sure to include why they are writing the letter, to whom
the letter should be addressed and the deadline for submitting the recommendation.

College Bound Athletes
If you are interested in continuing your athletic career in college, you must register
with the NCAA clearinghouse. Do this soon if you did not register last year. You
should also make sure that your coach and counselor are aware of your desire to
continue athletics in college. Make sure that you have taken the ACT or SAT and that
you met the NCAA requirements. If not, you must retest. You must also meet the
Academic Core requirements of the NCAA Clearinghouse. Finally, make sure to keep
your grades as high as possible and to keep your behavior beyond reproach! Talent
alone will not get you involved in collegiate athletics!

Miss Gregg County
Congratulations to Junior, Michaela Ellis. She will be representing Gladewater High
School in the Miss Gregg County Pageant on Thursday, September 13, at 9:00, at the
Longview Fairgrounds. There is also a Student Spirit Contest which Gladewater
High School won last year. Make plans to go support Michaela and GHS!
                              BEAR NECESSITIES
                               Senior Newsletter
                                August 29, 2012

Congratulations to PAIGE LINDER. She is the 2012 Yamboree Queen. How exiting
that the Yamboree Queen hails from the “real GHS”! Plan to support Paige at the
various Yamboree activities October 18-20.

Coming Events

Monday, Sept. 3            Labor Day Holiday

Thursday, Sept. 13         Miss Gregg County Pageant and School Spirit
                           Gregg County Fair, 9:00 pm

Friday, Sept. 14           Homecoming Pre-game, 6:50 p.m.

Thursday, Oct. 18-         Yamboree Festivities
  Saturday, Oct 20

Monday, Oct. 22            TAKS ELA Retest

Tuesday, Oct. 23           TAKS Math Retest

Wednesday, Oct. 24         TAKS Science Retest

Thursday, Oct. 25          TAKS Social Studies Retest

Friday, Oct. 26            Early Release for students

Dawn Kirkindoll
Gladewater High School
                            BEAR NECESSITIES
                             Senior Newsletter
                              August 29, 2012
10th and 12th Grade Counselor
903-845-5591, ext. 507

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