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									Corporate Card - Guidelines
Please read information available on the following website:

Financial Management Practice and Procedures Manual, Chapter 4(B), QUT Corporate Card

Purchasing Restrictions
    
Furniture (contact Facilities Management, ext. 83561) Mobile phones (contact Communications Administration first, ext. 82887) Payments to QUT (except QUT Bookshop) Advertising / Marketing External Consultants (Oracle PO Required)

Internet purchases (must be a Secure Socket Layer site) Do not provide Credit Card details via email

What can I use the card for?
       
Purchases up to $3,000 (excl. GST) Airfares (prepaid prior to travel) Accommodation/Conferences & Seminar costs (prepaid prior to travel – check that any travel allowances for meals are adjusted if meals are provided in the accommodation/conference costs) Stationery Hospitality QUT Bookshop purchases (advise QUT Bookshop staff using QUT corporate card) Asset Purchases > $1,000 (Account 4110 ICT Hardware) Asset Purchases > $2,000 (Account 4102 and 4109)

(Asset purchases must comply with QUT’s procurement policy (including adherence to SOA’s/PSA’s) to be made via corporate card. Where an SOA/PSA requires purchases to be made using an Oracle Purchase Order - this process must be followed). These are only an example of the things that can be purchased with the card.

What can't I use the card for?
       
Purchases in excess of $3,000 (excl. GST) Personal use QUT internal payments (GL journal required) Splitting purchases to stay below $3,000 limit Deposits Sustenance (travel) Cash withdrawals Memberships

Not sure if you can purchase something?
Contact the Corporate Card Officer, Ext. 82964, or Email

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