The UFO Phenomenon_ what needs to happen now by paulbudds


									The UFO Phenomenon: What needs
        to happen now?
           Paul Budding


                    Ufology and the Scientific Attitude

In the fictional drama, 'The X Files', Fox Mulder has a poster on his office
wall that declares "I WANT TO BELIEVE'. In real life many within the UFO
community possess that attitude towards the ETH. It’s an unscientific
attitude. The scientific attitude doesn't start with a favourite conclusion
and then desperately try to prove it. Rather it wants the truth whatever
the truth is. We want the truth for its own sake, and for knowledge and
for technological fruits that derive from scientific revolutions. (e.g.,
energy and of course, medical technology).

Debunkers also reject the scientific attitude. From the very start they
assume that the conclusion is that it’s all nonsense. No investigation is
necessary if you hold that assumption. In this paper I reject such an
attitude in favour of a proper scientific investigation that I describe as
realistic Scientific Ufology.

                           Government Secrecy

When the UFO community discusses State secrecy they are referring to
the black budget world. Think of the CIA, FBI, NRO, NSA, or in the UK the
GCHQ. Think of the tens of billions of dollars that is spent on black
budget programs. For a visual image think about ‘Stealth’ aircraft (kept
secret for at least 10 years). Another visual image that gives you an idea
of the sort of secrecy that we know goes on is of workers being bussed to
their secret installation where they work… way out in the sticks… such as
Nevada Desert. Someone who worked at Area 51 said that no one was
aware of what other teams of scientists were working on. They only knew
what their own team was working on… and a curtain would literally be
pulled so that you couldn’t see the other teams work. So this sort of
secrecy is closed black world secrecy, not open world secrets such as a
politician cheating on his wife. The politician (for what it’s worth) runs a

genuinely serious risk that his affair will be exposed. But in the Black
budget world you could say that until recently there was a 100% record of
keeping things secret… until the likes of Snowden, Assange, Manning took
up whistle-blowing. But look at the sacrifice they make concerning their
freedom. Gary McKinnon took a direct route in hacking into the secretive
world of the U.S. state and he needed Teresa May (British Home
Secretary) to protect him from being sent to prison for 70 years.

               Political Ufology leads to Scientific Ufology

In this part of the paper I outline the ‘ideal’ route to get to the truth of
the UFO puzzle. However, I do not think that this ideal route is available
to us unless some brave souls are willing to sacrifice themselves for (a
perceived) greater good. Keep this sceptism of my own ideal approach in-
mind so that I do not mislead you. I have written this (despite sceptism of
the approach) because it is slightly more likely than it used to be (if still
improbable) that progress will be made through Political Ufology, due to
the example set by the likes of Ed Snowden and Wikileaks.

POLITICAL UFOLOGY: In theory we can imagine being given access to all
the secret data and ‘succeed’ or 'fail' to discover some collaboration
between authorities and/or conflict with another non-human intelligence
(or with human time-travellers). Irrespective of whether we succeeded or
failed to discover exotic collaborations, we would also be trying to
discover the paper work concerning paradigm shifting technological craft.
Indeed, such documentation surely exits. It is so certain that such designs
exist that if we didn't discover the documents that prove it, we would just
think that it is hidden some-place elsewhere. Richard Dolan suspects that
the secret has been “privatised”.1 This would mean that private multi-
billionaires are the ones with access to the information as opposed to, for
example, Congress-men and women. As we shall see (below) it is
important that they leave a ‘paper-trail’ as Dolan terms it. Following the
paper trail is what he is writing about in this article (See

notes/references)2 We could term that side of Ufology as "Political

SCIENTIFIC UFOLOGY: I use ‘Scientific Ufology’ with reference to the
physics of the phenomenon. i.e., zig-zag UFO movements, the UFO
blinking in-and-out of existence. Scientific Ufology is suited to the work of
Thomas Kuhn (and an historical paradigm shift). We just don't understand
the physics of the phenomenon because; let’s face it, revolutionary
physics is too smart for virtually all of us!

is a pre-requisite for Scientific Ufology. Scientific Ufology needs a team of
the greatest minds in Physics to work on it. But they need the data. It’s at
this point that we see the meeting of Political Ufology and Scientific
Ufology. Because (ideally) the leading (open-world) physicists need ‘all’ of
the data, including the ‘very best’ data. If the data exists then Political
Ufology fails to be falsified and thus passes the scientific method. Once
the physicists attained understanding of the science - then the historical
paradigm shift in physics would occur and this means that the modern
world’s world-view would be revolutionised. Hence it all comes down to
whether or not there is a secret. And clearly there is at least in terms of
paradigm shifting technology. (I see no reason to assume that this is non-
human designed. World War 2 is sufficient motivation for the surge in our
technology. And I also don’t sign up to the ETH... because I can’t see why
ET's or interdimensionals would be deferent to our political
establishments over humans per se).

So to re-cap… Political Ufology leads to Scientific Ufology. Once Political
Ufology passes Poppers Scientific Method then it’s only a matter of time
before Scientific Ufology establishes an historical Kuhnian paradigm shift
that revolutionises physics and the culture of the modern world.

It is important to be neutral and objective, critical… to have no pet
theories, and most certainly to reject trying to prove a pet theory that
you have from the start. Ufology must not be a belief system or

conclusion. Of course people are free to think what they want, but if
Ufology is to make progress then it needs to shed its association with a
dogmatic faith in the ETH. The difficulty is that the data is not
forthcoming. The ideal way to get to the truth (outlined above) is
unrealistic. Hence we need to take a more awkward route to get to what
we want and need. (See Conclusion)

            The Technological Singularity, Kuhn and Ufology

How does the technological Singularity and Ufology connect? For Richard
Dolan increased intelligence (resulting from a more technologically
connected world) will mean that we solve the puzzle. (at least this is one
of the ways that Dolan thinks progress is likely to be made).3 For me our
technology may catch up to what (currently) seems too impressive to be
human designed. (albeit I am definitely not trying to imply that it isn't
human). However, we need a paradigm shift in order to understand the
manipulation of space and time. (zig zag, blinking in-and-out of
existence). Technological Singularity + Kuhnian Scientific Revolution = The
answer to the UFO Phenomenon. (It would help if our open-world leading
physicists could access the closed-world UFO data otherwise they will
have to solve the problem themselves even though the problem already
has an answer within the context of Political Ufology).

Note: The Tech Singularity makes a mockery of the squishy biological ETH.
Clearly those who sign up to the squishy biological ETH will update their
theory when they realise that humans are becoming more technological
than that. When there is also a Kuhnian paradigm shift then Ufology will
get real. (because their view on space-time is too old hat at present).

Dolan compares the UFO problem with the problem that the gay rights
community had when there was much stigma attached to being gay.
Some brave people had to ‘come out’ (and go through the pain of doing
so). Later (thanks to those brave people ‘coming out’) it was (later) easier
for others to do so… until we reached the cultural acceptance of today. 4 I
agree that the UFO community are abit like this. But when the Singularity
is in full-force and if a revolutionary paradigm shift in physics occurs
around then… then that is when the UFO Phenomenon will become
culturally understandable and things will fall neatly into place. But I
would rather not have to wait that long!

All that many of us can do is think in terms of what is needed to get a
satisfactory answer to the puzzle. Then push for that to occur. I explain
what I mean by this below in the conclusion.

                 Conclusion: Realistic Scientific Ufology

Having rejected the Ideal Approach (Political Ufology leading to Scientific
Ufology) as unrealistic and having rejected patience (Singularity + Kuhnian
Paradigm shift) I conclude in favour of what I term ‘The Realistic
Approach’. (Scientific Ufology) This conclusion outlines what that means.

I would like to see a team of leading open world physicists... who have
previously not looked into the UFO Phenomenon at all... to thoroughly
investigate the following three cases: The Rendlesham Forest, England
case (also known as Bentwaters),5 The Ariel School, Zimbabwe, South
Africa case,6 and the Westall School, Australia case. 7 In all three cases
there was a landed craft, multiple witnesses (around 300 witnesses in
broad daylight concerning the Westall case). I would also like these top
scientists to be shown the pattern of thousands of cases of zig-zag insect-
like motion of UFO's and of their blinking in-and-out of existence. The
purpose of this isn't to convince the scientists of a pet-theory. On the

contrary. It is THEIR responsibility to take this field seriously and to tell us
if it’s human or not. (at least it is if we can’t get at secret government
files... of course those files may explain for example that it’s all secret
human designed projects). The scientific team would have to try and
replicate what they learn and then work out (which I assume depends on
their success or failure) whether humans will have had the intelligence to
accomplish such tasks decades ago? However I would like to put it to the
physicists that I do not see why ET's would be deferent to human
institutions like secret government. Also, why would ET's be squishy
biological creatures when even we humans are about to go beyond that
stage. Hence, I want the field taken seriously and that means vanquishing
once-and-for-all both the obsession with ETH (which is also often
unaware of cutting edge theories concerning the universe, i.e., multiverse
or parallel universe theories) and the vanquishing of the dumb debunker
attitude (that is a mere uneducated conformity-response that Milgram
knew about half a century ago!). It time that debunker attitude was
crushed and that a proper scientific investigation of this phenomenon
was put into practice.


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