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Almaty – Karatau 24 August – 2 September, 2009

The Karatau mountain ranges in the north-western Tien Shan region of southern Kazakhstan, central Asia expose numerous laterally and vertically extensive sections of upper Precambrian, Cambrian and lower Ordovician fossiliferous rocks. All 4 basal Stage Boundary levels for the Cambrian that have been ratified so far (including that at the base of the System) are incorporated in the sequences, including the type succession for the base of the proposed Suzakian Stage at the FAD of the trilobite Agnostotes orientalis, which is currently under consideration for ratification. This circular constitutes an invitation to you to participate in the fieldwork programme to study these sequences, including a one-day introductory workshop/conference in Almaty.

The estimated cost for the complete programme outlined below is $920 U.S. [920 U.S. Dollars], to include all accommodation in Almaty on Day 1 (see below), plus costs for the Introductory Conference/Workshop, plus transport to and from and within the field areas, together with food and accommodation in the field programme. The fee of $920 will be required before or on arrival in Almaty, in cash. Participants can either bring the cash with them, or draw the funds (e.g. by card) from a local Almaty bank. The reason for this is somewhat complex, but in simple terms it is because the local government would impose a 30% tax on payments made from outside the country. Precise details as to how to avoid this can be provided after initial registration. A cash deposit of $100 will be required in advance from all who register for attendance at the meeting (see also page 3 of this circular).

Day 1. 24 August. Arrive Almaty. If participants do not have direct flights, Almaty is well served daily from a number of European centres (e.g. London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt; apart from Russian citizens, probably avoid Moscow and St Petersburg because of potential restrictions related to shipping samples, etc; we can provide further advice if necessary). Transport from the airport in Almaty will be provided. Accommodation overnight at the hotel. Day 2. 25 August. Morning – early afternoon, Introductory Conference on Cambrian stratigraphy and progress of Cambrian Stage Boundary programme.

Evening, depart by train to Taraz, formerly Dzhambul (overnight). Day 3. 26 August. Arrive at Taraz early morning – transfer to accommodation. Afternoon, Fieldwork, Aktugai River section, Ediacarian to lower Cambrian. Day 4. 27 August. Fieldwork, Kyrshabakty Section, middle to upper Cambrian, including the proposed Basal Boundary Stratotype and GSSP of the Suzakian Stage (Agnostotes orientalis FAD). Day 5. 28 August. Fieldwork, Kyrshabakty Section. Day 6. 29 August. Batyrbai and Shabakty sections, middle Cambrian to lower Ordovician. Day 7. 30 August. Fieldwork, Arpaozen Section in Bolshoi Karatau, middle Cambrian to lower Ordovician. Day 8, 31 August. Morning, fieldwork, Koksu and Geres sections, fossiliferous lower Cambrian. Afternoon, depart from accommodation to Taraz. Depart from Taraz by train to Almaty. Day 9. 1 September. Arrive Almaty mid morning, transport to hotel. Afternoon, Geological Institute (packing specimens, etc), and cultural tour. Day 10. 2 September. Depart from Almaty. Transport to the airport will be provided.

On behalf of the Organising Committee Almaty: Dr Gappar Kh. Ergaliev Dr Bulat M. Rakishev (Director, Institute of Geological Sciences) Dr V. (Slava) G. Zhemchuzhnikov Cardiff (UK), consulting group: Prof. Michael G. Bassett Dr Leonid E. Popov

Application/Registration Form
1. Full name and Title – 2. Postal Address – 3. E-mail Address – 4. Male or Female – 5. Please tick one of the following options: A. I will definitely attend – B. I will definitely not attend – C. At present I am uncertain whether I can/will attend or not: (if you choose this option initially, then please see Item 6, below) – PLEASE ANSWER EITHER A, B, or C HERE ______________________ 6. Please note that the closing date for ALL APPLICATIONS to attend the meeting will be 30 JUNE, 2009. 7. For those who will definitely attend we will require a deposit of $100 in advance of the meeting. At the same time we will require details of your passport etc in order to organise internal travel within Kazakhstan. Please note that you will also require a Visa to enter Kazakhstan. DETAILS OF THESE REQUIREMENTS WILL BE SENT TO YOU WHEN YOUR REGISTRATION OF ATTENDANCE IS RECEIVED. 8. A Third Circular will be sent to all registered participants in the meeting at least one month before it starts.

In submitting your Application/Registration as a response to this form, please send it by e-mail to all three of the following addresses: