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Physical Fitness _ Your Health - brjones


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									Physical Fitness & Your Health

 Key Ideas:
 -Benefits of being fit
 -Health related components of physical
 -Role of skill-related fitness
 -Importance of physical fitness for all ages
 -Ways to be a good sport
 Benefits of Being Physically Active
• Physical fitness-
• Exercise-

• Stay Active Stay Alive
• Prevention/reduction of chronic diseases….
• Similarities/Differences
            Physical Benefits
• Stronger heart and lungs
• Blood cholesterol kept in health range, blood
  vessels strong and healthy (3 types)
• Muscular strength/endurance/ & flexibility of
  joints = more efficient movements
• Good ratio of MM to FM
• Metabolic rate is increased
• More calories burned due to more muscle mass
• Healthy People 2010 Goals…
       Mental & Social Benefits
• Decrease stress/anxiety, sleep better
• Release of endorphins….

• Increased self-esteem = more socialization
• Increasing communication skills
• Interact with others
    Five Components of Health-Related
•   Muscular Strength…..
•   Muscular Endurance…...
•   Cardiorespiratory Endurance (RHR, recovery)..
•   Flexibility….
•   Body Composition…..
       Skills Developed by Fitness
•   Coordination….
•   Balance…..
•   Agility…..
•   Power….
•   Speed….
•   Reaction Time…
•   How does each differ in terms of importance
    in relation to sports you are interested in?
             Sports & Fitness
• What sports are available to smaller schools
  compared to larger schools?
• Sports & Competition (life skills)
• Being a Good Sport…
      Physical Activity for Everyone
•   Lifetime of Physical Activity….
•   Wide range of disabilities…
•   Asthma & Diabetes….
•   Fitness and Disability
             Critical Thinking
• It is true that some have died (very few) while
• Discuss this statement with a partner
  “Physical activity can actually prevent you
  from having a heart attack.”

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