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									     Deliver an Extensive Summer Collection with Wholesale Shorts
When the weather heats up, retail clothing stores need a complete selection of shorts, tees and
tank tops to meet the summer demand. These items are easy sales when you have the right
brand names on your shelves, so shopping for wholesale urban clothing becomes a bit easier
when it gets hot outside.

Shorts are the only option when young people are out in the summer sun. Whether heading to
the beach, to the basketball court, to the skateboard park or any other local hangout- the kids
in your neighborhood are wearing shorts. Bargain Wholesaler can deliver Sublimation shorts,
Evolution Camo shorts, denim shorts by Smoke Rise, basketball shorts, cargo shorts and many
more summer styles. Retail stores can choose whatever your local clientele prefer and order in
bulk to make your summer season a profitable one.

Every store owner has an idea of the perfect wholesale urban
clothing selection. It includes a strong selection appropriate for
the season while stocking brand name designers that sell at any
time of year. At the same time, it is important to offer your
shoppers the option to buy budget clothing that makes sense for
laid back summer times. For a trip to the beach or basketball
court, is there any point to wearing expensive, brand-name

Bargain Wholesaler makes sure to keep affordable clothing perfect for the summer alongside
our selection of big-name labels. There is never any perfect answer to how much designer
clothing to stock, but you have the option to mix and match with our extensive selection.
Whatever you do, take advantage of the extensive selection of shorts now available at Bargain
Wholesaler, where wholesale urban clothing is always fashionable and affordable.

For more information or to peruse our inventory please visit
or contact us at 888.572.0814.

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