Balcony or Small Garden Always Nice with Flower Bulbs by hinesdarrel


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									 Balcony or Small Garden? Always Nice with
               Flower Bulbs

Flower bulbs can turn a balcony or small garden into a charming little paradise.The smaller the
space, the more striking the details. Focus mainly on the smaller bulbous plants such as the not-
so-tall botanical tulips, small-flowered daffodils, grape hyacinths, wood anemones, squills, dwarf
irises and crocuses.

Planting is easy

Buy your flower bulbs from and plant them in potting compost in pots and
containers. For proper drainage, begin by covering the hole at the bottom of the pot with a pot
shard. This way, the soil will not clog the drainage hole.If the pot has no drainage hole, carefully
create one so that excess rainwater can drain away. During the winter, keep the pots containing
their potting compost and bulbs grouped together in a nice sheltered spot and wait patiently for
Not that many people spend hours in the garden during early spring. For this reason, set the pots
in places that are easily visible from inside the house or where you will walk by them often. You
can then enjoy every day of the return of spring. There are many ways to recycle the bulb. Places
like Nigeria is having its own bulb recycling plant.
Planting in layers: it’s called a ‘lasagne planting’

For even more delightful surprises, plant your flower bulbs in layers. You can then watch for the
emergence of new kinds week after week and enjoy flowers in your pots or containers month
after month.Plant the ones with the latest flowering period at the lowest level in the soil.
These could be tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. The early-flowering bulbous plants such as grape
hyacinths (Muscari) and crocuses are planted towards the top (the earlier they flower, the higher
they should be planted). There is always a right time to plant your bulbs in your garden.
Indulge yourself with pretty little varieties

A list of all the different kinds of flower bulbs would be a very long list indeed. A couple of nice
small-flowered daffodils are Narcissus‘Tête-à-Tête’ and the very fragrant Narcissus triandrus
‘Hawera’. For a pretty crocus, pick one like ‘Pickwick’.

From among the dwarf irises, a good choice would beIris reticulata ‘Harmony’.

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