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									                                  T HE S TORE OF
                                  T OMORROW IS T ODAY
With technology moving so fast

it’s clear that the way we used

to do business is a thing of the

past, and the companies that

apply these new technologies

to their consumer-centric

models will have the edge.

On the following pages, we are

going to explore how

technology is changing the way

we do business.
The          Change               is   for   Good

The technological advances in
recent years are moving very
rapidly and altering the entire
way consumers and retailers
are doing business.
These new advances are
quickly becoming the status
quo, whether they are being
accepted by the buyer or
utilized by the seller – we are
all moving forward together.
                Today’s consumer is
                empowered by resources
                online and on their mobile

                Technology has given the
                consumer a very strong voice;
                consider review sites, like Yelp
                and Trip Advisor, or social
                media sites, like Facebook
                and Twitter.

                These sites – and their
                influence – are a phenomenon
                that has emerged within the
                last decade.

T h e   P o w e r         S h i f t
               Retailers must realize they no longer
               operate in a bubble – negative
               reviews are no longer reserved for
               close friends and family; they are
               shared with the world.
               It is important for retailers to be
               proactive by monitoring how their
               brand is viewed, and by addressing
               and handling consumer complaints.

What   the   Shift          Means…
The Decline of Single Channels
                    Consumers no longer think
                    in channels, such as online
                    or in-store; consumers think
                    in terms of an experience
                    with a brand, a product, or a
                    service, no matter where
                    they were engaged.

                    This is why the term
                    “omnichannel” has become
                    so big – all your channels
                    need to feel unified and
Mobile technology has taken
the veil between online and
offline down – consumers are
browsing online while they are
browsing in-store, trying to find
the best deal.

Knowing that most consumers
are on their mobile devices
gives retailers the ability to
engage them and collect
important information about
their purchasing practices.

What the Decline Means…
The Rise of Retail               Data

              With consumer purchasing
              now omnichannel it is more
              important than ever for retailers
              to know and understanding
              their consumers.

              Obtaining and analyzing retail
              data is paramount to operating
              a business in today’s
              technological world.
What                 the            Rise   Means…
With technology becoming so
sophisticated, retailers are
turning to technologists to help
them collect data that once was
an impossible feat. Retailers
need to remain at the forefront
of online and mobile
technologies while collecting,
analyzing, and utilizing in-store
data to merge their ecommerce
and brick-and-mortar
operations. A consumer-driven,
omnichannel business is the
future, and that future is now.
               The leader of big data and in-store
               analytics, RetailNext has extensive
               knowledge about consumer behaviors
               and store performance. They can help
               businesses create more foot traffic and
               increase profits.

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Consumers are using new technologies on the web, in the store, and through
social media – creating a whole new shopping experience. If retailers want to
keep up they are going to have to stay ahead of the curve; we explore the way
technology is changing and how to utilize the latest methods.

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