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									L                                    Wilton Community Land Trust

                                       Thermal Imaging Report

Client and
                                    Louise and Peter Hartgill
                                    Blandford Road
                                    Coombe Bissett
                                    Salisbury, WILTS
                                    SP5 4LF

Prepared By        Peter Wynn
Camera:            Fluke TiR 1 serial no: 12040181
Date & Time        The survey was conducted between 7pm and 9pm on Thursday 7th March
Weather            The external temperature was quite mild at about 9 degrees centigrade
                   externally. The house had been heated to over 20 degrees, giving an
                   adequate differential. There was slight rain.
Description of     This is a relatively new build, about 2 yrs old. The construction is largely
Building           wood, on a steel cantilevered platform projecting from the hillside. The
                   living space is on one floor, with utility rooms (Air Source Heat Pump
                   plant, water and fuels store) below. The sedum roof has a slight
                   southward pitch. The north elevation is glazed. The main living space has
                   a wood stove and there is underfloor heating in one area

Objectives         The objective of the report was to take thermal images of key areas of the
                   building in order to identify any thermal anomalies that might indicate
                   potential energy saving measures.

Disclaimer         This report is produced for the interest of the householder and contains
                   no recommendations for action. Should the householder wish to take
                   remedial work as a result of the observations they should establish the
                   correct course of action for themselves, with appropriate professional

Wilton CLTWilton CLT                       Page 1                                         8/5/2014
L                                      Wilton Community Land Trust

                                         Thermal Imaging Report

1. Entrance to Property

Observation                                    Comment
The image shows the front porch door of the    The door is probably performing adequately, and
property.                                      is not to be expected to have the same insulating
 The door and surrounding glazing appear       properties as the wall. The two lights above the
slightly warmer than the adjacent walls        door are probably responsible for some of the
                                               warmth seen at the top of the door.

Wilton CLTWilton CLT                          Page 2                                      8/5/2014
L                                            Wilton Community Land Trust

                                              Thermal Imaging Report

2. North Elevation of Property

Observation                                     Comment
The glazed window to the main living space      As the internal temperature is at over 20 degrees this
appear quite warm although the external         suggests that that insulation is performing well.
surface seems to be at about 11 degrees.

A thermal anomaly can be seen in the lower      This was probably an external light that had recently
storey, to the lower right of this image.       been lit. The slight elevation adjacent to it is the fans
                                                for the Air Source Heat Pump.
An anomaly is visible in the centre top of
this image, at the top of the outside wall
below the roof. This was not noted in the
field and with hindsight merited further

Wilton CLTWilton CLT                             Page 3                                          8/5/2014
L                                       Wilton Community Land Trust

                                          Thermal Imaging Report

3. Front of Property – Balcony

Observation                                         Comment
This image shows similar detail to the one above.    The white areas are out of range ie above
                                                    11 degrees.

Wilton CLTWilton CLT                          Page 4                                     8/5/2014
L                                          Wilton Community Land Trust

                                              Thermal Imaging Report

4. Main living space - skylight

Observation                                           Comment
 This is a view into one of the two skylights,        The sides are much warmer than most of the
looking south west. The upper section of the          house because heat is rising into this space.
picture is the glass of the skylight. The sides are
very deep because of the depth of structure            Cool surfaces are visible around the skylight
required to support a sedum roof at a low             indicating some heat loss, although this may be
angle.                                                acceptable for the type of product.

Wilton CLTWilton CLT                              Page 5                                        8/5/2014
L                                    Wilton Community Land Trust

                                      Thermal Imaging Report

5. Main living space - skylight

Observation                                 Comment
Similar detail to the image above.           Note that the apparent warmth of the window
                                            is probably due to reflections from the warm
                                            room below.

                                            See the last image (No 10)
                                            in this report for the view of this skylight from

Wilton CLTWilton CLT                     Page 6                                       8/5/2014
L                                        Wilton Community Land Trust

                                           Thermal Imaging Report

6. Bedroom

Observation                                         Comment
A strong thermal anomaly is visible at the base     The owner was able to identify this as the hot
of the wall                                         water pipe coming from the plant room to the
                                                    bathrooms and kitchen.
                                                    The heat appears to be coming not so much from a
                                                    distinct pipe as from the join between the wall and
                                                    the floor.

Wilton CLTWilton CLT                              Page 7                                       8/5/2014
L                                       Wilton Community Land Trust

                                          Thermal Imaging Report

7. Bedroom

Observation                                       Comment
This room is unheated, but a slight anomaly can   The anomaly seems to be caused by hot air
be seen on the wall                               from the open door into the living room coming
                                                  into the colder bedroom and rising.

Wilton CLTWilton CLT                          Page 8                                     8/5/2014
L                                         Wilton Community Land Trust

                                             Thermal Imaging Report

8. Outside – glazed north elevation

Observation                                           Comment
A very slight anomaly is visible in the image, just   A very slight amount of heat may be escaping
above the figure “13”                                 here, at the level of the junction of the wall
                                                      and the internal ceiling.

Wilton CLTWilton CLT                            Page 9                                        8/5/2014
L                                       Wilton Community Land Trust

                                          Thermal Imaging Report

9. Internal – Back bedroom floor

Observation                             Comment
 This bedroom backs onto the rear        The corner of this room is significantly colder than the rest
passage. The surface to the left is a   of the house, which has been heated to over 20 degrees.
wardrobe. The upper right surface is    This may be due to poor air circulation into this part of the
an external wall. The floor is quite    house. It is possible that the detailing of the join in the
cold.                                   insulation has allowed heat to escape.
The surveyor’s handprint on the floor
is just fading.

Wilton CLTWilton CLT                         Page 10                                         8/5/2014
L                                         Wilton Community Land Trust

                                                Thermal Imaging Report

10. Outside – view of sedum roof and skylights

Observation                                         Comment
 A strong anomaly is visible in the centre of       This is the vent from the wood stove in the main
the image                                          living space.

The two skylights to the main living space        It was not possible to get access to investigate this
are visible centre right in this image. The       anomaly. It is possible that we are seeing a reflection
right hand one has a slight anomaly in it         of heat from the stove pipe. Alternatively there may
lower left corner.                                be a loss of heat from a thermal bridge or gap in the
                                                  skylight fabric.

Further observations
The house is built to a very high specification and has a number of energy and
ecological features.

The usual scans of the corners of each room were under taken and almost no
anomalies were spotted which suggests that the detailing is of very high standard.
The owner reported that an air pressure test was undertaken with good results,
which would further bear this out.

Wilton CLTWilton CLT                             Page 11                                        8/5/2014

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