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19 February, 2009 Dear Parents and Friends Committee: Mother’s Day is fast approaching on Sunday 10 May.

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We are pleased to offer you some fantastic options for your upcoming Mother’s Day Stall. Our products are both cleverly designed and useful whilst still being good value at reasonable prices. Why not take the stress out of your stall this year and do some one-stop shopping with us? Some lovely, practical ideas for Mum: Memo pads (only $2/each) 5 designs I Love Mum pens ($2/each) or mugs ($4/ea) Mother’s Day cards ($1/ea) Every year we sell out of all our inventory, so get your order in early! All our prices include GST. Shipping at cost.
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Make Mum feel special with her own personalised note cards to use whenever she wants to send a greeting. Choose from one of three designs which include Mum’s name or have children make a custom design.


Personalised Greeting Cards & Memo Pads

Set of 8 cards with matching envelopes, just $8. See the website for samples and more details or phone us and we will walk you through the process.

Tel: 1300 791 011
Visit our website to see the full range.

$2 $2 $2 $2 $2 $2 $2 $2 $4 $4 $2 $2 $1 $1

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PADS A100 Best Mum B200 Super Mum B250 Star Mum C300 Phone Message D400 Shopping List E500 Cool Dad F600 Legend Dad F650 Super Dad G100 I Love Mum G200 World’s #1 Dad PENS H100 I Love Mum H200 World’s #1 Dad CARDS J100 Happy Mothers Day J200 Happy Fathers Day


(incl GST)


Feel free to fax your order Fax: 03 9598 3390
Minimum Order of $50 in total. We will send your school an invoice.




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