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					Laptop batteries: how it all began?
Submitted by William_Blair481 Wed, 11 Nov 2009

In the third millennium the laptop has become number one device extensively deployed by students, businessmen, tourists etc. Since it is portable, it can be taken on board an airplane to watch films or send/get messages from co-workers or business partners. However, the laptops cannot run day and night. Sometimes the laptop battery needs recharging. Barely has any user thought about the first laptop batteries and their power. In fact, the laptop battery has an exciting history. They have already come along way, but they still have a long way to go to perfection. When we think of laptop batteries, many of us think about the rechargeable ones that are deployed now. Yet, several decades ago AA batteries were extensively deployed in laptops. It took a great many AA batteries to run a laptop. Moreover, it could not run for long. Some people remember the heavy lead acid based batteries that did not only last long, but also made a laptop extremely heavy. Since then the production of laptop batteries has been modified. Lighter nickel cadmium batteries (NiCd) superseded lead acid based ones. Yet, these batteries were not deployed much, since nickel metal hydride batteries (also known as NiMH) appeared. They lasted longer and were lighter. Their drawback was that they possessed the so-called memory defect. If the NiMH laptop battery had not discharged to the fullest, it remembered it and generated less power than it should do. When lithium ion batteries (LiON) appeared on the IT market, customers saw a tremendous advancement in laptop batteries production. These batteries are much lighter if compared to other batteries and do not produce any memory defect. They are installed in laptops of the next generation. Even though LiON batteries run non-stop for several hours, they require re-charging. Because more and more people buy laptops annually, the demand for longer lasting batteries is speedily increasing. Certainly, there will be improvements until batteries that never go dead are made. Regardless of the purpose you turn on your portable PC for, you know that you require a battery with a longer life. You need to know the battery will not go dead when you need your portable computer most of all.

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