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					Wendywood Primary School
(Gauteng Department of Education)

Tel: 011-804-1804 / Fax: 011-804-1806 Box 76024 Wendywood, 2144 Email: Website: Cell No: 083-267-9502 Accounts: (011) 802-5099

Roosevelt Avenue Wendywood Sandton



MOTHERS’ DAY : The Wendywood mothers (parents and teachers) celebrated Mothers’ Day in our school hall on Saturday afternoon. What a wonderful occasion it was! Mrs Fatima Mohammed and her team of enthusiastic PTA moms put together an afternoon to be remembered. Mrs Thilo Suklal was the vibrant MC and she ensured that an enthusiastic spirit prevailed. There were amazing gifts and prizes awarded throughout the afternoon. Our girl executive councillors, ably assisted by Mrs Naidoo, were on duty and they too received gifts. Ladies were given free neck and shoulder massages by Handson Treatment. Tables of exciting goods for sale surrounded the hall and a good time was had by all. Our grateful thanks to the PTA ladies for a sterling effort, as well as to our sponsors Pick ‘n Pay, Spar Wendywood, Fat Boys’ Flower Market, M & M Hiring, ABI, Liesel Energy Healing, Red Pocket Knife, Handson Treatment Spa, Virgin Active, Dance Café and all the other sponsors who gave us spot prizes. OPEN DAY – WEDNESDAY 21 MAY 2008 : We request our school parents to encourage families who need Grade 1 to 7 places for the year 2009 to visit our school this Wednesday (21 May). This is the first of two Open Days which we will hold this year. New prospective parents, who do not have children at the school, are invited to come and see the school in action. Conducted tours of the school will take place at 09:00 and 10:30. Parents are asked to phone the School Office on (011) 804-1804 to book a tour. They should meet in the foyer of the Admin block. We invite them to experience what Wendywood Primary has to offer. For further information, kindly contact the School Office. SGB MEETING : A reminder that there is an SGB Meeting this evening at 18:30 in the Staff Room. PTA MEETING : A reminder that the PTA Committee Meeting will be held next Monday (26 May) at 18:30 in the Staff Room. PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE : Sometimes our sports teams are delayed by playing late matches or by traffic. We ask parents to be patient if buses or cars transporting children are late returning to school. Instead of being irritated at the delay, please adopt a positive approach and be grateful that children have the opportunity to participate in sport and that transport has been arranged for them free of charge.


SECURITY : Would parents and family members also kindly note that, for security reasons, no parent may enter the school buildings (other than the office) or grounds during school hours without permission from the Principal. STAFF NEWS : Mrs Wolhuter (Grade 4) gave birth to a bouncing baby boy on 30 April. Miss Mayet will be teaching her class until she returns on 29 August. Mrs Pillay (Grade 3) left to be at home with her baby. Miss Moodley will teach her class this week until Miss Hill joins us on Monday 2 June. SCHOOL TIMES : School starts promptly at 07:40 and all children are, by law, supposed to be in the classroom for the full school day, every day – unless there are extenuating circumstances. Coming late to school on a regular basis is inconsiderate to the teacher and other children in the class. There is ‘traffic’ every day, so we ask parents to make every effort to leave earlier in the mornings so as to ensure the timeous arrival of our children. Children’s names will be taken if they are late and disapprovals will be given. Thereafter, if the problem continues, demerits or detentions will be given. Punctuality is a life skill, as is respect for others. 32 children were late today ATTENTION ALL PARENTS : As many of you know, there is great congestion in and around our car-park gate before and after school. It is particularly difficult if staff are trying to enter or exit the car-park and cars are in their way. Please note that only staff are allowed into the car-park between 07:00 and 15:15. Our security guard has been instructed not to allow any other cars in. However, those parents arriving after 15:15 to fetch their children from After Care or extra-mural activities will be allowed in. We appeal for your co-operation in this matter. Parents who continue to double park and stop across the gateway are asked to kindly park elsewhere, as they cause problems. LOST PROPERTY : There are still a number of items of clothing in the lost property box. Many of these clothes cannot be returned to their owners, as they are not labelled. In order to eliminate this problem, please would you write your child’s name and surname on his/her property. WINTER UNIFORM : A few learners are still not wearing the correct winter uniform. We appeal to parents to ensure that their children are correctly dressed according to the school’s uniform regulations. We have a beautiful uniform and would encourage all our pupils to wear it with pride at all times. The problem area at present is the crew-neck shirts worn with the tracksuits. PLEASE purchase the school shirt and not other variations. Green gloves (matching the colour of the school jersey) may be worn on cold days. Wendywood scarves may also be worn. SICK LEARNERS : We again request parents not to fetch sick children from school, unless they are phoned by either a teacher or a secretary. Learners are not permitted to phone parents to ask to be collected. Please do not send sick children to school. ASTHMA MEDICATION : Children, who are asthmatic, need to have their own personal inhalers with them at school. In addition, children need to know exactly when to take their medication before exercise, especially in the cold, dry winter. Please remind children that they should not, under any circumstances, share their medication.


NEWS FROM THE CLASSROOM : If your child is in Grade 1, in order to encourage strong Reading Skills, when driving in the car or walking, encourage your child to become familiar with signs like Stop, McDonalds, etc. If your child is in Grade 2, the Grade Two’s are exploring books this term. Encourage your child to read books other than their class readers. Let them explore the Public Library. ‘Remember, reading is knowledge, knowledge is power.’ If your child is in Grade 3, please note our new theme will be ‘Sport’. Please support us by ensuring your child brings his/her correct PE kit each week and that ALL items are clearly labelled. If your child is in Grade 4, the tours to the Kees Beyers Chocolate Factory have been rescheduled for today 19 May and Wednesday 21 May. Today, the following classes will go on the tour: Mrs Honeywill, Miss Plint and half of Mrs Wolhuter’s class. On Wednesday, Mrs Singh, Miss Basset and the other half of Mrs Wolhuter’s class will go on the tour. As always, the cost of this day tour will be covered by the school. Let’s make impressions pleasant and lasting regarding learners’ school uniforms: ensure they fit your child, let the hem down if the dress length is too short and patch socks with holes or replace them. Hygiene is important, so wash uniforms regularly and use a softener for a pleasant smell. Collars and cuffs need particular rubbing and scrubbing. Refer to the homework diary for correct winter uniform. Remember to label all items of clothing. Collection: All shapes of pasta/noodles for the next 2 Art projects, as well as needles and wool for knitting. NEWS FROM THE MEDIA CENTRE : Media Prefects for Term 2 of 2008 We congratulate the following learners who were selected as Media Prefects for the second term. Their badges were presented to them at assembly on 5 May 2008: Yasira Bhamjee, Rishi Boodhia, Petar Lukacevic, Ndi Magondo, Aarifah Makda, Ferzana McDonald, Jaineel Morker, Jade Muscat, Tayyibah Seedat, Zubair Seedat, Mbali Sigwebela, Nicaedin Suklal, Priyanka Sookraj, Zanele Zimu EAT CORRECTLY : In the interest of our children, herewith our regular and continued feature to encourage healthy eating choices for our children and hence better concentration leading to improved learning: Avoid * Preservatives: These are added to food to extend the shelf life, e.g. Disodium EDTA, BHA, BHT, TBHQ; Calcium Propionate; the Benzoic family of preservatives, e.g. Sodium Benzoate, Benzoic Acid; Sulphur Dioxide and related preservatives. Sulphur Dioxide and Sodium Metabisulphite can cause a reaction in children who suffer with asthma. * Artificial emulsifiers and stabilisers: Substances that keep oil and water mixed. * Bleaching Agents. KNITTED SQUARES : We would like to thank all those families who have sent balls of wool or knitted squares to the school. Your support is greatly appreciated. These squares will be sewn up into blankets and distributed to the needy.


MYSCHOOL AND MAKRO CARDS : Thanks to those parents who faithfully use their MySchool and Makro (Woodmead Branch) Cards whenever possible. We really are grateful for your support. WENDYWOOD HIGH SCHOOL : Grade 7 learners, who are interested in attending Wendywood High School from 2009, are asked to collect Enrolment Forms from our School Office. The completed forms must be returned to the high school. ADVERTISEMENTS : A reminder that small type advertisements may be placed in our school circular as a service to our community. Cost: Private type advertisements R30 per insertion Business type advertisements R60 per insertion Posters (on our notice-board) R60 each Circulars to all Grade 1 – 7 learners R160 Advertisements must be submitted to the School Office, together with the cash payment by Fridays for publication in the school circular, providing space is available. Please note that, if the circular for a particular week is full, the advertisement may only be placed the following week. MESSAGE FOR THE WEEK : Whatever you sow in the way of kindness and joy, you’ll regain many times over. To give is to gain. H P SMITH PRINCIPAL * * * * * * * * * * * * * P A R E N T T E A C H E R S’ A S S O C I A T I O N * * * * * * * *

EATS AND TREATS SALE : The Eats and Treats Sale, which was held last Thursday, was most successful. Due to the good response of the Grade 6 children, an amount of R1 566.00 was raised from the sale of eats and treats. We thank parents of our Grade 6 learners for their support. A big thank you to the Grade 6 educators for encouraging their children to bring Eats and Treats and to Mrs Laher, Mrs Daya, Mrs Aboobaker and all those Grade 7 children who helped at the Eats and Treats Sale. The class that won the Eats and Treats trophy was Mr Murray’s class. SCHOOL OFFICE (011) 804-1804

ANNUAL GOLF DAY : This is scheduled for Thursday 7 August. Details will be given in future circulars in due course. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * GENERAL ADVERTISEMENTS All insertions hereunder are placed privately and are therefore not part of the organisation of our school. KIP MCGRATH EDUCATION CENTRE, ERNEST ULLMANN PARK, MORNINGSIDE : Professional tutoring in Reading, Spelling, Comprehension, Grammar, Mathematics and Afrikaans for Grades 1 to 12. For a free assessment call Elsie on 082-661-6418. 4

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