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									Employee Termination
This checklist can be used by small businesses to ensure they have completed the
necessary tasks in lieu of an employee’s termination. An employee’s termination,
whether voluntary or involuntary, can be a tough time for a small business and its team.
This checklist helps ensure that the small business provides the terminated employee
with all relevant information that may be necessary or recommended during termination.
This checklist is ideal for small businesses that want to ensure they have completed all
tasks related to an employee’s termination.

        Schedule Exit Interview

        Prepare Termination Paperwork

              o Voluntary Termination – Obtain resignation letter from employee
              o Involuntary Termination – Document performance issues or disciplinary actions
                in employee file and provide letter of termination

        Prepare Final Paycheck

        Cancel Corporate Credit Card

        Have Exit Interview with Employee

        Provide Employee With:

              o   COBRA letter
              o   Letter Reminding Employee of Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Obligations
              o   Last paycheck
              o   Payment on any outstanding expense reports of employee
              o   Benefits Information

        Have Employee Sign a Release and Waiver of Company’s Liability

        Collect Company’s Property Including:

              o   Uniform
              o   Keys (each key given to employee)
              o   Cell phone
              o   Company Credit Card
              o   ID card
              o   Laptop
              o   Training Materials
              o   Confidential/Proprietary Information
              o   Parking Sticker or Hangtag
              o   Security Card

        Disable Employee’s

              o   Email account
              o   Computer access
              o   Direct Deposit
              o   Security codes

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        Remove Employee’s Name From:

              o   Email group lists
              o   Internal/office phone list
              o   Company website
              o   Building directory

        Have Employee Remove Personal Belongings

        Escort Employee Off Premises

        Clean Employee’s Work Area

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