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									Employee Hiring Checklist
This Employee Hiring Checklist can be used by a small business when hiring and
onboarding a new employee. Hiring and onboarding a new employee can be tedious
and overwhelming. This checklist can be used to ensure the small business does not
overlook any required or recommended hiring task. In addition, industry-specific tasks
can be added to this checklist as necessary. This checklist is ideal for small businesses
that want to ensure they onboard a newly hired employee properly and thoroughly.
                               EMPLOYEE HIRING CHECKLIST

        Schedule Orientation Meeting

        Provide Paperwork

              o   W-4 and State Tax Forms
              o   I-9
              o   Health, Life & Disability Insurance Enrollment Forms
              o   Direct Deposit Form
              o   Employee Information Sheet
              o   Copy of Employee Handbook
              o   Employment Agreement
              o   Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreement

        Discuss and Provide Information Regarding Benefits and Compensation

              o   Health Insurance
              o   Other Insurance(s)
              o   Benefits
              o   Pay Procedures
              o   Salary Increase/Performance Review
              o   Bonus Programs
              o   Paid and Unpaid Leave
              o   Probationary Period
              o   Overtime

        Review Behavioral policies

              o   Dress Code
              o   Personal Conduct Standards
              o   Anti-Harassment
              o   Safety
              o   Progressive Disciplinary Actions
              o   Security
              o   Confidentiality
              o   Emergency Procedures

        Schedule Position Specific Training

        Provide Employee with all Equipment

              o   Uniform
              o   Keys (each key given to employee)
              o   Cell Phone
              o   Company Credit Card

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              o   ID Card
              o   Laptop
              o   Training Materials
              o   Confidential/Proprietary Information
              o   Parking Sticker or Hangtag
              o   Security Card

        General Training

              o   Computer System
              o   Company E-mail
              o   Software
              o   Telephone System
              o   Mail
              o   Shipping
              o   Business Cards
              o   Expense Reports

        Introduce to Department and Staff

        Discuss Job Expectations and Standards

        Discuss Job Schedule and Hours

        Ask if Employee Has Questions

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