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									Michelle Dumas, Founder of Distinctive Career Services, Now Trained
              as SEO+ Social Networking Strategist

Google+ SEO Training Will Help Job Seekers Build a Stronger Online Presence and
                        Promote Their Personal Brand.

Somersworth, NH, USA (July 31, 2014) -- Michelle Dumas, founder of Distinctive Career
Services LLC (http://www.distinctiveweb.com) career and resume consultants for
professionals and executives for nearly 20 years, has completed training as an SEO+
Social Networking Strategist by The Academies, a career coaching certification training
group for human resource, employment services, and recruiting professionals.

With the designation as an SEO+ Social Networking Strategist, Dumas has proven
competence in the use of the latest Google+ and social media tactics on behalf of her
career clients. Google+ grew 58 percent and now has more than 500 million active users
by the close of 2013, making it an important tool to be incorporated in an online career
management strategy. To earn designation as an SEO+ Social Networking Strategist
requires candidates to complete a six-week training course covering the inner workings of
Google+ and how to apply the social network to aid job seekers. The course includes tips
for developing a compelling Google+ profile, how to organize information for more
targeted interaction, and how to build online engagement.

"Social media is becoming increasingly important in job search strategy," said Dumas.
"For some time now we've been assisting our clients with promoting their personal brand
and building an online identity, with an emphasis on optimizing LinkedIn profiles. Google+
has a huge base of engaged users and is playing a more important role in a
comprehensive social media job search strategy. With this new training we will now be
able to help our clients incorporate Google+ along with other social media channels as
key components in managing their online presence and landing their next job."

Distinctive Career Services offers a range of career support services, including resume
writing, cover letter writing, Linkedin profile writing, job search assistance, personal
branding strategies, and more. All the firm's services are tailored to each job seeker's
needs and are highly customized.

In addition to managing Distinctive Career Services, Dumas is the author of "101 Before
and After Resume Examples," "Secrets of a Successful Job Search," and a contributor to
more than a dozen books on resume writing and job search. Dumas also works personally
with executive clients through her exclusive career marketing program,
Dumas is one of a handful of professional resume writers to hold both a Certified
Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW)
credentials. Dumas also is a trained career coach and a Certified Personal Branding
Strategist (CPBS) with credentials as a Certified Employment Interview Professional
(CEIP) and a Job & Career Transition Coach (JCTC). She holds a degree from the
University of New Hampshire.

About Distinctive Career Services

Founded in 1996, Distinctive Career Services, LLC (formerly Distinctive Documents)
offers professional resume writing and consultation, design, and distribution services to
job hunters worldwide. Using a proprietary methodology, Distinctive Career Services
provides its clients with all the tools necessary to promote and market themselves, and
shows them how to open new doors to reach their highest career aspirations. The firm's
clients include thousands of job seekers at all professional levels to the highest C-level
executives. Clients come from all industries and includes working professionals looking to
advance or change their careers as well as under- and unemployed workers looking to
shorten their job search.

For more information, visit Distinctive Career Services online at

Michelle Dumas
Founder and Executive Director
Distinctive Career Services, LLC
(800) 644-9694

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