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									For a brand, the most important thing is its company’s brand name and
goodwill. A brand owner does everything possible to protect or safeguard
that, he/she acts in their utmost capacity to not let anything hamper the
goodwill of the brand. As it is an apparent reality that lost reputation can
turn out to be grave for any product. One of the ways that definitely can
hamper the reputation of your brand is by an IPR attack on your company.

Being on guard always and shielding your intellectual property is surely
tricky, but not impossible. Since, you have spent all your energy and money
into the development of your product, why should you fall back and suffer
because of the imitator of your original product? They are the ones who in
return yield profits by milking your research, using your brand development
as a basis; get returns on the intellectual property investments made by
you. And finally, by doing this, smudge your entire brand name.

Brands and Fakes is one of India’s foremost intellectual property and brand
protection service provider. Our reputations is based on the creation and
implementation of a plethora of arrangements, goods and services, all of
which successfully categorize and get rid of Intellectual Property larceny and
figure corrosion. We largely work as the pioneers for providing investigative
brand protection services in the country. As Brands and Fakes, our know-
how enables us to grant the clients with better-quality trademark in-use
analysis nationally and globally, together with all of the relevant fine points
such as the first use date and substantiation of up to date use, geographic
capacity and ways of allocation, to commence.

Manufactured goods imitation processes persist to burgeon as more illicit
manufacturers take advantage of high profits, the low risks of being wedged
with never ending legal proceedings. Offenders along with financers, who
finance technologically advanced, industrialized networks that engage in
counterfeiting. Regrettably, the law and law enforcement officials lack the
time, equipment and know-how to follow and stop forgery schemers in
effect. In such and more cases we act as anti counterfeiting investigators for
your company.

Wherever we go, any part of the world there are high chances that there will
be some seller selling you designer products at half the price of the original
item. This makes it apparent about the product being bogus. But in many
cases, it is very difficult to identify the phony product since there are
professional graphic artists who willingly duplicate the logos and designs of
famous designers, lack of knowledge on consumer’s side makes him believe
he’s getting an excellent deal or the fake products being sold in high end
stores which are difficult to be questioned.

The worst part is that many people consider counterfeiting as a not
detrimental misdemeanor. They feel no repentance when they procure fake
items and feel it’s just a way of getting a great deal. What they miss out on
realizing is that forged products can also be lethal. You can definitely walk
away by buying a counterfeited dress but what if you end up buying a fake

The consequences of counterfeiting to a brands name as we all know are
toxic. Imagine a situation when someone is harmed using a product with
your brand name on it. If you're grim about protecting your valuable
intellectual property, we are here to help you. Our expert team will help you
reach your goal of defending your brand.

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