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									Shannon’s Success Story
The circumstances by which the young women arrive at Hannah House are as varied as the ladies themselves. Unlike some girls, twenty-four-year-old Shannon Eden was elated to reach the doors of Hannah House in February of this year. As you read her story, you’ll understand why Hannah House was her haven. After using and dealing drugs for several years, Shannon finally got caught. “I was rebelling after living with my grandmother and dad, because the rules were so strict.” While the rules may have seemed strict at home, they paled in comparison to a twenty-year prison sentence. Shannon was slated to serve prison time for drug distribution and use, but she says prayers prevailed. “I prayed and asked God to help me, I didn’t want to have the baby in prison and the system take my child away,” she whispers in a soft voice. Her prayers and her father’s pleading with the judge to give his daughter just one last chance worked. She was sent to Hannah House instead of prison. “I was so scared, I feared living the rest of my life behind bars,” Shannon said. For many of the young women who come to Hannah House the words “structure” and “order” are foreign to them, and Shannon was no exception. Looking back she’s now able to see how much Hannah House helped her, and how far she’s truly come. “I learned how to let God in my life, and how to let Him in everyday. I learned that I can’t do it my way. I figured I’d try it God’s way and it’s been working so far,” she says. After completing the program and leaving Hannah House, Shannon has managed to leap on life’s fast track towards a brighter future. “I’ve graduated from Penn Foster Career School with a degree in Occupational Therapy Aide. I’m now looking at getting a job at a local hospital in Occupational Therapy and raising Shannon Eden a happy healthy daughter. While hard knocks and bad behavior may have landed Shannon down a dangerous path, she’s quick to note that past behavior doesn’t predict her future. “I’ve learned to pray everyday that no temptations take me back to my past life, for one thing I look at my daughter and I just can’t do it. Thinking back there wasn’t anything good about my previous life style,” Shannon said with a twinkle in her eyes.

Business Spotlight
BRYMA Tech “A Business Sparked by a Vision” Phone: 479-769-0222
For the past two years Brandon Green has had the pleasure and responsibility of being his own boss. While working for Beverly Enterprises he envisioned opening his own consulting company. “I just wanted to work for myself and not for someone else all the time.” BRYMA Tech, named after his son Bryce and daughter Madison, is a technical consulting company that Brandon says was founded on faith. “It’s been quite a bit of work. Things don’t always develop as fast as you want,” Brandon said. With his wife’s encouragement he launched his own company, leaving his career with a booming business behind. “I knew the first year or two it would be a trial by fire as far as finances go. I left probably one of the top paying companies in the area. I haven’t tried to match that, but the benefits of working for myself have paid off more than I could have ever imagined,” he said. Since he calls the shots for his work schedule, Brandon is able to enjoy more quality time with his family. “I can take time for my family needs without a lot of hassle. My wife has even been able to start her own company.” Hannah House is proud to be on BRYMA Tech’s cliental list. We’re able to receive clear and concise computer services from a man who’s led by the Lord. Besides correcting your computer ailments, Brandon is also a counselor. “Computers and counseling, the two don’t seem to go together, but somehow we make it work,” Brandon chuckles. The entire Green family admits to having to make monetary adjustments since the couple tuned into their entrepreneur calling. Brandon says starting his own company has taught valuable lessons to him and his wife of 13 years. “We don’t need as much money as we think we do. Our culture trains us to think that we have to be in debt all the time and have the newest stuff. I’ve definitely learned through this that’s not the case, however, we haven’t gone hungry either,” Brandon says while letting out a loud laugh.

From the Director
God is good, all the time and all the time God is good! What a statement! It is so true. I would not want to live life without this wonderful God we serve. God has moved on the hearts of people to sow into the ministry of Hannah House in an enormous way.

Cindy Crawford

Dynamic Donation
Thank You Mike and Brenda Morrell!
What a gift! Mike and Brenda Morrell have chosen Hannah House to bless through their giving hearts. Mike and Brenda, owners of Cornerstone Masonry and River Vista Estates, have been praying and asking God what to do with this $750,000 Mike & Brenda Morrell property they owned. It has a Jerry & Cindy Crawford building with 15,000 square feet that could be used to help so many people, but “What,” and “Who,” was their question to God. The Morrell’s have owned the property for seven years just waiting for God to direct them in their decision. Cindy, with trustee Betty Lyles, toured the property when it was for sale. As they walked through, Cindy began to pray, “Lord what do you want to do with this property?” As she walked out the back door that overlooks the river, I-40 and Highway 64, she heard the Lord say, “I want to redeem the land”. That night Cindy could not sleep and got up to talk to the Lord. She began to get a vision of what the Lord wanted to do with the property, which began fervent, daily prayer. Cindy saw the Morrells at the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast in 2006. They told her they were going to give the property to someone else. Cindy was not moved by the report and continued to pray God’s will into the situation. In November 2006, Brenda called Cindy and asked if Hannah House would be interested in the property. Cindy was elated! The paperwork was drawn up and we closed on the property December 12, 2006. After the closing, the Morrells said they felt the pressure release as they deeded the property to Hannah House. After seven years of praying, “Lord what do you want to do with this property” it finally came to fruition. Much prayer went into the distribution of the property both by the Morrells and Jerry and Cindy Crawford. We all believe this is a divine connection to what the Spirit of God wants us to do in the River Valley area. As God continues to reveal the plans for this “high on the hill” property, we will disclose the information to our supporters and the community. Please be in prayer with us as we raise money to renovate the building to be one of the most exclusive places in Arkansas.

He moved on the hearts of an anonymous donor that gave $173,000 gift, all they asked is that we match this gift. We raised $69,000 in our matching challenge at the end of 2006. We are now in our summer “mini matching challenge” of $15,000 to continue to meet this goal. I know as God moves on your heart we will meet and exceed this match. Thank you for hearing from Him and giving into the lives of the next two generations, moms and babies. By the end of 2007 this huge goal will be matched and the $173,000 will turn into $346,000. Hannah House annual budget is $330,000, do you see what God has done! Isn’t He Wonderful! Then God moved on the hearts of Mike and Brenda Morrell to gift a $750,000 property to Hannah House! ( see story in this newsletter) God is in the overflowing businesses. Have you noticed? WOW! I am so excited how He is moving through this ministry to bring forth what He wants. We are stewards of what He wants to accomplish upon the earth. We are grateful for you answering His call to support this, His ministry. If God is moving on your heart to plant into this fruitful ministry please follow His leading. It is not about us, it’s about Him supplying for the needs of young women and babies who need Him to pull them out of dark situations and put them on the path of His marvelous light. As you give it will be given unto you, “good measure pressed down shaken together and running over,” Luke 6:38. That is the God principle and He is true to His word. Thank you for what you have done to continue the support needed for those who so desperately need it. God will say to us all, those who give and those who do the work, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” If God is moving on your heart to gift Hannah House in bequest or other types of giving you can call me or Lydia Joseph at 479-7825683 and we will meet with you to share our goals and vision for the on-going work God has for us to do.

Rock the River ‘07
Get Ready! Rock the River ‘07 is beginning to shape up! Mark your calendars for September 8, 2007 as the best family friendly event in the state of Arkansas at the River Front Park downtown Fort Smith. Beginning at 10:00 a.m. and ending at 10:00 p.m. For more information go to and click on Rock the River ‘07. Events Include: • Bands battling for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place throughout the day. If you are in a band and would like to participate email Charity Benefield at or go to before July 20, 2007. We are calling all rockers to collect pledges for the two-hour slots; rockers will be rocking in chairs donated by Cracker Barrel while listening to the wonderful music in the park. If you or your group want to rock contact Bonnie Jones at 479-651-6782. Bounce-arounds for the kids, food from the concession stand, food vendors, and merchandise vendors will also be set up for more information or if you want to be a vendor contact Lydia Joseph at 479-561-4106 or An exclusive Silent Auction; if you have items you would like to donate contact Mona Clemons at or 479-629-1048. Share-a-thon with Spirit FM “Rocking the Radio for Hannah House”. The highlight of the evening! The headliner band is national Christian recording artist Paul Wright check him out at paulwright.

Needs List
Can you help us with some of these items for Hannah House? • 8 personal size dry erase boards • New microwave oven • 5 Portable CD players with headphones (without radios) • 3 cassette players with adapters • Maternity clothes, pants and tops in large and extra large (youthful, contemporary) • Shoes for summer • An economy size van to run girls to doctor appointments and other nearby errands. • Disposable cameras • Scrapbooks




• •

Mother’s Day Report
Thanks to the superb citizens who donated to this year’s Mother’s Day Card Campaign, we were able to raise $1,129.00. If you missed out on getting one of our beautiful cards this year, mark your calendars for next year. With the click of a computer mouse, or a short phone call, Hannah House can take the hassle out of shopping for cards when you order from us.

In Honor/In Memory
Given by: Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Rogers In memory of Madeline Fletcher Given by: Janet and John Mailer, Jr. In memory of Mildred Stork Given by: Gerald and Cindy Crawford In memory of Madeline Fletcher Given by: Bonnie Rogers In memory of Madeline Fletcher Given by: Patsy Morgan In memory of Madeline Fletcher Given by: Challenger’s Sunday School Class In memory of Madeline Fletcher Given by: Adrian and Glenda Hopson In memory of Madeline Fletcher Given by: Ethard and Margie Smith In memory of Madeline Fletcher Given by: Joe and Patsy Mayner In memory of Madeline Fletcher Given by: Margaret Blaylock In memory of Madeline Fletcher Given by: Darleen Cassady In memory of Madeline Fletcher Given by: Patricia Martin In memory of Madeline Fletcher Given by: Patty Speir In memory of Madeline Fletcher Given by: Jo Efurd In memory of Madeline Fletcher Given by: Rosemary Price Zigeler In memory of Madeline Fletcher Given by: Doris O’Bryan In memory of Madeline Fletcher Given by: Jean McConell In memory of Madeline Fletcher Given by: Janice Thompson In memory of Madeline Fletcher Given by: Jack and Connie Daily In memory of Madeline Fletcher Given by: Jane Moore In memory of Madeline Fletcher Given by: Paul Jean Family In memory of Thelma Jo Martin Given by: Margie Smith In memory of Madeline Fletcher Given by: Dorothy Miner In memory of Madeline Fletcher Given by: Shelly Smith In memory of Mary Johnson Given by: David C. Engles In memory of: Earnest Stout Knox Doxier Buster and Thelma Brown Bill and Martha Hawthorne Margie Engles Mary Evans Bill Evans Pearl Engles Audrey Vandermilliion Sam Craig Bob Ross Vicki Roughley Ralph and Lucille Denney Duran Borum Raymond and Avis Basham Raymond Farrar Scott Farris Bud Stanfill Lucille Kenner Carroll Stroud Ruby Herriage Les Fellner Thelma Jo Martin Given by: Mr. and Mrs. John Stamm In memory of Thelma Jo Martin Given by: Jo and Judy Sagely In memory of Thelma Jo Marin Given by: Phyllis Cheshier In memory of James Cheshier

Given by: C.M. Froderman In memory of Thelma Clark Given by: Irene Perry In honor of: Ben and Misty Cates Mr. Jack Cates Given by: Betty L. Sternberg In honor of Marilyn Foster Given by: Richard and Carol Goeman In honor of Phil & Verona Drenckpohl Given by: Patrick & Jill Franklin and Linda Smith In honor of Jackson Cook Given by: Harold Smith In memory of Melissa Griffith Given by: Sharon K. Wilkin In memory of Melissa Griffith Given by: LaRue Wald In memory of Joe Wald and Carman Bushoner Given by: David C. Engles In honor of: Laura Stout Brooklyn Curbow John and Margaret Gibbs Joe and Kathy Chronister Bill and Betty Philpot Darrell and Debbie Robinson Jeff Marvin Given by: Terry Curry and Lynn Wiedman In memory of Missy Griffith Given by: Champ and Ann Thomas In memory of Rebecca Jones and Ann Moore Given by: Southside High School English Department Colleagues In memory of Melissa Griffith Given by: Mrs. Audria B. Grant In memory of Melissa Griffith Given by: Kathrine Lyle In honor of Verna Cummings Given by: Yolanda Mullins In honor of Betty Lyles Given by: Trish Means In honor of Betty Lyles

Given by: Rebecca Ivey In honor of Betty Lyles Given by: Mrs. Wesley Moreland In memory of Melissa Griffith Given by: Mark and April Wear In memory of Baby Wear Given by: Bruce and Brenda Vick In memory of Melissa Griffith Given by: Clyde S. and Leslie Gudermuth In honor of: Vivian Weigel Wyatte Gudermuth Baby Weigel Given by: Johnny Leding In memory of Christopher Stokes Given by: George and Phyllis Henderson In memory of Melissa Griffith Given by: Richrd and Judy Adler In memory of Ione Diddy Given by: J.C. and D.K. Vaughn In memory of: Dorthy Hill & Frank Hill Given by: J.C. and D.K. Vaughn In honor of Geneva Griffith Given by: Valerie Oliver In memory of Missy Horton Given by: Donnie and Nancy Green In memory of Melissa Griffith Given by: Mr. and Mrs Michael J. Blaylock In honor of Hannah Marsico Given by: Robert and JoAnn Holder In memory of Thelma Jo Martin Given by: James and Patricia Hudson In memory of John CcCurdy Given by: Bob and Carolyn Gillson In memory of Dustin Medley Given by James and Paty Hudson In memory of Dustin Medley Given by: William and Sue Pope In memory of Everett Hatfield

Hannah House
PO Box 1672 | Fort Smith AR 72902
A Ministry of Tree of Life Preventive Health Maintenance, Inc.

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