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The actions that you're willing are not willing to take and I don't think it takes any genius total you that
the actions that were taken like are those things that are most responsible for the results that green I
think the first thing you have to does you've got to decide exactly what you want and then write it out in
vision for we can take a pen and a piece a paper and did free our own destiny like story like it's already
happened like its present tense now if we don't do that and unfortunately not that many people do then
its predetermine its predestined by the paradigm that built into OS tabor but you have the ability to
change in you build the image you get emotionally involved with the media poll that image in your mind
about life you want to leave a new in it and you will begin to see those results manifest themselves that
is the way to create the life that you want and get scum to serve them well not to make it through birth
mean buy and sell but I was trying to get rid out my kids now with both and I never got I were with I
wrote it down I did all the thing that I learned to do early and I was very depressed a lot of the times
because what I wanted see happen was not know we believe in this GPS society where we think we
have to know every single step we got to making.

It's really not that way it didn't dawn on TestCore Pro me that maybe I was on the wrong track and
maybe there was something better from as long as we know what the very first step is for us to take and
we may not even have a clear idea that throw said if we will just advance capital e just in the direction a
margarine week in live the life wemagid but one thing I didn't stop that that thing it's not mines on and I
didn't stop with my interest in music I love being but we need to know is why what our purposes
knowing how to do something really am is at best guess at something that's left to our Creator our
relationship and understanding of how God operates within through us about a spiritual community that
really inspired me her a message her its message the setup morning my idea up what I thought like
there was something going to happen them work my disappointment that sent the world thumbs
disappointed with everything its top I wasn't cynical you know because I had worked the principles on
and that's like once I'm really understood what that meant I became I'm and hand that numbness inside
me began to are you know that numbers from disappointing are got never met me line Richie Lionel
Richie I opposite Lionel Richie take at I'll in a bout with your them what did when acne you know what
and then I started writing songs and inspiration writing songs about you know about love guy that's
when I that's what I can everything you can email from a woman who got married at an early age had

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