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									Is The 21 Day Fix Worth It?

It Beachbody's 21 Day Fix worth it? With so many fitness programs out there, it is hard to tell which are worth
the money, and which are a waste of money are. Let's take a look at The 21 Day Fix and evaluate the real value
of Beachbody's program.

The first thing to look at when evaluating the worth of a program is whether or not the trainer is someone you
should be listening to. Anybody can film a workout DVD. That doesn't mean that you should listen to just
anyone. The trainer that Beachbody worked with for this program is Autumn Calabrese. She currently holds
personal training certifications from The National Academy of Sports Medicine and American Fitness
Professional and Associates. She is also a national bikini competitor, and has been praised for her simple
portion control techniques. She has also helped a large number of clients lose weight safely and effectively.
Throughout the 21 day of the program you will workout for about 9 hours. In a gym you would expect to pay
about $40 per hour for a personal trainer. While I am sure that Autumn Calabrese charges more, let's use $40
to be safe. So, based on the hourly rate of a personal trainer, we are up to a $360 value for the 9 hours of
working out.

The next thing to look at to decide if The 21 Day Fix is worth it is whether or not anything else included in the
program other than the workouts? The answer is yet. The big part if the portion control system. Autumn has
created a system using different color and size Tupperware containers. Each one is specific to a specific food
group. You simply fill each container each day, and that s what you eat. It is hard to put a price on this system,
since this is the only place that it is available. So, for the containers, I will put them at the value of a package of
Tupperware containers. Let's use $10, bringing us up to $370 total.

Next, we need to look at the nutrition guide. This guide is loaded with recipes and ideas that can be used to fill
your containers. Consulting a nutritionist can be extremely expensive, but since it is Autumn, let's just say it
would be another hour at the $40 personal trainer rate. That puts us at $410 so far. So, Is The 21 Day Fix
Worth It? I think that is an easy yes! CLICK HERE To Buy The 21 Day Fix.

Let's ignore the WOWY support system that Beachbody gives you access to once you purchase The 21 Day
Fix, and the support that you receive from your coach, and we can leave the total at $410. What is the actual
price of the program? The answer is $60. So, looking at this in a strictly mathematical sense, is The 21 Day Fix
worth it? Absolutely!

You can learn more about this program by reading my 21 Day Fix Review. It gets into more detail about the
workouts and nutrition. If you are seriously looking for an affordable, effective way to lose weight, this
program is worth checking out. You can check out some awesome success stories in this 21 Day Fix Review

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