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									My Name Is ____________________________ Age ______ This year I am going to Turn Up The Flame. My pledges will help me work on: ___ The Mass ___ Prayer ___ The Sacraments ___ The Bible ___ My Faith Formation ___ Retreats ___ Reaching Out ___ Parish Ministries ___ Service ___ Family Life ___ School ___ Health My favorite pledge is __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________

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presChool - grade 5

Children’s pledge Booklet

Children’s Pledge Booklet
Preschool – Grade 5 My Booklet for TURN UP THE FLAME This is my book where I will promise to grow in my faith and become closer to God. I will practice the things I checked off in this book often because I desire to Turn Up The Flame.

The Mass I will...
___ Attend Mass every Sunday ___ Sing during Mass ___ Pray during Mass ___ Listen during Mass ___ Greet someone new at Mass ___ Encourage my friends and family to attend Mass ___ Attend Mass on Saturday morning ___ Be ready to go to Mass ___ Put some of my own money into the collection basket at Mass

Prayer I will...
___ Pray with friends before an activity ___ Lead my small group in prayer ___ Lead my family in a mealtime prayer ___ Learn the Sign of the Cross ___ Learn the Our Father ___ Learn the Hail Mary ___ Learn the Glory Be ___ Learn the Act of Contrition ___ Say a morning prayer ___ Say an evening prayer ___ Thank God throughout the day ___ Speak to God throughout the day ___ Attend Eucharistic Adoration with my family

I can have someone help me with my

book but I will choose what I will do to

become more like Jesus during this year.


Sacraments I will...
___ Receive Holy Communion or a blessing at Mass ___ Attend Reconciliation during the season of Advent (age appropriate) ___ Attend Reconciliation during the season of Lent (age appropriate) ___ Attend other Sacrament celebrations, if possible (ex. Baptism, Marriage, Confirmation)

My Faith Formation I will...
___ Read the parish bulletin weekly ___ Attend my Formation or Religion class ___ Actively participate in my Formation or Religion class ___ Enjoy a faith-based movie or Christian music ___ Listen to my teacher in Formation or Religion class ___ Respectfully listen to others in my Formation or Religion class ___ Visit a Christian bookstore ___ Attend Vacation Bible School ___ Attend a Bible Camp ___ Draw or journal about something I learned in Formation or Religion Class

Bible I will...
___ Read a Bible story or verse ___ Write a story about my favorite person in the Bible ___ Draw a picture or journal about my favorite person in the Bible



          
Reaching Out (Evangelization) I will...
___ Tell a friend about God ___ Invite a friend to come to Mass ___ Invite a friend to a parish activity

Service I will...
___ Bake cookies with an adult for a sick neighbor ___ Make a greeting card to celebrate a special person ___ Give books I have read to the parish book fair ___ Adopt a family for the Christmas basket program ___ Work with my family at Summerfest or other parish activities ___ Help someone out without receiving money ___ Give a toy to a local shelter ___ Share school supplies with a classmate ___ Participate in a food drive ___ Give gently used clothing to a local shelter ___ Help a neighbor with yard work ___ Walk a pet ___ Treat Bibles, hymnals, and all Church property with respect ___ Draw or journal helping others

Parish Ministries I will...
___ Bring up the offertory gifts ___ Join the Youth Choir (grades 2-7) ___ Be an altar server (grade 5) ___ Be a lector ___ Usher at Mass with my family ___ Volunteer to decorate the Church with my family



Draw a picture or journal about your favorite family activity.

Family Life I will...
___ Be obedient to my parents ___ Do an activity with my family ___ Set the table ___ Fold the laundry ___ Clean my room ___ Make my bed ___ Do the dishes ___ Collect the mail ___ Take out the garbage ___ Help my brother or sister ___ Read a story to my brother or sister ___ Say “I love you” to each of my family members once a day ___ Say “please” and “thank you” ___ Listen to my parents ___ Not talk back/argue with my parents ___ Call, write to, or visit my grandparents ___ Send my Godmother a Mother’s Day card ___ Send my Godfather a Father’s Day card ___ Invite my grandparents to activities I participate in ___ Not fight with my brothers or sisters ___ Not use bad language ___ Recycle and not litter ___ Pick up a piece of garbage I see on the ground each day



School I will...
___ Complete my homework on time with good effort ___ Listen to my teachers ___ Not talk back to my teachers ___ Be ready for school ___ Not talk bad about others ___ Not push, shove or bully others ___ Use my indoor voice when inside ___ Say “thank you” to a teacher ___ Say “Hi” and talk to someone at school that I usually don’t talk to ___ Be kind to others ___ Use my manners ___ Join a school club

Health I will...
___ Eat healthy food ___ Get physical exercise ___ Go to bed on time ___ Brush and floss my teeth ___ Wash my hands often ___ Take a bath or shower when told ___ Wear my seatbelt ___ Wear a helmet when biking or rollerblading



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