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                                                                                                                Jul 22 2014
KAMALA D. HARRIS                                                             State of California                 12:23PM
Attorney General                                                     DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE
                                                                                       455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 11000
                                                                                              San Francisco, CA 94102-7004
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                                                July 22, 2014

      VIA Lexis File&Serve
      John Hueston
      Irell & Manella LLP
      1800 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 900
      Los Angeles, CA 90067

      RE:    People of the State of California vs. Heald College, LLC, et. al.
             Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco, Case No. CGC-13-534793

      Dear John:

              Based on your letter of July 17, 2014, and our conversation yesterday, the People
      understand that Corinthian1 has taken or will take the following actions within the timeframes
      specified below:

                     Corinthian Action                       Timeframe for Implementation
      Remove statements from its webpages that         Currently implemented.
      include the descriptor “stable and permanent
      Search and revise its webpages to remove other   Currently implemented.
      citations to the stability or lengthy
      tenure of its campuses as fixtures in the
      educational community.
      Redirect web traffic from military-specific      Currently implemented.
      webpages to the general student pages for that
      Remove references to “for life” or “lifetime”    Currently implemented.
      career services.
      Remove language suggesting that any webpage      Currently implemented.
      contains “everything” that parents or
      students need to know.
      As required by the Operating Agreement,          Currently implemented.
      provide pre-enrollment notices to prospective
      students at campuses that are for sale and

       As used herein, “Corinthian” means Heald College, LLC; Corinthian Colleges, Inc.; Corinthian
      Schools, Inc.; Sequoia Education, Inc.; Career Choices, Inc.; MJB Acquisition Corporation;
      Titan Schools, Inc.; Rhodes Colleges, Inc.; Florida Metropolitan University, Inc.; and Everest
      College Phoenix, Inc.
John Hueston
July 22, 2014
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       gather written confirmation from each
       prospective student.
       Train financial aid and admissions staff             Currently implemented.
       regarding pre-enrollment notices to prospective
       students at campuses that are for sale.
       Post the ED-approved student disclosures             By July 25, 2014.
       online, with conspicuous links to the
       disclosures on the web pages for the associated
       Post a separate link to the first page of the “for   By August 5, 2014.
       sale school” ED-approved disclosure on each
       website containing the existing link to federal
       gainful employment disclosures.
       Conduct a reasonable search of sites containing      By August 5, 2014.
       language regarding the GI Bill and other
       veterans’ benefits, and add a statement to the
       websites for California campuses that such
       benefits are not currently available.
       Provide notice to current students at the            By August 5, 2014.
       California “for sale” campuses that consists
       of the two paragraphs in the “for sale school”
       notice under the heading, “Possible Sale of
       School.” The School will track the dates of
       delivery of the notices.

              Please let me know immediately if the above is inaccurate in any way. In light of
       Corinthian’s representations concerning the actions described above, the People will request that
       the Court vacate the August 13, 2014 hearing date for a Motion for a Preliminary Injunction.


                                                      /s/ Nicholas G. Campins
                                                      Nicholas G. Campins
                                                      Deputy Attorney General

                                              For     KAMALA D. HARRIS
                                                      Attorney General

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