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					                                   Ideas on financial, estate and gift planning for friends of Rush University Medical Center

                                                                                                              Spring 2014

Having Fun While Helping Others
Grateful Patient Supports Work in Women’s Cancers
                                       “Have fun. Help others.” How many of us can say we have four
                                       words we live by? But following a life-threatening event, these
                                       are the four words that came to Gay Luhrs Allen. These words
                                       came to define the grateful Rush patient’s zest for life and her
                                       commitment to philanthropy.

                                       Allen is a retired executive who previously headed up her own
                                       marketing research firm, a firm with the kind of client base
                                       whose names are splashed across boxes lined up in your pantry
                                       or sitting on your breakfast table. Her passions include animals,
                                       traveling — she’s been to so many foreign countries she’s lost
                                       count — and of course, helping others.

                                       Allen’s planned gift to Rush — a substantial bequest in support
                                       of research and treatment for women’s cancers — affords her
Grateful patient and Rush Heritage     the opportunity to pursue both of her missions in life.
Society member Gay Luhrs Allen
                                       “Rush saved my life twice. Supporting the work Rush is doing
in women’s cancers was an easy decision to make,” Allen said. “By making my gift as a bequest, I’m
able to keep traveling around the world and have the comfort of knowing that assets are available
to me if my health starts to fail or an unthinkable emergency happens. I can have fun but also take
satisfaction in the knowledge that I’ll be helping others.”

Just as Allen’s bequest will advance the important work of Rush’s physicians and other caregivers,
your planned gift of any size or designation enables Rush to meet the critical health needs of
patients, the Chicago community and beyond by providing the highest-quality patient care, research,
health education and community outreach.

“I believe in the people who cared for me at Rush, and I believe in the work that Rush is doing,”
Allen said. “I hope my gift will help them save many lives, just as they saved mine.”

 Inside This Issue •	 Put	Your	Values	Front	and	Center                       M
                                                                          •	 	 eet	Our	Staff
                    •	 	 ractical	Ways	to	Fulfill	Your	
                       P                                                     A
                                                                          •	 	 ctions	You	Can	Take	Today
                       Charitable Goals
                    LOOK INSIDE for smart strategies to support Rush and secure your future.
Put Your Values Front and Center
Smart Strategies for Supporting Rush This Year
Many people rely on legal or financial advisors          Involve Your Family
to assist them with preparing estate plans.              The process of planning your estate is a time to clarify
Professional advisors focus on the value of your         and emphasize the values and legacy you wish to leave
estate and the taxes it will eventually generate.        behind. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss
They recommend helpful strategies to reduce the          these core values with your family. Together, you can
tax bite, but little more than your net worth is         determine what you believe are priorities in life and
shared with them. Frequently, they don’t know            how you want to make a lasting impact as a family. The
much about your values and how you would like            ability to discuss personal and family values and share
to be remembered in your community.                      lifelong aspirations and meaningful experiences may
                                                         even bring your family closer together.
By focusing on what is most important to you and
your family, your advisors can build a plan that
reflects your values and goals, while putting your       Share what is important to you. Specify how
family’s financial security first.                       you want to be remembered by your family
Share Your Goals With Professional Advisors              and community.
Discussing your personal and charitable values
with your attorney, accountant or other
                                                         Achieve the Best Outcome
professional advisor may help establish long-term
                                                         By focusing on what is most important to you and
plans that are beneficial to you, your family and the
                                                         your family, your advisors can build a plan that
charitable	organizations	you	care	about.	Professional	
                                                         reflects your values and goals, while putting your
advisors are important allies in your estate planning.
                                                         family’s financial security first.
In addition to explaining the process, the impact of
taxes and how probate works in your state, they                  For more information about the many
can answer other questions and help you think                    options available to support Rush now or
about the important people and charities you may         through your estate, please contact Susan Sasvari
want to consider.                                        at	(312)	942-3691	or
Practical Ways to Fulfill
Your Charitable Goals
Financial security is your first priority, but even in an uncertain economic    Did you know? You can remember
climate, you can still realize your charitable goals. A testamentary            Rush in your will or trust by simply
commitment is an easy way to make a meaningful gift to Rush and does            adding a few lines to your document.
not interfere with your current or future financial needs. You retain           The following general bequest
control of your assets during your lifetime, and you can choose how             language may be used to make an
your estate is distributed.                                                     unrestricted gift to Rush:

A bequest through your will. By adding a simple sentence to your                 I give, devise and bequeath to Rush
will or trust, you can make a significant contribution to Rush without           University Medical Center, an
jeopardizing your financial security now or in the future. (See sidebar for      Illinois not-for-profit corporation
sample general bequest language.)                                                having its principal offices in the City
                                                                                 of Chicago, County of Cook, State
Retirement plan account. Using retirement assets to make a gift to Rush          of Illinois, the sum of $_______
is a tax-efficient way to distribute your estate. If left to family or heirs,    (or XX percent of my estate; or the
federal income taxes can greatly reduce the actual amount your heirs will        rest, residue, and remainder of my
receive. As a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization, Rush will benefit         estate) for its general educational and
from the full amount of your gift. A simple beneficiary designation form,        charitable purposes.
available from your retirement plan’s provider, is all that you need to
make a meaningful contribution to Rush.
                                                                                Contact us at (312) 942-3691 for
Life insurance.	You	can	make	a	powerful	gift	by	naming	Rush	as	the	             official language — targeted to your
beneficiary of your existing life insurance policy. It is a payable-on-death    own philanthropic interests — to
contract that is handled outside of a will, and it is not subject to taxes,     share with your attorney.
probate fees and transfer costs. As with gifting a retirement account,
a gift of life insurance does not necessitate updating your will or trust.
Supporting Rush through your estate becomes easy by completing a
simple beneficiary designation form.

Please	let	us	know	if	you	have	
included Rush in your estate
plans. In appreciation of
your gift, we will make you a
member of the Rush Heritage
Society, a special group of friends
who are supporting Rush’s future
through their estate plans.
                                                                                  Rush Heritage Society,
                                                                                  Providing for Rush’s Future
                                                                                   Thank you to the more than 200 members of the Rush
                                                                                   Heritage Society. This giving society recognizes those who
                                                                                   have invested in Rush’s future through a planned gift. RHS
                                                                                   members’ generosity will leave a lasting legacy at Rush and
                                                                                   make a tremendous impact on the people and programs
                                                                                   responsible for delivering high-quality patient care and
                                                                                   educating future generations of caregivers.

Meet Our Staff
Susan Sasvari is Rush’s new senior director                              positions in the gift planning program
of gift planning. Sasvari brings more than                               and at Lerner Research Institute. Sasvari
10 years of experience in philanthropy                                   received	her	MBA	from	the	Weatherhead	
and gift planning. Over the past year,                                   School	of	Management	at	Case	Western	
Sasvari has worked on the major gifts                                    Reserve University and also holds a
team at Rush, assisting donors with their                                Certificate	in	Financial	Planning	from	
philanthropy to the cancer programs.                                     DePaul	University.	She	looks	forward	
                                                                         to helping supporters with their
Sasvari came to Rush from the Cleveland                                  philanthropic goals and planned gifts                                       Susan Sasvari,
Clinic, where she held several fundraising                               to Rush.                                                                    Senior Director
                                                                                                                                                     of Gift Planning

   Actions You Can Take Today

   1 ) Return the enclosed survey to request our free                                                   Susan Sasvari
       must-have planning guides.                                                                       Senior Director of Gift Planning
                                                                                                        Office	of	Philanthropy
   2 ) Visit to learn more about                                                    Rush University Medical Center
       how you can make a difference at Rush.                                                           1700	W.	Van	Buren	St.,	Suite	250
                                                                                                        Chicago, IL 60612-3244
   3 ) Contact us at (312) 942-3691 if you have any
                                                                                                        Phone:	(312)	942-3691
       questions about supporting Rush’s future.

   If you wish to be removed from our fundraising mailing list, please contact Rush’s Office of Philanthropy by email at, by phone at
   (312) 942-6830 or by mail at Office of Philanthropy, 1700 W. Van Buren St., Suite 250, Chicago, IL 60612.

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Description: Ideas on financial, estate and gift planning for friends of Rush University Medical Center.