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					Teachers: Ms. Tanya & Ms. Ann                Jasmine Class: Pre-Kindergarten Lesson Plan                                Week of: 2014.08.04 – 2014.08.08
Subject/Time              Monday                          Tuesday                        Wednesday                        Thursday                          Friday
9:00 –9:30      Objectives: Organizing backpack and belongings, sharing, playing with others, & helping to clean up
9:30~10:00      Objectives: Greet the students, assign student jobs, attendance; have students recall past vocabulary and familiarize students with new vocabulary
(Circle Time)   through songs, calendar and weather.
                Procedures: 1) Sing the good morning song with students, say good morning to each student and have them respond back 2) Calendar time –
                Listen to months of the year/days of the week song. 3) Complete yesterday/today/tomorrow chart, calendar and weather (YouTube: weather
                watcher/what’s the weather like today? song). {Have a different student come up to complete each step} 4) Listen and sing along to different
                songs (Alphabet songs, nursery rhymes, colors, clothes, animals, etc)
                5) Circle time: The teacher will start a circle/cycle for children to share how they are feeling
                Text/Materials: YouTube videos, Calendar/Weather charts
                Evaluation: Observation, participation.
10:00-10:15                                                               Snack Time
10:15 – 10:45   PHONICS                         PHONICS                          PHONICS                         PHONICS                       PHONICS
                Objective: Review letter C      Objective: Review letters in Objective: Review story and Objective: Write about                Objective: We will make a
                and practice handwriting.       the alphabet and                 vocabulary.                     what you will do on           name book. Students will
                Procedures-                     vocabulary.                      Procedures-                     summer vacation.              count how many letters are
                        We will review the     Procedures-                            We will review the       Procedures-                   in their names.
                         letter Cc and its             We will review our                 story “My Iguana”.          We will talk about     Procedures-
                         sound.                            letters by playing          Then, we will                      summer                    We will make a
                        We will listen to the             an alphabet                     complete story                  vacation. We will              name class book.
                         letter C song and                 game.                           book page 25 and                share what we             We will read the
                         then we will make             We will listen to the              26. The will match              will be doing for              story “Chicka,
                         a list of words that              story “My Iguana”               the pictures and                the week.                      Chicka, Boom,
                         begin with C.                     on the smart                    complete the                We will talk about                Boom”
                        We will practice                  board.                          maze.                           things that we            We will talk about
                         writing C on the              Then, S’s will           Text/Materials- Story book                like to do in the              the letters in their
                         board. Then, S’s                  complete an           CD, smart board.                          summer.                        names then we
                         will complete letter              alphabet              Evaluation- Observation               We will practice                  will make a “There
                         C hand writing                    worksheet.            and workbook pages.                       the sentence “In               are __ letters in my
                         page in their          Text/Materials- Story book                                                 the summer I like              name” craft.
                         books.                 CD, smart board,                                                           to…”                Text/Materials- Paper, glue,
                Text/Materials- YouTube         worksheet.                                                             Then, we will do a pencils, book.
                video, smart board,             Evaluation- Observation                                                    writing craftivity. Evaluation- Observation
                handwriting book, pencil.       and worksheet.                                                   Text/Materials- Paper,        and craft.
                Evaluation- Observation                                                                          pencils, glue, crayons
                and handwriting page.                                                                            Evaluation- Observation.
Teachers: Ms. Tanya & Ms. Ann                  Jasmine Class: Pre-Kindergarten Lesson Plan                            Week of: 2014.08.04 – 2014.08.08
10:50~11:20                  MATH                        SCIENCE                             MATH                           RAZ-KIDS                      MATH
                Objective: Introduce short      Procedures- Teacher will        Objective: Introduce word       Objectives: To develop         Objective: Introduce taller.
                and tall.                       discuss with the class the      shorter.                        listening skills and           Procedures-
                Procedures-                     topic of the science            Procedures-                     sequencing skills, pay                We play a math
                         We will play a        activity, explain key words              We will play a math   attention to story from                game.
                          math game.            and display the contents of               game.                 Raz-kids aa category To               We will complete
                         We will compare       the week’s activity. The                 We will complete      talk about ‘what animals               math book pages
                          objects and say if    teacher will demonstrate                  math book pages       eat’                                   130-131.
                          their taller or       the assembly of the                       128-129.              Procedures:                    Text/Materials- shape
                          shorter.              science activity. The           Text/Materials- number          - Listen to a story together   game, smart board.
                         Then, we will         teacher will distribute         safari, blocks, math books,     as a class (the teacher will   Evaluation- Observation
                          complete math         materials to students and       pencils.                        ask questions as she reads     and math book pages.
                          book pages 126-       circulate the classroom to      Evaluation- Observation         the book)
                          127.                  help students complete the      and math book pages.            - After listening to the
                Text/Materials- smart           activity. Students will be                                      story, ask them what
                board, computer, math           given time to explore the                                       happens in the story and
                books, various objects and      workings of the object                                          briefly summarize the story
                pencils.                        they’ve created.                                                - Do activities related to
                Evaluation- Observation         Text/Materials- Science kits.                                   the reading
                and math book pages.             Evaluation- Science book                                          Text/Materials: Raz-kids
                                                   page and observation                                               online story book,
                                                                                                                  worksheets, listening ears
11:25~11:55       GYM (with gym teacher)          ORDA: Cheese chase               SPOTLIGHT ON LITERACY            ORDA: Odd One Out             SPOTLIGHT ON LITERACY
                Objectives: Participate         Objectives: Matching                        The Ant             Objectives:                                The Ant
                willingly in a variety of       shapes                          Objectives: Demonstrate         Oral Warm-Up :                 Objectives: Demonstrate
                physically active activities    Materials: Crayons, Glue,       understanding and               Materials: Crayons, paper      understanding and
                to develop gross-motor          Paper                           awareness of books and a                                       awareness of books and a
                skills. Demonstrate health                                      variety of written materials.                                  variety of written materials.
                and safety practices for                                        Promote literacy.                                              Promote literacy.
                themselves and others.                                          Procedures: The teacher will                                   Procedures: The teacher
                Procedures: Teacher will                                        play the interactive story                                     will play the interactive
                bring students downstairs,                                      and songs (sing along). The                                    story and songs (sing
                using the elevator, and                                         teacher will model how to                                      along). The teacher will
                supervise while students                                        complete pages 19-20                                           model how to complete
                participate in gym class                                        displayed on the                                               pages 21-22 displayed on
                with the Gym Teacher.                                           Promethean board, with the                                     the Promethean board,
                Text/Materials: N/A (Gym                                        help of the class Ss will                                      with the help of the class Ss
                toys and equipment)                                             come up to the board.                                          will come up to the board.
                  Evaluation: Observation                                       Ss will complete it on their                                   Ss will complete it on their
                                                                                own as T checks and assists                                    own as T checks and assists
                                                                                 Text/Materials: Spotlight on                                   Text/Materials: Spotlight on
                                                                                Literacy, stickers, Activity                                   Literacy, stickers, Activity
                                                                                Book, CD                                                       Book, CD

1:25~1:55         SPOTLIGHT ON LITERACY                   LIBRARY                 GYM (with gym teacher)            Craft : Bag Design               Art : It is Raining
Teachers: Ms. Tanya & Ms. Ann               Jasmine Class: Pre-Kindergarten Lesson Plan                             Week of: 2014.08.04 – 2014.08.08
                        The Ant              Objectives: To promote          Objectives: Participate          Objectives: To experience      Objectives: To develop the
            Objectives: Demonstrate          reading.                        willingly in a variety of        making a useful item by        skills to express in new ways
            understanding and                Procedures: Teacher will        physically active activities     yourself through               Procedures:
            awareness of books and a         bring students down to the      to develop gross-motor skills.   decorating and wearing         Use art kit provided. Explain
            variety of written materials.    library, where the class will   Demonstrate health and           sunglasses.                    what you are drawing and
            Promote literacy.                listen to T read a story.       safety practices for             Procedures:                    show an example if
            Procedures: The teacher          Students will be able to        themselves and others.           Use craft kits provided        possible on board for
            will play the interactive        pick out a book to bring        Procedures: Teacher will         and give students step by      students.
            story and songs (sing            home or teacher will give       bring students downstairs,       step instructions on how to    Text/Materials: Art book,
            along). The teacher will         students a book that is their   using the elevator, and          complete. Show teacher         crayons.
            model how to complete            level.                          supervise while students         example to class.
            pages 17-18 displayed on         Text/Materials: Library         participate in gym class with    Text/Materials: craft kit,
            the Promethean board,            books                           the Gym Teacher.                 scissors, glue, etc.
            with the help of the class Ss                                    Text/Materials: N/A (Gym
            will come up to the board.                                       toys and equipment)
            Ss will complete it on their                                        Evaluation: Observation
            own as T checks and assists
             Text/Materials: Spotlight on
            Literacy, stickers, Activity
            Book, CD

2:00~2:20      ENGLISH TRAVELS                   ENGLISH TRAVELS                 ENGLISH TRAVELS                 ENGLISH TRAVELS                 ENGLISH TRAVELS
            Objective: Introduce family      Objective: Write family         Objective: Writing about         Objective: Writing about       Objective: Match
            words.                           vocabulary words.               your mom.                        your dad.                      vocabulary word to
            Procedures-                      Procedures-                     Procedures-                      Procedures-                    picture.
                    We will introduce               We will review our             We will review our              We will review our    Procedures-
                     family vocabulary                family words.                   family words.                    family words.                 We will review our
                     words.                          We will sing the               We will listen to the           We will listen to              family words.
                    We will do a family              family finger song.             mom song on                      the dad song on               S’s will complete SB
                     picture sort.                   S’s will complete               YouTube.                         YouTube.                       page 64. They will
                    Then, we will do a               WB page 63.                    We will talk about              We will talk about             match the word to
                     family worksheet.       Text/Materials- English                  why they love their              why they love                  the picture.
            Text/Materials- paper, glue,     Travels WB, pencil.                      mom. “I love my                  their dad. “I love    Text/Materials- English
            English Travels SB, pencils,     Evaluation- Observation                  mom because…”                    my dad                Travels WB, pencil.
            smart board.                     and WB page.                            We will do a mom                 because…”             Evaluation- Observation
                                                                                      craft and the                   We will do a dad      and WB page.
                                                                                      students will write              craft and the
                                                                                      their answer.                    students will write
                                                                             Text/Materials- English                   their answer.
                                                                             Travels SB, pencil.              Text/Materials- English
                                                                             Evaluation- Observation          Travels WB, pencil.
                                                                             and WB page.                       Evaluation- Observation
                                                                                                                     and WB page.
Teachers: Ms. Tanya & Ms. Ann     Jasmine Class: Pre-Kindergarten Lesson Plan                         Week of: 2014.08.04 – 2014.08.08
Wrap up and Home Time

           Independent Centers:    Songs: (It is possible to find all the songs below on
Blocks                             5 Little Monkeys                             Months of the year             Shape song
Puzzle                             (
Library                            LRJ4X9oqwVU)
Manipulatives                      Days of the week
                                   How many?
                                   Rain rain go away                            Color song                     I am a pizza
                                   Hot potatoes                                 ABC songs                      Disney songs
                                   Old McDonald had a farm                      BINGO                          Lollipop song

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