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									Teacher: Ms. Ana & Ms. Sohee     Sunflower Class                                                     August 4-8

         Time            Monday                       Tuesday                  Wednesday                      Thursday                     Friday
 9:00 –9:30
                                                       Arrival, attendance and getting ready for the day.
                 Objective: Change shoes, put coat and backpack away nicely, put water cup and spoon case away, put homework in HW basket.

 9:20~9:30      Objectives: morning greetings, understand and read a calendar
                -How are you today? (share emotions)
                - discuss today’s date (yesterday, today and tomorrow)
                -discuss how many days in school using tally marks and place value sticks
                - discuss today’s weather
                - discuss what we are doing today
                Text/Materials: calendar, hundreds chart, place value pockets with sticks, weather graph

 9:30~10:00     Fusion Science                Math                       Fusion Science               Math                       Fusion Science

                All Natural: Water            Chapter 3                  All Natural: Plants and      Chapter 3                  All Natural: Plants and
                                              Ducky Sums                 Animals                      Lesson 3.1                 Animals
                Objectives: Recognize
                that water, rocks, soil,      Objectives: solve simple   Objectives: Recognize        Algebra: Add in Any        Objectives: Recognize
                plants, and animals are       subtraction problems       that water, rocks, soil,     Order                      that water, rocks, soil,
                found on Earth’s surface.                                plants, and animals are                                 plants, and animals are
                Describe how people           Procedures:                found on Earth’s surface.    Objectives: solve simple   found on Earth’s surface.
                use natural resources                                    Describe how people          subtraction problems       Describe how people
                                              Students will play an      use natural resources                                   use natural resources
                Procedures:                   addition game from                                      Procedures:
                                              page 88                    Procedures:                                             Procedures:
                Develop Science                                                                       Essential Question—
                Concepts                      Teacher will provide       Generate Ideas               What happens if you        Interpret Visuals
                Why is wind a natural         paper clips to spin and    Develop Science              change the order of the
                resource                      dice to roll               Concepts                     addends when you           Develop Inquiry Skills –
                What are two ways that                                   How do people use            add?                       Classify/ Use Numbers
                people can use air?           Students will roll to a    plants?
                How have you used             number and spin to plus    Look at the pictures of      Listen and Draw – Use      Summarize Ideas
                water already today?          one or plus two.           the cotton, tree, and        color to model the
                                                                         tomato plant. Which          problem and write the      Text/Materials:
                                              They will add one or two   one is being used as         addition sentence.         Fusion Science textbook
                Interpret Visuals             to a number and move       food?                                                   p.87
                                              their game piece           How can a tomato be          Teacher reads aloud
Teacher: Ms. Ana & Ms. Sohee   Sunflower Class                                                     August 4-8
                 Summarize Ideas            accordingly.              used as food?                 problem                       Teachers Edition and
                                                                      What are some of your                                       Virtual Website to
                 Text/Materials:                                      favorite plants to eat?       Model and Draw                properly support class.
                 Fusion Science textbook                                                            Look at model and read
                 p.85                                                 Text/Materials:               face
                 Teachers Edition and      Text/Materials:            Fusion Science textbook
                 Virtual Website to        Math Go text book     p.   p.86                          Share and Show teacher
                 properly support class.   88                         Teachers Edition and          and student work
                                                                      Virtual Website to            together to change
                                           Homework:                  properly support class.       order of addends in an
                                                                                                    addition sentence.

                                                                                                    On Your Own
                                                                                                    Students work
                                                                                                    independently to

                                                                                                    Math Go text book        p.


 10:15 – 10:45                                                                                                                    Write Source
                  MUSICAL                          P.E.               Story Town                    Write Source
                                                                                                                                  Linking Verbs 1

                     Aladin                Objectives: exercise,
                                                                      The Banjo Tricks

                                                                      Objectives: to use letter-
                                                                                                    Tenses of Action Verbs

                                                                                                    Objectives: to learn and
                                                                                                                                  Objectives: to learn and
                                                                                                                                  understand present and

                     With Jin              socialize and play
                                                                      sound knowledge to
                                                                      read decodable text, t
                                                                                                    understand present and
                                                                                                    past tense
                                                                                                                                  past tense

                     Teacher               Procedures:                review high frequency
                                                                                                    Procedures:                   Procedures:
                                           -Free play with the gym
                                           equipment and each                                       Teacher and Students          Teacher and Students
                 Objectives: sing and      other                                                    discuss the rules and         discuss the rules and
                 perform on stage                                     Procedures:                   meaning of pronouns           meaning of linking verbs
                 Procedures:                                                                                                      Students then complete
Teacher: Ms. Ana & Ms. Sohee      Sunflower Class                                                      August 4-8
                 - Play on the stage                                        -Apply Long Vowel /0/O      Students then complete      workbook—
                 without the scripts.                                       -Introduce the Story        workbook—
                 - Talk about how their                                     -Echo Reading                                           Circle the linking verb in
                 play was.                                                  -Monitor                    Circle action verb that     the sentence.
                 - Practice Aladin songs                                    Comprehension: note         tells what’s happening
                 and dance with Jin                                         details, character’s        now                         Write the correct linking
                 Teacher                                                    emotions                    Write action verb that      verb
                                                                                                        tells what has already
                                                                            Retell: beginning,          happened
                                                                            middle, and end                                         Text/Materials:
                                                                                                        Write a sentence using a    Write Source text p229
                                                                                                        past-tense verb.            and 294

                                                                            Text/Materials:             Text/Materials:             Practice Book page 79-
                                                                            *Story Town text p. 176-    Write Source text p. 230-   80
                                                                            183                         231 and 295
                                                                            *Teachers guide T471-
                                                                            T498                        Practice Book page 77-
                                                                            smart board
                                                                            vocabulary cards
                                                                            Writing, coloring and
                                                                            cutting tools

 10: 50-11:20                                                               My First Grammar            My First Grammar            My First Grammar
                 MUSICAL                       Story Town                   Unit 5                      Unit 5                      Unit 5

                      Aladin                   The Banjo Tricks
                                                                            Lesson 2
                                                                            Don’t Doesn’t +Have
                                                                                                        Lesson 2
                                                                                                        Don’t Doesn’t +Have
                                                                                                                                    Lesson 2
                                                                                                                                    Don’t Doesn’t +Have

                       With Jin                Objectives: to use letter-
                                               sound knowledge to
                                                                            Objectives: recognize
                                                                            and understand the
                                                                                                        Objectives: recognize
                                                                                                        and understand the
                                                                                                                                    Objectives: recognize
                                                                                                                                    and understand the
                       Teacher                 read decodable text, t
                                               review high frequency
                                                                            verbs Don’t/Doesn’t +
                                                                            have understand which
                                                                                                        verbs Don’t/Doesn’t +
                                                                                                        have understand which
                                                                                                                                    verbs Don’t/Doesn’t +
                                                                                                                                    have understand which
                                               words                        form to use after the       form to use after the       form to use after the
                                                                            noun/pronoun                noun/pronoun                noun/pronoun
                 Objectives: sing and
                                                                            Procedures:                 Procedures:
                 perform on stage
                                               Procedures:                                                                          Procedures:
Teacher: Ms. Ana & Ms. Sohee      Sunflower Class                                                 August 4-8
                 - Play on the stage                                    Link and Review & Look     Look and Practice—
                 without the scripts.          -Apply Long Vowel /0/O   and Write —                Students look at images   Look and Write —
                 - Talk about how their        -Introduce the Story     Review previous lessons    to determine the best     Students look at images
                 play was.                     -Echo Reading            grammar rules.             answer.                   to determine the best
                 - Practice Aladin songs       -Monitor                 Page 82                    Students will complete    answer.
                 and dance with Jin            Comprehension: note                                 sentences using has,      Students will complete
                 Teacher                       details, character’s     Look and Learn —           have, doesn’t, does       sentences using has,
                                               emotions                 Don’t/Doesn’t + have       To determine best         have, doesn’t, does
                                                                        Teacher will introduce     answer.                   To determine best
                                            Retell: beginning,          the new rule to the new                              answer.
                                            middle, and end             grammar rule to the
                                                                        students.                  *Grammar on the smart     *Grammar on the smart
                                                                                                   board.                    board.
                                                                        Look and Say —
                                            Text/Materials:             Students and teachers
                                            *Story Town text p. 176-    read the examples          Text/Materials:    My     Text/Materials:    My
                                            183                         together and recognize     First Grammar             First Grammar
                                            *Teachers guide T471-       and compare                p. 84                     p. 85
                                            T498                        Don’t/Doesn’t + have
                                                                        Page 83                    Homework: p.              Homework: p. 54-56
                                            smart board
                                            vocabulary cards            *Grammar on the smart
                                            Writing, coloring and       board.
                                            cutting tools

                                                                        Text/Materials:    My
                                                                        First Grammar
                                                                        p. 82-83

                                                                        Homework: p. 51-53
Teacher: Ms. Ana & Ms. Sohee    Sunflower Class                                                        August 4-8

 11:25-11:55    Wordly Wise K                Banana Book                   Four Corners                 Wordly Wise K               Spelling Test

                11. Making Tracks            Magic Spells                  Get the Message              11. Making Tracks           Materials: spelling test
                                                                                                                                    from wordly wise k:
                Objectives: Learn the        Objectives: Read and          Objectives: understand       Objectives: Learn the
                vocabulary words in the      understand the story well     how to build                 vocabulary words in the     Materials : notebook,
                story.                                                     background from              story.                      pencil, eraser
                                             Procedures:                   reading a story
                Procedures:                  - Talk about the book                                      Procedures:                 Orda
                -Introduce the other 7       cover what happen will        Procedures:                  -Read the story to
                vocabulary words, using      be.                           - Read some pages on         students and tell them      Odd Sums
                picture cards (prepare,      - Listen and read the first   their story book.            put their finger on their
                ruined, record, direction,   story in the book.            - Learn the new              nose when I come to the     Objectives: Adding two
                broad, suddenly,             - talk about the stories      vocabulary in the story      vocabulary words.           numbers to reach an
                raccoon)                     and tell your favorite        book.                        -Ask questions to assess    odd sum
                - Do some pages on           part.                         - Do some pages on           understanding. Restate
                their textbook.              - Do some pages on            their workbook.              students’ responses using   Procedures:
                                             their workbook.                                            the vocabulary words.       - Talk about how to
                Text/Materials:                                            Text/Materials: Four                                     reach an odd sum and
                Picture cards and            Text/Materials: storybook     Corners story book and      Text/Materials:              ask students to give
                concept cards                and CD, workbook, pen         workbook                    Picture cards and conce      several examples.
                                             cils, Smart board                                         pt cards                     - Make an odd sum
                                                                                                                                    using some beads.
                                                                                                                                    - Do their worksheet.

                                                                                                                                     Materials: different
                                                                                                                                    colored beads, pencil
 12:00-12:30    Sketchbook                   Craft                         Library                      Four Corners                Show and Tell

                Design my own bag            My Bag                        Objective: to check out      Get the Message             Objectives: work on their
                                                                           and read books                                           confidence in public
                Objectives: To think in      Objectives: To make my        independently at             Objectives: understand      speaking
                creative way                 own designed bag              individual reading levels    how to build
                                                                                                        background from             Procedures:
                Procedures:                  Procedures:                   Procedures:                  reading a story             -students will bring an
                - Give a quiz about          - Introduce about             -walk to the library                                     object from home and
                today’s topic.               today’s craft.                -independent reading         Procedures:                 present it to the class
Teacher: Ms. Ana & Ms. Sohee    Sunflower Class                                                        August 4-8
                 - Talk about many kinds     - Think about yesterday’s   -return, check out and         - Read some pages on        with information based
                 of bags and watch           bag design.                 read new books                 their story book.           on questions answered
                 some designed bags          - Make my own bag.          - Ms. Christine will read a    - Learn the new             on the ‘Show and Tell’
                 - Design my own bag                                     story to the students and      vocabulary in the story     question worksheet
                 and share the idea with     Text/Materials:             ask reading                    book.                       Jae Won & Joseph
                 classmates.                 craft kit                   comprehension                  - Do some pages on
                                                                         questions                      their workbook.
                Sketchbook, markers,                                     Materials: library books      Text/Materials: Four Corn
                crayons, pencil                                                                        ers story book and workb

 1:25~1:55                                  Raz-Kids                     Journal and Writing            Fun Science                 Story Town

                                            Sam’s Fourth of July                                                                    The Banjo Tricks

                                                                         The Different Ways I Use       Upside-Down Box
                                            Objectives                   Students will tell the         Objectives: Make an         Objectives: to use letter-
                                                                         different ways they use        upside-down box using       sound knowledge to

                                            Targeted Reading             water.                         a convex lens.              read decodable text, t
                                            Strategy: retell                                                                        review high frequency
                                                                         100th Day of School            Procedures:                 words
                Free Gym                    -use reading strategy of     Students will write about      - Talk about the shape of
                Objective: to practice      retelling to understand      100 things they might          a convex lens.
                yoga postures, play         text                         seek, know, do, etc.           - Explain where the         Procedures:
                games and free play.        -sequence of events                                         convex lens is used.
                Procedures:                 -discriminate long vowel     Question of the Week           - Explain how to make       -Apply Long Vowel /0/O
                -start class with some      /a/ sound                    -Weekly question               an upside-down box.         -Introduce the Story
                yoga, based on the          -identify vowel digraph –    provided later in the          - Show that the             -Echo Reading
                natural movements of        ay                           week. Teacher will             completed box is            -Monitor
                certain animals             -recognize and analyze       provide writing prompt         showing the upside-         Comprehension: note
                - play some games that      simple sentences                                            down image.                 details, character’s
                involve movement            -identify and use months                                                                emotions
                -students have free play    of the year                                                 Materials: inner box,
                time                                                                                    outer box, translucent      Retell: beginning,
                Materials: Gym              Before Reading/build                                        paper, convex lens,         middle, and end
                equipment                   background                                                  sticker
                                            During Reading
                                            Student Reading
                                            After reading                                                                           Text/Materials:
                                            Reflect on reading                                                                      *Story Town text p. 176-
Teacher: Ms. Ana & Ms. Sohee   Sunflower Class                                            August 4-8
                                            strategy and                                                 183
                                            comprehension skill                                          *Teachers guide T471-
                                           Build Skills-
                                           Phonics                                                       smart board
                                           Grammar and                                                   vocabulary cards
                                           mechanics                                                     Writing, coloring and
                                                                                                         cutting tools

                                           Materials: Raz-Kids on-
                                           line, smartboard and
                                           Guided reading lesson
                                           plan teacher can
                                           download from reading


                 Raz-Kids Raz-Kids Journal                 Fun                                                Story
                 Sam’s Fourth of Sam’s Fourth of  and    Science                                              Town
                      July            July
                                                 Writing                                                 The Banjo Trick
                                                                                             Down Box’
 2:20-2:30                                                           Home Time: Wrap Up

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