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					Teacher: Ms. Christine & Ms. Jinnie                      Daisy Class                                August 4-August 8, 2014

                        Monday            Tuesday             Wednesday            Thursday                Friday
 9:00 –9:30
                                            Arrival, attendance and getting ready for the day.
                  Objective: Change shoes, put coat and backpack away nicely, put water cup and spoon case away, put
                                                          homework in HW basket.

 9:20~9:30  Objectives: morning greetings, understand and read a calendar
            Procedures: share how we are feeling today, discuss today’s date (yesterday, today and tomorrow), discuss
            how many days we have been in school using tally marks and place value sticks, discuss today’s season and
            weather, discuss what we are doing today
            Text/Materials: calendar, place value pockets with sticks
 9:30~10:00 Science Fusion        Raz-Kids              Science Fusion        Raz-Kids              Science Fusion
            What Can We           Butterfly Life Cycle  What Can We           Butterfly Life Cycle  What Can We
            Observe About         Objectives: to listen Observe About         Objectives: review    Observe About
            Objects?              and understand a      Objects?              and reread the        Objects?
            Objective: to         story                 Objective: to         story, identify       Objective: to
            understand the        Procedures:           understand the        important plot        understand the
            meaning of matter, -listen to the story     meaning of matter, details                  meaning of matter,
            to sort objects by    using the online      to sort objects by    Procedures:           to sort objects by
            observable            reading tool          observable            -reread the story     observable
            properties, such a    -discuss the genre    properties, such a    aloud with students, properties, such a
            size, shape, colour,  study                 size, shape, colour,  focus on reading      size, shape, colour,
            temperature,          -introduce and        temperature,          fluency               temperature,
            weight, texture, and explain new            weight, texture, and -invite students to    weight, texture, and
            whether objects sink vocabulary             whether objects sink summarize and          whether objects sink
            or float              -identify frequent    or float              answer                or float
            Procedures:           phonics sounds        Procedures:           comprehension         Procedures:
            -Engage your brain: found in the story      -review what matter questions               -review last lesson
            look at the picture   -review by            is and what it means -take                  about property and
            and discuss how it is summarizing the       (class discussion)    comprehension quiz texture
            matter                story                 -complete a few       Homework: Raz Kids -complete online
            -lesson vocabulary:   Homework: Raz Kids practice activities      worksheets            activities to learn
            preview the lesson,   worksheets            online about matter                         about heavy, light,
            do a few activities                         -learn about                                hot, and cold (warm
Teacher: Ms. Christine & Ms. Jinnie                             Daisy Class                                      August 4-August 8, 2014
                on line with Science                            property and                                     up)
                Fusion online tool                              texture: read in                                 -read about heavy,
                -write the 5                                    textbook, complete                               light, hot, and cold
                vocabulary terms                                active reading and                               in textbook
                -read about matter                              do a few activities                              -do the math
                and discuss what                                which practice                                   activity: put in order
                we see in the                                   understand of                                    by weight
                classroom and if it’s                           property and                                     -draw something
                matter                                          texture                                          hot and cold
                -read about matter                              Text/Materials:                                  Text/Materials:
                in textbook                                     Science Fusion                                   Science Fusion
                Text/Materials:                                 textbook p. 126-127                              textbook p. 128-129
                Science Fusion
                textbook p. 123-125

                                                                 SNACK 10:00-10:15

 10:15 –        Story Town               My First Grammar       Story Town                 My First Grammar      Story Town
 10:45          A New Room by the        Can/Can’t              A New Room by the          Can/Can’t             A New Room by the
                Sea                      Objectives: to         Sea                        Objectives: to        Sea
                Objectives: to learn     understand the         Objectives: to             understand the        Objectives: to
                new vocabulary           meaning and            review vocabulary,         meaning and           review story and
                found in a story         practice using         understand a new           practice using        practice phonics
                Procedures:              Can/Can’t in a         story, and practice        Can/Can’t in a        words with ‘ew’ and
                -listen: listen to the   sentence               reading fluency            sentence              ‘oo’
                pronunciation of         Procedures:            Procedures:                Procedures:           Procedures:
                words and spell          -Link and Review:      -listen: listen to story   -Look and Practice:   -reread story
                them out loud            circle the correct     using online tool          A) Look, compare      independently
                -practice: complete      answer                 -listen: teacher will      and say               -discuss story details:
                exercises together       -Look and Learn:       read out loud and          -B) Look, compare     plots, setting, and
                with the online Story    Can/Can’t, read        demonstrate proper         and write: look at    characters
                Town tool                information in chart   reading fluency            the pictures on p.    -phonics: find words
                -Words to know:          to help understand     -practice: read story      98, write the         with ‘ew’ and ‘oo’
                climbs, almost, push,    meaning and its        with a partner,            matching letter and   sounds in story and
Teacher: Ms. Christine & Ms. Jinnie                             Daisy Class                                      August 4-August 8, 2014
                pour, great, hears     place in a sentence      taking turns and         complete the            write them in
                -pair work: write      -Look and Say: read      focusing on reading      sentences               notebook
                sentences using        sentence to              fluency                  Text/Materials:         -discuss with
                words to know in       practice grammar         -read out loud           My First Grammar SB     classmates, write
                notebooks              rule                     together in front of     p. 98-99                more words with
                Text/Materials:        Text/Materials:          classmates               Homework: p. 68 in      these sounds
                Story Town Book        My First Grammar SB      -discuss story details   WB                      -practice: complete
                p. 176                 p. 96-97                 Text/Materials:                                  phonics sounds in PB
                                       Homework: p. 66-67       Story Town Book                                  Text/Materials:
                                       in WB                    p. 177-183                                       Story Town Book
                                                                                                                 p. 177-183

 10: 50-        Math                   Write Source             Math                     Write Source            Math
 11:20          Make Ten and More      Pronouns                 Write Ten and Ones       Verbs                   Tens and Ones to 50
                Objectives: to learn   Objectives: to learn     Objectives: to learn     Objectives: to learn    Objectives: to learn
                how you can show       the meaning of           how you can group        that some verbs         how you can show
                a number as ten        homophones               cubes to show a          show action             numbers to 100 as
                and ones               Procedures:              number as tens and       Procedures:             tens and ones
                Procedures:            -discuss the             ones                     -watch short video      Procedures:
                -Listen and Draw:      meaning of               Procedures:              clip on action verbs    -Listen and Draw:
                draw the cubes to      homophones by            -Listen and Draw:        (warm up)               use tens and ones
                show your work.        writing out examples     draw cubes to show       -read page 229 and      cubes to model the
                -Share and Show:       on the smartboard        your work                294 in textbook on      numbers, draw
                make groups of ten     -Write Source            -Share and Show:         action verbs            quick pictures to
                and ones, draw your    Textbook: read           use your mathboard       -discuss examples       show your work
                work, write how        about homophones         and tens and ones        together                -Share and Show:
                many                   -Skillsbook: write the   cubes to show the        -practice: complete     use your mathboard
                -On Your Own:          correct word for         tens and ones, write     pages 75 and 76 in      and tens and ones
                make groups of ten     each sentence            each number              Skillsbook              cubes to show the
                and ones, draw your    Text/Materials:          -On Your Own:            -check answers, self-   tens and ones, write
                work, write how        Write Source text p.     write each number        check together          each number
Teacher: Ms. Christine & Ms. Jinnie                           Daisy Class                                      August 4-August 8, 2014
                many                   285-286, Skillsbook p. -Problem Solving        Text/Materials:          -On Your Own: write
                -Problem Solving:      63-64                  Text/Materials: Math    Write Source text p.     each number
                choose a way to                               Go text book p. 241-    229 & 294, Skillsbook    -Problem Solving:
                solve, write or draw                          244                     p. 75-76                 Choose a way to
                to explain                                    Homework: pp. 111-                               solve. Write or draw
                Text/Materials: Math                          112 Go Math PB                                   to explain.
                Go text book p. 233-                                                                           Text/Materials: Math
                236                                                                                            Go text book p. 245-
                Homework: pp. 109-                                                                             248
                110 Go Math PB                                                                                 Homework: pp. 113-
                                                                                                               114 Go Math PB
 11:25-         Musical                Gym                    Wordly Wise K           Banana Book              Free Gym
 11:55          Objectives: to sing    Objective: to          11.Making tracks        I can, you can,          Objective: to have
                and perform on the     exercise and           Objective: to learn     Toucan.                  free play time, to
                stage                  practice balance       the new vocabulary      Objectives: Read         exercising and
                Procedures:            and coordination       words in the story      and understand the       practice balance
                - Play on the stage    with PE teacher        Procedures:             story well               and coordination
                without the scripts    Procedures:            Learn the new           Procedures:              with classmates
                - Talk about how       - take part in a       Vocabulary words in     - Remind the story       Procedures:
                their play was         variety of organized   the story.              with students            - play a variety of
                - Practice Rapunzel    active activities      Procedures:             - Review the             organized active
                songs and dance        Materials:             -Introduce the rest 5   vocabulary in the        activities
                with Jin Teacher       Gym equipment          vocabulary words,       story                    Materials:
                                                              using picture cards.    - Finish all the pages   Gym equipment
                                                              Text/Materials:         on your workbook
                                                              Picture cards and c     Text/Materials:
                                                              oncept cards            storybook and CD,
                                                                                      workbook, pencils,
                                                                                      Smart board

 12:00-         Musical                Craft                  Wordly Wise K           Sketchbook
 12:30          Objectives: to sing    My bag, my             11.Making tracks        I design my own
                and perform on the     creation               Objective: to learn     bag
                                       Objectives: To
                                       develop creative
                                                              the new vocabulary
                                                              words in the story
                                                                                      Objectives: To
                                                                                      develop creative
                                                                                                                TEST &
                - Play on the stage    skills                 Procedures:             skills
Teacher: Ms. Christine & Ms. Jinnie                            Daisy Class                                      August 4-August 8, 2014

                without the scripts   Procedures: to           - Read the story to        Procedures: to
                - Talk about how      make a bag and           students and tell          make their own
                their play was        use your own              -them put their           bag.
                - Practice Rapunzel   creation                 finger on their nose       -First talk about     Spelling Test
                songs and dance       -discuss about their     when teacher               what kind of bag      Objective: to test
                with Jin Teacher      favorite bag that        comes to the               kids like.            vocabulary learned
                                      kids have.               vocabulary words           -design their own     from Wordly Wise
                                      -show the bag for        -Encourage students        bag and draw on       Vocabulary
                                      example                  to make their own          the sketchbook        textbook
                                      -tell them how to        sentences with the         -coloring nicely      Materials: notebook,
                                      make a bag with          words                      -discuss about your   pencil, eraser
                                      their craft kit.         Text/Materials:            picture completed.
                                      -let kids start to       Picture cards
                                      make their own bag                                  Materials:
                                      -please complete                                    Craft kit
                                      and show us!! 

                                      Craft kit
 1:25~1:55                            Journal Writing          Social Studies                                   Library
                                      Objective: to            Beatrix Potter                                   Objective: to check
                   Fun                practice writing
                                      thoughts and
                                                               Objectives: to learn
                                                               how Beatrix Potter’s
                                                                                                                out and read books
                                                                                                                independently at
                 Science              feelings in a journal
                                                               love for animals led
                                                               her to draw and             ORDA                 individual reading
                                      -read question to        write                                            Procedures:
                                      students                 Procedures:                                      -walk to the library
                                      -students will write a   -warm up: read                                   -independent
                                      few sentences to         story about Beatrix                              reading
                                      answer this question     Potter                                           -return, check out
                                      -draw a picture to       key words: animals,                              and read new
                                      match what you           artist, rabbit, letters,                         books
                                      wrote                    plants, wizards                                  - Ms. Christine will
Teacher: Ms. Christine & Ms. Jinnie                            Daisy Class                                      August 4-August 8, 2014
                                      -share with              -complete exercises                              read a story to the
                                      classmates if you        in workbook p. 2-13                              students and ask
                                      would like               Text/Materials:                                  reading
                                      Text/Materials:          “Beatrix Potter”                                 comprehension
                                      journal notebooks        booklet and                                      questions
                                                               workbook                                         Materials: library
 2:00-2:20                            Journal Writing          Reading                 Handwriting              Show and Tell
                                      Objective: to            D.E.A.R (drop           Print                    Angela & Kyle
                   Fun                practice writing
                                      thoughts and
                                                               everything and
                                                                                       Objective: to
                                                                                       practice forming
                                                                                                                Objectives: to work
                                                                                                                on their confidence
                 Science              feelings in a journal
                                                               Objective: to
                                                               encourage students
                                                                                       letters and writing
                                                                                       sentences using the
                                                                                                                in public speaking,
                                                                                                                learn to write
                                      -read question to        to drop everything      English alphabet         descriptive
                                      students                 and read a book of      Procedures:              information for an
                                      -students will write a   their choice in order   -demonstrate how         audience
                                      few sentences to         to make reading a       to properly form         Procedures:
                                      answer this question     priority activity in    letters and have         -students will bring
                                      -draw a picture to       their lives             students come up         an object from
                                      match what you           Procedures:             to the smartboard        home and present it
                                      wrote                    -students will stop     to practice              to the class with
                                      -share with              what they are doing     - students will then     information based
                                      classmates if you        and focus their time    practice forming         on questions
                                      would like               on reading              these letters in their   answered on the
                                      Text/Materials:          independently           handwriting              ‘Show and Tell’
                                      journal notebooks        Materials:              booklets                 question worksheet
                                                               A variety of books      Materials:
                                                               from the classroom      My First Handwriting
                                                               library                 Booklet

 2:20-2:30                                                     Home Time: Wrap Up

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