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									                                                           How To Set Up Accounting Firms In Hong Kong
                                               Accounting firms in Hong Kong is synchronized or managed under the specialized accountant’s
                                               regulation as auditing industry. The degree of the corporation is maintained under the
                                               corporate law and other degree like the Listing Rules and others.

                                               What is an Accountancy

                                               Accountancy is a well-known and most sought after career in Hong Kong. Here a purposeful
                                               community in the lawmaking assembly of Hong Kong is designated exclusively by specialized
                                               accountants in connection with other limited and out of the country specialist bodies.

                                               About Accounting firms in Hong Kong

                                               In numerous corporation in Hong Kong, a proper trade evidence and yearly economic
                                               proclamation for officially permitted assessment. In today’s era, minor -to– middle-size
                                               companies usually contract out its secretarial work to practiced professionals. This is in order to
                                               reduce it’s in service costs and attain a higher level of fiscal management prerequisite.

About Us

To grasp a working credential with accounting professional Specialty makes obvious that the person is experienced in the confined dues and
inspection. Outline an accounting firm in Hong Kong is trouble-free and speedy with our services are as follows:

      Normal charge along with predestined top limit, clientele can guesstimate their payment as per the real actual figure of contact

      Excellence professional team with multi lingual automated accounting report in CD format for everlasting storage space. Monetary
       proclamation can be ready occasionally and appropriately.

      Specialized services provided by experienced and competent accountants, along with the accounting tool to help patrons on their daily
       accounting attempt, and chronicle monetary coverage.

You just need to check the list and order for company set of connections. You can also get necessary suggestion by our 24*7 online backing
team with certain documents like,

      Memo and article of association

      Permission to take action as Director Form

      Identity card copies of all directors and shareholders

      Address details of all directors and shareholders
And others and integration of the company is done slightest few operational days from the moment of submitting these documents.

Our essential backings are as follow:

      Grounding of coupons and information record into the preset accounting system

      Checking bank and cash account, accounts receivable and accounts due

      Month by month bank settlement

      Preparing   economic announcement including balance sheet and income declaration.

Come to us as we are a complete solution to offer a free-of-cost proffer consultation and evaluation. Estimation will be provided subsequent
to base estimation on the corporation's condition and the extent of assistance obligatory.

About the Author:

This article was written by Mr. Andy Chong, marketing Manager at Flexkin & Co. Flexkin & Co is a business advisory firm which is certified by
HKICPA i.e. Hong Kong institute of certified public accountant. The firm consists of professionals who are well-trained and have acquired
certificate to perform the relevant job. They provide guarantee services to the companies, organizations and corporate bodies as well as
individual businessman in Hong Kong to confront statutory necessities. Furthermore they look after declaration of new shareholder in the
company. Moreover, Flexkin & co provides scrutiny and authentication facilities to the client on company’s monetary data with legal

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