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                                           Zachary Sims' Miracle
                                              Jack "Poppy" Sims - 11/22/07

      Here's an outstanding miracle about our grandson. Jane and I were invited by Rebecca, our
      daughter-in-law, to her grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving. After we ate, we sat and visited. Most
      of the children and young adults were outside. Then the devil struck. One of Rebecca’s aunts called to
      Rebecca and said, "You had better come; Zachary is hurt." This had not been a good year for
      Zachary, as far as attacks from the devil. He was attacked two times on separate occasions by two
      different dogs and had to go to the emergency room on the second attack.

      Rebecca ran outside to where Zach was screaming, with Jane and myself right behind her. Zach is
      eight years old. The older boys had been roughhousing and Zach was right in the middle of them.
      Zach ran by his uncle John, who was squatted down. John reached out and grabbed Zach around his
      legs. The momentum of Zach running spun John around and Zach was being swung parallel to the
      ground right into the end of a boat trailer hitch, with his right eye making contact with the round part of
      the hitch where the ball goes. Zach said later, it felt like his eye got "knocked to the back" of his head.

      When we got to him, he had both hands over his right eye and, like I said earlier, he was screaming
      and screaming. Normally, this would be panic time and time to go to the emergency room. But GOD
      had plans to show His glory. There was no hesitation. Rebecca grabbed Zach and headed for the
      house. We were right behind her. Rebecca and Jane began to pray in tongues.

      I had a great peace come over me. I knew GOD was fixing to put this in our lap. Rebecca went
      straight to the bathroom and sat down with Zach in her lap. He was still screaming and had both hands
      clamped down over his right eye. Jane and Rebecca were still praying in tongues. Betsy, Rebecca’s
      mother, came and joined us. I stood over Zach with my hand on his head and began to rebuke the
      spirit of pain because pain can be a demon spirit.

      At this point, Zach said, "I’m going to be blind." We all said, "Don’t say that; you are not going to be
      blind." Then he said, "I’m not going to the emergency room." We told him, "You’re not going to the
      emergency room." Then GOD said, "Give thanks. 1 Thessalonians 5:18." I began to thank the LORD
      for the situation and HE said, "Now, ask what you want. John 14:14." Zach was beginning to calm
      down. I said, "LORD, I want that eye to be perfect, just like the other one." The devil immediately said
      to me, "You know that anyone who gets hit around the eye always has a black eye." I said, " GOD and
      no black eye." Zach totally stopped crying and began to smile real big. Rebecca was able to get him
      to move his hands. That was the most beautiful face I had ever seen. Everything was perfect. GOD
      showed HIS glory this day. From start to finish was less than 10 minutes.

      We came out of the bathroom praising GOD. There were about 30 people present and we were the
      only Christians. From what I remember, they were quiet and we were making all the noise. Jane and I
      had to leave at this point. As we watched Zach over the next two weeks, we never saw any sign of a
      black eye, any bruises or redness of any kind. Every time Jane and I think about or talk about this
      miracle, it just blows our mind. It shouldn't, but it does. You just had to be there is see how awesome
      our Mighty God is. We know that the devil came to steal, kill and destroy, but GOD gave us an
      abundant blessing this day. We give GOD all the glory for this outstanding miracle.

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