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									Title      HP2-E60 Latest IT Certification Exam – Go Through First Try

Summary This exam is for professionals who wish to become well-versed in Selling HP Cloud, Converged Systems
        and Services.

Content    To get the right certification in the IT field is the best way to have a successful career. There are more
           job opportunities to choose from when one has the right IT certification. The HP ExpertONE is a network
           of qualified HP partners, customers, and employees.

           The HP2-E60 Exam Certification Selling HP Cloud, Converged Systems and Services exam is aimed at HP
           partners and internal HP employees. These candidates want to achieve the necessary requirements
           needed to earn the Sales Professional designation.

           The candidates profile for the HP2-E60 exam is:
               • HP partners
               • HP employees
           For a successful candidate to become a part of the HP Expert One Family is a great honor and opens up
           various career opportunities. These IT professionals are efficient and skilled at what they do. They have
           the ability and the knowledge of HP products, software and services.

           Exam Objectives
              • Describe the Cloud and Converged Infrastructure market landscape
              • Describe advanced selling techniques for HPCloud System, Cloud, and Technology Services
              • Explain how to drive value while maximizing competitive share
              • Describe the portfolio of HP Cloud System, Cloud, and Technology Services solutions
              • Qualify and close business for product and solution opportunities
              • Differentiate HP CloudSystem, Cloud, and Technology Services from the competition

           Recommended Prerequisite Skills
           It is recommended that candidates have a minimum of one year of knowledge and practical experience
           in selling the HP Enterprise server solutions and services. Therefore, thorough study for proper
           preparation would be greatly helpful for the candidates trying to pass the exam in their very first
           attempt to be eligible for this certification.

           Exam Preparation
           Candidates who wish to acquire the HP2-E60 Certification Test should prepare by using the
           recommended study materials, practice test and training courses available. To prepare for the exam
           candidates should use the materials recommended by HP Learning Center along with attending the
           correct training course.

           There are several websites that provide students with practice exams. These practice exams help the
           candidate in not only preparing for the exam but also highlighting any weak areas where they need to
           put in an extra effort.

           Exam Details
           The HP2-E60 Selling HP Cloud, Converged Systems and Services certification exam has a total of 50
           questions. The HP2-E60 exam format is multiple choice questions and matching. Candidates are given a
           total of 75 minutes to attempt and complete the exam. The score required to successfully pass is 70%.

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