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					Title      Understanding HP2-H30, The Sales Essentials Of HP Workstations Exam

Summary The HP certifications are ideal for IT Professionals who want to cope up with the advancing
        technological world.

Content    Certifications are not easy to get. They are complex and hard. Passing them or acing them easily is a
           great amount of deal. Your jobs in good companies are certain. Moreover, it validates and certifies the
           development of your skills, making you highly qualified. The demand of skilled and highly qualified
           professionals has increased all around the world. One you clear this exam surely your value In the IT
           world will increase.

           The Sales Essentials of HP Workstations has multiple choice questions, to which you will to give either
           single correct answer or multiple correct answers the total number of questions is 50 and the time to
           complete the exam is 75 minutes. Moreover, the required score to clear the exam is 70 percent.

           Audience profile for The Sales Essential of HP Workstations:
           This HP2-H30 exam is designed for the IT professional who are HP Employees and Partner Sales
           Professionals. The members of the HP Workstation Portfolio can also apply for the exam. The jobs for
           these certifications are HP Workstation Sales Professional and HP Authorized Partner Sales

           Topics included in the HP2-H30:
           The topics on which the skills and knowledge of a candidate will be tested analyzed and verified are
           listed as follows:
                • HP Workstation Family Portfolio. 30 percent.
                • Selling HP Z Displays. 20 percent.
                • Selling the Value of HP Workstations. 20 percent.
                • Effectively Positioning HP Business Desktops and Workstations. 10 percent.
                • HP ZBook 14 Mobile Workstation. 12 percent.
                • HP ZBook 15 Mobile Workstation. 4 percent
                • HP ZBook 17 Mobile Workstation. 4 percent.

           How to pass the HP2-H30:
           The field of information technology is becoming advanced and developing very quickly, hence it
           becomes very difficult for even the most established IT professionals to cope up with these changes.
           Every day new diplomas and certifications are being released by the IT giants. Certified people have
           greater opportunities of getting good jobs with a good salary package, hence certifications are becoming
           important and significant.
           The HP2-H30 exam is a very difficult exam, and it’s very difficult for even some highly qualified IT
           professionals to achieve this certification. However, with proper study guide and exam prep material
           you can surely achieve your goal. Right tools and material is an essential.

           The HP2-H30 is a very tough exam to pass; the exam mainly comprises multiple choice questions and is
           available in English language. In order to be well-prepared for this certification you need to study from a
           lot of resource. Research is also required. A lot of study material is available online which can aid you in
           preparing for the exam. The exam is difficult to clear but with determination nothing is impossible.

           Moreover, a good amount of study material is available on the internet for the HP2-H30, the Sales
           Essentials of HP Workstations. The Learning Center and Grow@HP has exam prep material however;
           these training will not make sure that you clear the exam for this certification.

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