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									Its I think is a good topic Alike people have that question in mind so yeah those are
the big announcements that I have this week so without further ado let's get started
with the news the low 0 and welcome back to the I guess this week we do have a lot
of news on trying to go through it as quickly as possible but still giving everything it's
due attention and the first stores Nu Colon Pro as always will be coming from the
careers out won the stories that came out earlier last week was about the soul
government looking forward to expanding the light rail system hearing criança
currently soul has just an amazing an amazing transportation system it is probably 10
the best in the world when it comes to you rails you not only can take the train
virtually anywhere in Korea but here the sole metro area and purse on an intake who
and some the other areas that have a allot of population center they have really
robust metro lines now in Correa I think and in especially Asia the soleMetroline are

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