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A la Mauve Abalone Abbeyville Rose Absolute Mauve Absolute Pink Absolutely Pink Absolutely Rose Acid Pink Active Pink Adobe Adorable Affluent Pink Afterglow Aged Pink Ageratum Aggressive Pink Agreeable Mauve Agreeable Pink Airy Pink Alabaster Pink Albite Allure Almond Blossom Always Magenta Always Mauve Always Pink Always Rose Amaryllis Ambrosia Amiable Pink Amorous Rose Amusement Amusing Pink Anemone Angel Baby Angel Pink Angelic Pink Angora Pink Antares Antiquarian Pink Antiquarian Rose Antique Pink Antique Rose Apple Blossom April Fresh Arbitrary Pink Arbutus Armeria Arrogant Pink Ashes of Roses Aster Pink Attar of Roses Aunt Mauve Aurora Authentic Pink Autumn Rose Azalea Azalea Cloud Baby Doll Baby Girl Baby Pink Baby’s Breath Babysitter Pink Ballerina Ballerina Bag Ballerina Pink Ballerina Slippers Ballerina's Tutu Berry Blush Berry Crush Berry Pink Berry Punch Berry Rich Betsy Rose Big Pink Bisque Bit of Mauve Bit of Pink Bold Pink Boudoir Pink Bouncing Bet Bouquet Brazen Pink Breezy Pink Briar Rose Bridal Blush Bridal Rose Bride's Blush Bridesmaid's Posy Bright Fuchsia Bright Magenta Bright Pink Brilliant Pink Brink Pink Brisk Pink Brite Magenta Brite Pink Brite Rose Bronzed Pink Brushed Pink Bubble Bath Bubble Gum Pink Bubblegum Bubble-Lish Bubbly Bunny Trail Bunny's Nose Burnished Pink Butterfly Shell Button Top Cabbage Rose Cactus Flower Café Pink Cajun Shrimp Calamine Calico Rose Calm Pink Calm Rose Calming Pink Camellia Camellia Pink Cameo Cameo Blush Cameo Kiss Cameo Pink Cameo Rose Cameo Whisper Campanula Candy Candy Heart Pink Candy Mix Candy Pink Candy Store Candyland Canterbury Bells Canyon Blossom

The color term “mauve” comes from the French word for the mallow flower. Mauve was the name given to the first coal-tar aniline dye, discovered by French chemistry student WIlliam Henry Perkin in 1856. The discovery was an accident; Perkin was trying to synthesize quinine from the coal tar.
Ballet Ballet Slipper Bambino Bare Pink Barely Mauve Barely Pink Barely Rose Bashful Bashful Mauve Bashful Pink Basic Mauve Basic Pink Basic Rose Beautiful Pink Be Mine Beach Rose Beautiful Beautiful Bisque Begonia Bergenia Berries and Cream Berries-N-Creme Berry Bloom Bleached Pink Bleeding-heart Blissful Pink Blissful Rose Blithe Spirit Blooming Rose Blossom Blossom Berry Blossom Pink Blush Blush Rose Blushing Blushing Bride Blushing Bridge Blushing Elizabeth Blushing Mauve Blushing Pink Blushing Rose Blushing Senorita Blushing Tulip Bodacious Pink Bold Berry Bold Magenta

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Canyon Pink Capricious Pink Carmine Rose Carnation Carnation Pink Castleberry Casual Mauve Casual Pink Catawba Cedar Rose Celestial Pink Centaury Ceramic Pink Cerise Chablis Chalk Pink Chama Champagne Champagne Punch Charming Pink Chateau Chateau Rose Chaucer Rose Cheek Rose Cheeky Cheerful Pink Cheerful Rose Cheery Pink Cherry Blossom Cherry Nougat Cherry Pink Cherryville Pink Cherub Pink Chic Magenta Chic Mauve Chic Pink Chilly Pink China Pink Chrysanthemum Cineraria Clarkia Classic Mauve Classic Pink Classic Rose Clean Pink Clear Magenta Clear Pink Clear Rose Clematis Climbing Rose Cloudy Pink Clover Clover Pink Coffee Rose Cold Pink Cold Rose Coleus Colonial Rose Colorado Dawn Complicated Pink Conch Cone Flower Confection

Confetti Pink Confident Pink Conservative Pink Constant Pink Cool Magenta Cool Mauve Cool Pink Cool Rose Cool Watermelon Coquina Coral Coral Pink Coral Reef Coral Rose Coral Sands Corsage Corsage Pink Cosmetique Cosmopolitan Pink Cosmos Cotillion Pink Cottage Rose Cotton Candy Cotton Candy Pink Country Clover Crab Crab Bisque Crabapple Cream Cradle Pink Cranberry Cream Cranesbill Crawfish Crazy Magenta Crazy Pink Cream Blush Cream of Magenta Cream of Mauve Cream of Pink Cream of Red Cream of Rose Creamy Magenta Creamy Mauve Creamy Pink Creamy Red Creamy Rose Crème de Rose Crevette Crisp Pink Crisp Rose Crocus Crown Vetch Crushed Pink Crushed Roses Crystal Mauve Crystal Pink Crystalline Pink Cultured Pearl Cupcake Pink Cupid Cupid Pink Cyclamen Dahlia Dainty Pink

Dandy Pink Dangerous Pink Danica Daring Magenta Daring Pink Dark Mauve Dark Pink Dark Pink Frost Dark Rose Dark Rose Coral Dawning Rose Dazzling Pink Dazzling Rose Debutante Debutante Pink Decade of Roses Decent Pink Decent Rose Deep Fuchsia Deep Magenta Deep Mauve Deep Pink Deep Rose Deepest Mauve Delicate Bloom Delicate Mauve Delicate Pink Delicious Pink Delightful Pink Delphinium Demure Pink Demure Rose Dependable Pink Desert Cloud Desert Dawn Desert Mist Desert Rose Dianthus Digital Pink Dignified Pink Diluted Pink Distant Pink Diva Fuchsia Dogwood Dogwood Blossom Dominant Pink Drab Pink Drab Rose Dramatic Pink Dreamy Pink Dress-up Dried Hydrangea Drop of Magenta Drop of Mauve Drop of Pink Dry Pink Dull Pink Dull Rose Dune Rose Dusty Mauve Dusty Pink Dusty Rose Dutch Pink

Dynamic Magenta Dynamic Pink Earnest Pink Earth Rose Easter Bonnet Easter Egg Eastern Magenta Eglantine Electric Magenta Electric Pink Elegant Pink Elegant Rose Elemental Pink Elizabethan Rose Elusive Mauve Elusive Pink Elusive Rose Emberstone Empire Pink Enchantress Endearment Enduring Pink Energetic Pink English Daisy English Garden English Rose Especially Magenta Especially Mauve Especially Pink Especially Rose Essence of Pink Essence of Rose Essential Pink Eternal Pink Eternal Rose Ethereal Pink Ethereal Rose Euro Pink Everlasting Everlasting Rose Everyday Mauve Everyday Pink Everyday Rose Excellent Pink Exciting Pink Expressive Pink Exquisite Mauve Exquisite Pink Exquisite Rose Extra Light Pink Extra Magenta Extra Pink Extra Rose Extreme Magenta Extreme Pink Extreme Rose Extremely Pink Exuberant Pink Fabulous Pink Faded Blossom Faded Flower Faded Mauve Faded Pink

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Faded Rose Fairy Princess Fairy Queen Fairy-tale Pink Fancy Pink Fancy Rose Fantastic Pink Fantasy Pink Far East Fuchsia Feldspar Feminine Pink Feminine Rose Festive Magenta Festive Pink Field Flower Field of Heather Fiery Magenta Fiery Pink Filaree Fine Magenta Fine Mauve Fine Pink Fine Rose Fireweed First Bud First Tulip Flamboyant Pink Flaming Pink Flamingo Flamingo Bay Flashy Pink Flesh Pink Fleshtone Flip-Flop Flirt Flirtatious Pink Flirty Flirtation Floral Linen Floral Pink Floral Rose Florentine Pink Florida Pink Flower Flower Box Flower Garden Flower Petal Flowering Cactus Fluffy Pink Fluorescent Magenta Fluorescent Pink Foggy Mauve Foggy Pink Forceful Pink Forsythia Blossom Fountain Grass Pink Foxglove Fragile Mauve Fragile Pink Fragrant Flora Fragrant Rose Frantic Pink French Pink

French Porcelain French Rose Fresh Pink Fresh Rose Friendly Magenta Friendly Pink Frisky Pink Frost Berry Frosted Mauve Frosted Pink Frosted Tulip Frosty Pink Frothy Pink Frozen Pink Fruity Pink Fuchsia Fuchsia Berry Fuchsia Flock Fuchsia Ice Fuchsia Pink Fuchsia Rose Full Bloom Fun Pink Funky Flamingo Funny Valentine Fuschia Future Rose Garden Rose Gemstone Genteel Pink Gentle Mauve Gentle Pink Gentle Rose Gently Pink Geranium Geranium Lake Geranium Pink Gilded Pink Gilia Girl Talk Girlie Girly Gladiola Glazed Pink Globe Amaranth Globe Flower Glossy Pink Glowing Pink Gloxinia Go Go Pink Gold Dipped Rose Golden Rose Good Pink Gorgeous Pink Gossamer Mauve Gossamer Pink Gothic Pink Gradient Pink Grand Pink Grand Rose Granite Grapefruit Grapefruit Juice

Graphic Pink Gray Fuchsia Grecian Rose Grounded Pink Guava Gumball Gypsophila Gypsy Rose Hacienda Hampton Pink Happy Pink Happy Valentine Harriet's Bluff Rose Hawaiian Shell Hazy Pink Healthy Pink Heartbeat Hearts and Flowers Heart’s Desire Heather Heather Pink Heavenly Pink Heavenly Rose Heirloom Rose Heritage Rose Hibiscus Hills of Pink Hint of Mauve Hint of Pink Hint of Rose Historic Pink Historic Rose Hollyhock Honest Pink Hopeful Pink Hopeful Rose Hot Magenta Hot Pink Hot Pink Kiss Hushed Mauve Hushed Rose Hyacinth Hydrangea Hyper Pink Ice Mauve Ice Pink Ice Plant Ice Rose Iceblue Pink Iced Mauve Iced Pink Icy Pink Immature Pink Immature Rose Imp Impatiens Impatient Pink Imperial Rose Impertinent Pink Impetuous Pink In The Pink Indecent Pink Infinite Pink

Ingenue Innocent Mauve Innocent Pink Innocent Rose Intense Magenta Intense Pink Invigorating Pink Iridescent Pink Iris Ironic Pink Italian Ice Italian Pink It's Your Mauve Ivy Geranium Jamaica Pink Japonica Jasmine Jazzy Pink Jewel Box Shell Joyful Pink Juicy Fruit Juicy Melon Juicy Pink Just Blush Keepsake Rose Kendall Rose Knotweed La Fleur La Mauvelette Lacewood Lady Pink Lady Rose Lady Slipper Lafayette Rose Lake Mauve Lake Pink Lake Rose Larkspur Liberated Pink Liberated Rose Light Berry Frost Light Mauve Light Pink Light Rose Light Rose Beige Lightest Rose Lighthearted Pink Lighthearted Rose Likable Pink Lily Limoge Pink Linaria Little Bow Pink Little Girl Pink Little Girl's Kite Little Miss Muffett Little Piggy Little Princess Lively Pink Lobster Bisque Lollipop Lotus Loud Magenta

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Loud Pink Love In A Mist Love Poem Love That Pink Love Token Lovebirds Love-in-a-Mist Lovely Pink Lovely Rose Lox Lucid Pink Lullaby Luminous Pink Luscious Pink Lush Rose Lustrous Pink Luxurious Pink Lyrical Pink Macro Pink Mad Magenta Mad Mauve Madagascar Pink Madder Rose Magenta Magenta Bliss Magenta Celebration Magenta Charm Magenta Dream Magenta Passion Magenta Rhapsody Magenta Spell Magenta Surprise Magenta Tease Magenta Wave Magenta Zest Magenta Zing Magic Magenta Magic Mauve Magic Pink Magic Rose Magical Pink Magnificent Pink Magnolia Magnolia Blossom Maiden Makeup Majestic Pink Mallow Mambo Mauve Marbled Pink Matte Petal Mature Magenta Mature Mauve Mature Pink Mature Rose Mauve Mauve Amour Mauve Bliss Mauve Charm Mauve Dream Mauve Dust Mauve Escape Mauve Essence

Mauve Flip Mauve Heather Mauve Madness Mauve Magic Mauve Mist Mauve Mood Mauve Obsession Mauve On Mauve Passion Mauve Rhapsody Mauve Rouge Mauve Serenade Mauve Spell Mauve Surprise Mauve Tease Mauve Tint Mauve Wisp Mauve-A-Lish Mauved Mauveine Mauvelous Mauvessence Mauvette Mauvewood Mauvine Maxi Pink Maximum Pink Meadow Beauty Meadow Rue Mega Magenta Mega Pink Melilot Mellow Mauve Mellow Pink Melody Melon Melon Ball Melon Pink Melrose Abbey Merriment Merry Pink Mesa Morning Mesa Pink Metallic Pink Mexicali Rose Micro Pink Midnight Mauve Mild Mauve Mild Pink Mille Fleurs Miracle Mauve Mist Pink Misty Mauve Misty Pink Misty Rose Modern Magenta Modern Mauve Modern Pink Moiré Moiré Pink Mojave Sand Molly Pitcher Pink Mon Amie

Mood Mauve Moody Mauve Moody Pink Moonlit Mauve Moonlit Pink Morn Morning Blossom Morning Glory Morning-Glory Mostly Mauve Mostly Pink Mountain Laurel Mountain Mauve Muscovy Pink Musselshell Pink Muted Clay Muted Fuchsia Muted Mauve Muted Pink Mysterious Pink Mystery Mauve Mystic Magenta Mystic Mauve Mystic Pink Mystic Rose Mystical Magenta Mystical Mauve Mystical Pink Natural Pink Natural Rose Nature's Blush Navajo Rose Neon Magenta Neon Pink Neutral Pink New Dawn New Mauve New Pink New Rose Nifty Pink Noble Cranberry Noble Pink Nosegay Nostalgic Pink Nostalgic Rose Nouveau Magenta Nouveau Mauve Nouveau Pink Nouveau Rose Nude Nursery Pink Nymph Oink Old Mauve Old Pink Olde Rose Old-fashioned Pink Old-fashioned Rose Opaque Pink Opera Mauve Orchid Pink Pacific Pink Pajama Party

Palace Pink Pale Mauve Pale Pink Pale Primrose Pale Rose Pallid Pink Panama Rose Paradise Pink Paramour Parasol Paris Pink Parisian Pink Parisienne Parlor Pink Parlor Rose Party Pink Party Punch Passion Flower Passion Pink Passionate Magenta Passionate Pink Passive Mauve Passive Pink Pastel Pastel Mauve Pastel Pink Patrician Rose Peaceful Pink Peaceful Rose Peach Pink Pearl Pink Pearly Pink Peasblossom Peignoir Penny Candy Peony Peony Pink Peppermint Peppermint Schnapps Peppermint Stick Perfect Bouquet Perfect Mauve Perfect Pink Perfect Rose Perfectly Mauve Perfectly Pink Perfectly Rose Perky Pink PermaPink Persistent Pink Petal Petal Dust Petal Pink Petal Pink Frost Petite Petulant Pink Phlox Phlox Pink Pig Pink Piglet Pigtail Pink Pink Pink Abalone

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Pink Adobe Pink Azalea Pink Balloon Pink Berry Pink Bloom Pink Blossom Pink Blush Pink Bonnet Pink Bootie Pink Bow Pink Bud Pink Cadillac Pink Canyon Pink Cardoon Pink Carnation Pink Castle Pink Celebration Pink Chablis Pink Champagne Pink Charm Pink Chintz Pink Clay Pot Pink Crystal Pink Dogwood Pink Dream Pink Dust Pink Elephant Pink Escape Pink Essence Pink Flambe Pink Flamingo Pink Flip Pink Flora Pink Flower Pink Fluff Pink Fog Pink Freeze Pink Frost Pink Frosting Pink Glamour Pink Glaze Pink Glow Pink Grape Pink Grapefruit Pink Gumball Pink Haze Pink Ice Pink Icing Pink In The Afternoon Pink Inkling Pink Lace Pink Lady Pink Lemonade Pink Lily Pink Lincoln Pink Lullaby Pink Magic Pink Mimosa Pink Mist Pink Obsession Pink Opal Pink Pail Pink Passion

Pink Pearl Pink Peony Pink Piazza Pink Potion Pink Prize Pink Punch Pink Quartz Pink Raspberry Pink Rhapsody Pink Ribbon Pink Ruby Pink Sand Pink Sand Beach Pink Sangria Pink Serenade Pink Shadow Pink Shell Pink Showers Pink Sky Pink Spell Pink Stork Pink Suede Pink Surprise Pink Swirl Pink Tease Pink Thrift Pink Tiger Pink Tights Pink Tint Pink Topaz Pink Tranquilo Pink Wash Pink Wave Pink Wink Pink Zest Pink Zin Pink Zing Pinkest Pink Pinkie Pinks Pinky Pinky Beige Pinot Noir Pinto Bean Piquant Pink Pistachio Pistachio Icing Pixie Placid Petal Plain Pink Plaster Pink Playful Pink Plaza Pink Pleasant Pink Pleasantville Pleasing Pink Plum Cream Plush Pink Plush Rose Poetic Pink Poetic Rose Poetry Poet's Bloom

Polished Pink Porcelain Pink Portrait Pink Portulaca Posh Pink Positive Pink Positively Pink Possible Pink Posy Potion Pink Potpourri Powder Pink Powder Rose Powdered Petals Powerful Pink Prawn Precious Pink Precise Pink Precocious Pink Presto Mauve Pretty Pink Priceless Pink Prim Pink Prime Pink Prime Rib Primrose Garden Primrose Valley Primula Princess Pink Pristine Pink Profound Pink Prom Pink Proper Pink Proud Pink Provincial Pink Psychedelic Magenta Psychedelic Pink Pucker-up Pink Punch Punch Pink Pure Magenta Pure Pink Pure Rose Queen Conch Quidnick Rose Quiet Pink Quiet Rose Quince Blossom Racer Pink Rachel Pink Radiant Pink Radiant Rose Radiant Rouge Raging Pink Raisin Berry Rajah Rose Rambling Rose Rambunctious Pink Ranunculus Rapture Rose Rare Raw Raspberry Cordial
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Raw Pink Razzmatazz Razz-Ma-Tazz Real Mauve Real Pink Really Pink Really Rose Really Rosie Rebellious Pink Refined Pink Regal Red Regal Rose Regency Rose Relaxing Pink Reluctant Pink Renaissance Rose Resonant Pink Restful Rosewood Retro Pink Rhododendron Rhodonite Rich Mauve Righteous Pink Rittenhouse Pink Riviera Rose Rock Cress Rock Rose Rockabye Baby Rocket Rosey Romance Romantic Romantic Moment Romantic Morn Romantic Pink Romantic Rose Rosario Rose Rose Amethyst Rose Beige Rose Berry Rose Bliss Rose Blush Rose Bouquet Rose Breath Rose Brocade Rose Cashmere Rose Celebration Rose Charm Rose Cloud Rose Dream Rose Dust Rose Eglantine Rose Escape Rose Essence Rose Fantasy Rose Flame Rose Garden Rose Glamour Rose Glow Rose Gold Rose Gray Rose Hip Rose Lake

Rose Linen Rose Madder Rose Magic Rose Mallow Rose Marble Rose Margin Rose Marquis Rose Mauve Rose Melody Rose Mist Rose Moss Rose Murex Rose Obsession Rose of Sharon Rose Passion Rose Petal Rose Pink Rose Pink Marble Rose Pint Rose Plum Rose Pomander Rose Potpourri Rose Quartz Rose Rhapsody Rose Shadow Rose Spell Rose Stain Rose Stone Rose Suede Rose Surprise Rose Swirl Rose Tan Rose Tattoo Rose Taupe Rose Tint Rose Tinted White Rose Wash Roseberry Rosebud Rosedore Madder Rosedust Roseglo Roseglow Rosehill Rosehips White Rosetan Rosetint Rosetta Rosette Rosevale Rosewater Rosewater Splash Rosewine Rosewood Rosewood Tan Rosey Rosey Cheeks Rosita Rosy Cone Rosy Coral Rosy Morn Rosy Taupe Rowdy Pink

Royal Liqueur Royal Rose Rubellite Russian Statice Rustic Pink Sachet Salmon Salmon Bisque Salmon Pink Salmon River Salon Rose Saltmarsh Pink Saltwater Taffy Sandstone Saponaria Sari Sassy Magenta Sassy Mauve Sassy Pink Satin Pink Saucy Mauve Saucy Pink Savannah Rose Saxifrage Scallop Shell Scalloped Shell Scented Candles Scented Valentine Schiaparelli Pink Scorched Pink Scottish Heather Sea Holly Sea Lavender Sea of Magenta Sea of Mauve Sea of Pink Sea of Roses Seashell Seashell Pink Second Hand Rose Secure Pink Sedum Sentimental Pink Serene Pink Serene Rose Serious Pink Sexy Pink Shady Pink Sharp Pink Sheer Mauve Sheer Petal Sheer Pink Sheer Rose Shell Shell Pink Sheraton Rose Shimmering Pink Shining Magenta Shining Mauve Shining Pink Shiny Pink Shiny Rose Shocking Pink

Shrill Pink Shrimp Shrimp Boat Shrimp Cocktail Shrimp Louis Shy Pink Shy Smile Siesta Rose Signature Pink Silent Magenta Silent Mauve Silent Pink Silent Rose Silly Putty Silver City Pink Silver Mauve Silver Strawberry Silverspun Rose Silvery Pink Simple Mauve Simple Pink Simply Pink Sincere Pink Sizzling Pink Slightly Magenta Slightly Mauve Slightly Pink Slightly Rose Slumber Party Smitten Pink Smoke Pink Smoke Rose Smoky Pink Smoky Rose Smooch Smooth Pink Snapdragon Snowbow Snowsilver Rose So Sweet Soapwort Sociable Pink Soft Amethyst Soft Begonia Soft Flamingo Soft Mauve Soft Pink Soft Red Soft Rose Softest Pink Softly Mauve Softly Pink Softshell Pink Solferino Solid Pink Somber Pink Somerset Sonia Rose Sonora Rose Soothing Pink Sophisticated Mauve Sophisticated Pink Sorbet

Soulful Pink Southern Belle Southern Pink Southern Rose Spanish Rose Sparkling Pink Special Magenta Special Mauve Special Pink Special Rose Speckled Pink Spiced Pink Spicy Mauve Spicy Pink Spiderflower Spirit of Pink Spirited Pink Spiritual Pink Spring Beauty Spring Blossom Spring Clover Spring Pink Spumoni Squirting Flower Stark Pink Startle Stolen Kiss Stonecrop Stonewashed Pink Strawberries N' Cream Strawberry Blonde Strawberry Cream Strawberry Crush Strawberry Daiquiri Strawberry Milkshake Strawberry Moose Strawberry Pink Strawberry Rose Strawberry Shake Strawberry Sherbet Strawberry Whip Strawberry Wine Strong Pink Studio Mauve Stylish Pink Suave Mauve Subdued Pink Sublime Pink Subtle Mauve Subtle Pink Sugar & Spice Summer Evening Summer Pink Summer Romance Summer Sunset Sunbleached Sunbleached Pink Sunburn Sunkissed Sunlit Pink Sunlit Rose Sunwashed Pink Super Magenta

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Super Mauve Sweet Azalea Sweet Jasmine Sweet Nothings Sweet Pea Sweet Pea Pink Sweet Pink Sweet Rose Sweet Shoppe Sweet Sixteen Sweet Sultan Sweet Tart Sweet Thing Sweet William Sweetheart Sweetheart Rose Sweetie Pie Swiss Rose Taffeta Bow Taffy Tahitian Rose Tantalizing Pink Tantalizing Rose Tapestry Rose Tattnall Square Pink Tawny Pink Tea Rose Tea Rose Garden Teaberry Blossom Teak Rose Tearose Techno Pink Temperate Pink Tempting Pink Tender Pink Tenderheart Texas Rose Think Pink Thistle Thornberry Thrift Thrifty Pink Tickle Me Pink

Tickled Pink Tiffany Pink Timeless Mauve Timeless Pink Timeless Rose Tint of Pink Tinted Rosewood Tolerant Pink Totally Pink Touch of Blush Touch of Pink Tranquil Pink Transitional Pink Translucent Pink Tres Mauve Triton Pink Tropic Pink Tropical Pink Tropical Punch True Pink True Rose Tudor Rose Tulip Tulip Petals Tulip Pink Tuna Tuscan Pink Tutti Frutti Tu-Tu Tutu Pink Twilight Mauve Twinberry Blossom Tyrian Rose Ultimate Pink Ultra Mauve Ultra Pink Unconventional Pink Unreal Pink Unvarnished Pink Upbeat Pink Uppity Pink Va Va Bloom Vagabond Mauve

Valentine Valentine Pink Vanity Varnished Pink Velvet Morning Venetian Pink Venus Pink Very Pink Vibrant Magenta Vibrant Pink Victorian Mauve Victorian Rose Vigorous Pink Vintage Mauve Vintage Pink Vintage Rose Vital Pink Vivid Mauve Vivid Pink Volute Warm Pink Warm Rose Washed Pink Washed Rose Water Hyacinth Water Lily Watermelon Watermelon Slice Watery Pink Wax Begonia Weak Pink Weathered Pink Wet Pink Wet Rose Whimsical Mauve Whimsical Pink Whipped Magenta Whipped Pink Whisper Pink White Zinfandel Wicker Chair Wiegela Wild Geranium

Wild Mulberry Wild Pink Wild Rose Wildflower Windowbox Geranium Windsor Rose Wine Cooler Winsome Mauve Winsome Pink Winsome Rose Winter Pink Wistful Mauve Wistful Pink Wizard's Potion Wood Lily Woodrose Wooly Pink Worn Magenta Worn Mauve Worn Pink Worn Rose Young Blush Youthful Pink Zesty Pink Zinfandel

Color is my day-long obsession, joy, and torment.
Claude Monet 1840-1926

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Academy Blue Alizarin Crimson Alizarin Violet Lake Antwerp Blue Asphaltum Black Aureolin Azo Yellow Baryta Green Bistre Blue Frit Bohemian Earth Bologna Chalk Bologna Stone Bone Black Bremen Blue Brown Madder Brunswick Blue Brunswick Green Burnt Ochre Burnt Sienna Burnt Umber Byzantium Purple Cadmium Green Cadmium Orange Cadmium Red Cadmium Red Deep Cadmium Red Light Cadmium Red Medium Cadmium Yellow Cadmium Yellow Dark Cadmium Yellow Light Cadmium Yellow Medium Cadmium Yellow Orange Caledonian Brown Cappagh Brown Carbon Black Carmine Cassel Earth Celadon Green Cerulean Blue Charcoal Gray China Clay Chinese Vermilion Chinese White Chrome Green Chrome Orange Chrome Yellow Chromium Oxide Cinnabar Citron Yellow Cobalt Blue Cobalt Green Cobalt Violet Cochineal Crimson Crimson Lake Davy's Gray Derby Red Dioxazine Purple Dutch Pink Dutch White Egyptian Blue Egyptian Brown Egyptian Green Emerald Green English Red English White Fawn Brown Flake White Florentine Lake French Blue Indigo Iodine Scarlet Iron Black Iron Blue Iron Brown Iron Yellow Italian Blue Italian Earth Italian Pink Ivory Black Jacaranta Brown Kermes Milori Blue Mineral Blue Mineral Brown Mineral Green Mineral White Mineral Yellow Moss Green Naphthol Crimson Naphthol Red Naples Yellow Neutral Tint Paris Blue Paris Green Payne's Gray Permanent Green Permanent Red Permanent Violet Permanent White Permanent Yellow Persian Orange Persian Red Pompeian Red Pozzuoli Red Prussian Blue Prussian Brown Prussian Red Quinacridone Purple Quinacridone Red Quinacridone Rose Raw Sienna Raw Umber Realgar Red Lead Red Ochre Red Oxide Roman Ochre Rose Madder Rouge Royal Blue Royal Green Royal Red Royal Yellow Rubens Brown Rubens Madder Sandarac Sap Green Saturnine Red Saxon Blue Scarlet Lake Selenium Red Sepia Shell White Sicilian Brown Sinopia Slate Black Smalt Snow White Solferino

Painting is something that takes place among the colors, and one has to leave them alone completely, so they can settle the matter among themselves.
Rainer Maria Rilke German Poet 1875-1926

French Chalk French Ultramarine Fuller's Earth Gahn's Blue Galliolino Gamboge Geranium Lake Golden Ochre Graphite Grecian Purple Green Earth Grisaille Hansa Yellow Helio Green Hooker's Green Imperial Green Indian Blue Indian Red Indian Yellow

Kernel Black King's Blue King's Yellow Lamp Black Lapis Lazuli Leaf Green Lead White Lemon Yellow Leyden Blue Light Red Madder Lake Madder Lake Deep Magenta Magnesium Green Manganese Blue Manganese Violet Mars Black Mars Violet Mars Yellow

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Spanish Black Spanish Brown Spanish Red Spanish White Strontium White Strontium Yellow Terra Cotta Terra Ombre Terra Rosa Terre Verte Thalo Blue Thalo Green Thalo Red Rose Thenard's Blue Thio Violet Tin White Titanium Oxide Titanium White Turkey Brown Turkey Red Turner's Yellow

Tuscan Red Tyrian Purple Ultramarine Ultramarine Ash Umber Uranium Yellow Vandyke Brown Vandyke Red Venetian Red Verde Vessie Verdetta Verdigris Vermilion Vernalis Verona Brown Verona Green Vestorian Blue Victoria Green Vienna Blue Vienna Green Vienna Lake

Vienna White Vine Black Violet Carmine Viridian Weld White Earth Whiting Woad Yellow Earth Yellow Lake Yellow Ochre Zaffer Zinc Oxide Zinc White Zinc Yellow Zinnober

Color possesses me. I don’t have to pursue it. It will possess me always, I know it. That is the meaning of this happy hour: Color and I are one. I am an artist.
Paul Klee 1879-1940

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Alpines Anacharis Arbor Armillary Bamboo Berry Patch Birdbath Birdhouse Blossom Bramble Hedge Brick Walk Brickwork Bud Vase Bullfrog Butterfly Butterfly Wing Caterpillar Chlorophyll Chrysalis Clay Pot Cocoon Compost Courtyard Crabgrass Cricket Deck Dragonfly Duckweed Earth Earthworm English Garden Fantail Firefly First Leaf Fishpond Fish Food Flagstone Flower Box Flower Garden Flower Petal Flower Pot Fountain Frog Full Bloom Garden Cottage Garden Fairy Garden Gate Garden Grove Garden Path Garden Pond Garden Walk Gazebo Goldfish Grapevine Grasshopper Gravel Green Frog Green Grove Green Sprout Greenhouse Grove Gypsy Moth Hedge Hedgerow Herb Garden Honey Bee Inch Worm Iris Petal Katydid Koi Koi Pond Ladybird Ladybug Lattice Leaf Hopper Lightning Bug Lily Pad Loam Moth Mulch New Leaf New Life Oriental Garden Pansy Garden Patio Pavilion Peat Moss Pergola Petal Picket Fence Pond Lily Reflecting Pool Rose Garden Secret Garden Seedling Shady Grove Shebunkin Snapping Turtle Solarium Spring Blossom Spring Trellis Sprout Stone Walk Stone Wall Stonework Sundial Sunroom Tadpole Terra Cotta Terrarium Tiger Moth Toad Topiary Trellis Trellis Vine Turtle Twig Bundle Walkstone Water Fountain Water Hyacinth Water Lily Waterfall Watergarden Window Box Winter Garden Wood Chip Wood Chips Wooly Bear

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