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									Pyramid Logistics Was Just Awarded 3-Events With Sony Pictures. We Were Asked To Deliver 3 Of The Hero Cars From The New Movie 22 Jump Street To 3
Different Locations.

To be able to be granted the chance to tie up with a movie production is a great thing. That is why Pyramid has been more than happy to be chosen by Sony
Pictures to be the company they trust to do this amazing job. What is the job, you ask? It is to actually delivery three of the hero cars used in the new movie 22
Jump Street. Pyramid had to bring these hero cars to three different locations. Now, it may not seem like a big thing for other people but it sure is quite a huge
one once you do understand that not everybody can be chosen and can be trusted to do this kind of thing. To be trusted with one is a great thing. But to be
trusted with three car deliveries? Now that is quite a feat!

What Is 22 Jump Street?
22 Jump Street is a sequel to 21 Jump Street. 21 Jump Street’s story is about two cops who have become part of the police’s program of the same name. As part
of the program, they have to act as high school students and in the process, try to find and catch drug dealers. With Joseph Hill and Channing Tatum as the two
main characters, the first movie has become such a hoot. It was quite a success and thus the need to create the sequel.

One Car, Two Cars, Three Hero Cars.
It is quite an exciting movie, if you ask me. Personally, it is all about cars. A lot of people are into cars. Just think Gone in 60 Seconds. But this time, the cars are
not really the main thing but are accessories used by our heroes. Let’s call them hero cars. These cars are what Sony Pictures gave Pyramid to handle. Movie
vehicle transportation was the main task that Pyramid had to do and they did it superbly.
In all honesty, studio transportation can be quite a huge task and needs a lot of manpower. First off, think of all the props needed by the production to shoot a
movie. That should be quite a huge thing. Movie set transportation should be done carefully and should be done well. So to deliver three of the cars used by our
heroes is a sign of a huge trust given to the company. Image source

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Ron Morgan is the market representative for Pyramid Logistics. Pyramid Logistics specializes in studio transportation, movie set transportation, movie vehicle
transportation and electronic transportation services that are responsibly priced, timely, efficient, damage free and in conformity with the highest industry

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